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Chandra Nandni 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini unable to get over maliketu forcing her to him,n sees maliketu and says this is just women’s section and no men allowed please leave,maliketu holds her hand and slaps himself and says I was drunk, I thought you were ready for it and so did it, please forgive me,Nandini walks away,maliketu says Nandini punish me but don’t be upset with me,Nandini says you helped my father and that proved you are family to us,maliketu says that Chandra a farmers son,can never be a King and I can screw him in my feet,he has no quality of kingship,Nandini says how do you know about it and what more you know.

Maliketu says he use to study with us, he has a feather mark on his hand and a locket he never removes and keeps singing a song. A lady sees Greek soldiers and says God theses soldiers

always here to trouble us. Helina asks Chandra what place is this,Chandra says this house is my best friends I shared every single details of my life with her, you stay here and knocks door and Chandra hides.

The lady sees helina and thinks these Greeks are here to rob us and says you Greeks always troubles us,Chandra comes out,she hugs Chandra and says good you are here this lady disguised here to rob me,Chandra says oh no really go give her whatever you have she is Greeks maharani,she says oh no what will I do now,Chandra starts laughing and says she is my wife helina I married her, she thinks god she looks like a money God knew why Chandra married her and says I’m so sorry I didn’t know about it.

Nandini shares Chandras details with padmanand, Sunanda says I know this song it’s from patalgram,padmanand says I’m so proud of you and now we will find Chandra, Nandini you go rest now,Nandini leaves and Amartya comes,padmanand shares Those details with Amartya and says you have one day to get Chandras parents and once we have them Chandra will be in our feet.

Chanakya says Chandra you have to go there,Chandra says but they know who I am,Chanakya says yes but you have to. A arty welcomes Panditji for nandinis weddings, it’s Chandra disguised as Panditji.amartya asks sod,overs to take Panditji inside the castle.

(Chanakya to Chandra this is Panditji he was to go for maliketu and nandinis wedding and now you will go in disguise as his son)

Amartya takes Chandras parents to Panditji. Chandra in castle for Pooja, Nandini and maliketu walk and take their seats, Sunanda says Panditji begin with the Pooja, Chandra says sure and starts with Pooja,Gautami by mistake drops some water,Sunanda scolds her and says this is bad sign,padmanand says no bad signs Nandini is born as a sign of good omen,Chanakya had asked Chandra yo find out padmanands weakness and he finds it that padmanands daughter is his weakness. Amartya informs about Chandras parents to padmanand, padmanand says get them,Chandra hears his mothers voice and is surprised.

Padmanand asks where is Chandra,baba says we don’t know what has he done,padmanand says your son dared to attack us and ran away twice,baba says he left us long years back and scolds ma saying I warned you not to take him and see what days he has brought to us,padmanand says tell em the truth,baba says we had found he as a baby in stable and Chanakya bought him.Chandra hears this and gets shocked, padmanand says put them behind bars.

Padmanand says Amartya I want Chandra ,Chandra thinks I was here for my enemies truths but look what I found, who are my parents where are they. Chandra walks away thinking about his parents and says is this truth or a reason to avoid consequence through padmanand. Chandra makes smoke which makes soldiers faint given by Chanakya and decides to to see his parents.

Mora is kept along with Chandras parents and baba keeps scolding ma and says you shouldn’t have picked him from that stable.chndar unaware of them arrives there. Mora hears them and asks say again,baba says this is our personal matter stay away,mora says please tell me, when did you find that little baby,baba says that stupid boy I wished he was dead fool attacked twice on magad,ma says I agree I didn’t give birth to him but he is my son,mora says please tell me where did you find him,ma tells her the whole episode, mora asks what day,ma says the day maharaj shishupal was killed and padmanand became King.

Mora has flashes of that incident,mora asks ma does the baby have the feather mark and a locket,ma says yes he has,Chandra sees his mark and locket,ma asks how do you know about all this,mora shows the sign and asks is this the sign,baba says yes it is,but how do you know, mora says and the locket of moon,ma says yes but who are you,mora says his mother,Chandra is slicked to know about it.

Pre cap: Chandra holds Nandini and says you fathers weakness is you and he cant see tears in your eyes but now he will be in my feet crying and begging for life and this is promise to you by Chandragupta Morya

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. such an mindblowing and awesome episode . loved this epi to the core , today i felt cn is an awesome show . finally chandra knows his real identity that he is chandra gupta mourya . eagerly waiting for next episode , where chandra will know his identity and fight for his mother . eagerly waiting for the moment when the mother-son will meet . dont know it will happen after his vijay over magadh or tmrw itself



  3. at last, chandra knew his identity..finally ??, now waiting for their meet…n chandni scenes after somany days??

  4. hello..guya im shinu from kerala….n im silent reader..hope u let me join in ur group…!!☺☺?

  5. Superb episode..!

  6. Awesome episode. Loved it eagerly waiting for tmrw’s episode.

  7. wow what an episode

  8. nice epi!! thnx for written update!! welcm shinu dear in our group!! by d way dis is my first day on dis site!!

  9. Thank you very much Tanaya for the English updates. Best wishes from Canada to all of you out there.

  10. Finallly Moora and Chandra knows the truth. not excited with the upcoming chandra nandini scenes. Wish more helena chandra chemistry. Then nandu bad acting with Rt.

    1. yes , even i want chandra-helena chemistry

  11. Wow. I wish there were more chandra and nandini scenes.

    1. I know that r cn fans that love the jodi. but for me she is a fake spoilt dwarf Princess. A child, no royalness, elegance. Feel no sympathy or connection. Why o why he falls in love with her instead of Durdhara or Helena baffels me. Big budget, set, inlogicall story, supporting cast, RT doesn’t mean A Hit show.

  12. Priyashree Chakraborty

    Uff such an exiting episode… Was wondering what next now… Mind blowing way of bringing the truth out…

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