Chandra Nandni 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini goes to see Amartya,guards stop her,Nandini says Magads queen wants to talk to Amartya let me in,guards let her in,Amartya asks how come a queen wants to see me,Nandini takes his blessings and says a daughter wanted to see her father and she thought of you so I came to you,Amartya says you didn’t Stand by your own father then why will you by me,Nandini says I’m just supporting the truth,you taught me this,Amartya says Chandra is terrorist,Nandini says no pitahamaharaj was a terrorist I still love him but hate the way he choose to climb the ladder of success and I’m here because I need help.

Amartya says sorry I’m still loyal to my maharaj Nand and so I won’t help,Nandini says you are making same mistake like pitahamaharaj did,he took throne more important

than country,don’t do this,kings keep changing,Amartya says sorry I can’t help you.

Nandini says I beg of you, I need this for my son,I just want to know is my son safe from my malayketu,due to new rule Chaya wants malayketu back,magad is your land and bindusara it’s future king and so please if not a queen help a mother,Amartya says Nandini malayketu just wants to rule Magad, he tried marrying you so that he gets over Magad but when failed he tried it with Chaya and now he wants to get inside mahal and kill Chandras son to get over magad.nandini thanks him and leaves.chaya thinks are these two trying to keep malayketu away from Magad,what was Nandini talking to Amartya.

Nandini says tomorrow I will tell Chandra about malayketu and bindusara will be safe too,Nandini sees Chandra with bindusara and says Nandini when you left to see Amartya he started crying look ,he doesn’t stop when I’m with him,come have some water and put him off to sleep,and I hope your confusion is cleared,Nandini has some water,Nandini says Chandra you knew I went to see Amartya why didn’t you stop me,Chandra says I know the position Acharya Chanakya have in my life you have amartya in your life and don’t worry I won’t ask reason,Nandini says but I,Chandra says look son your mother wants to say It when I don’t want To know.

Nandini says Chandra I went here for sake of bindusara ,actually I heard in bindusara kidnap,malayketu was included too and explains whole discussion to Chandra. Nanidni says Chandra this is why I don’t want malayketu and now Amartya cleared my doubt that my worry isn’t vague,Chandra says Nandini don’t worry,malayketu won’t come but I would be happy if you had shared this with me,Nandini says I know I shouldn’t have hidden I’m sorry but I did it for bindusara,Chandra says we should and here on will fight together,Nandini smiles and walks to bindusara.

Malayketu asks Apma what took you so long,Apma says patience malayketu and I have a good news for you,Magad will call you back and just hope Nandini doesn’t stop you because she has learnt That it was you behind bindusara kidnap,malayketu says this Nandini why is I she always behind me,Apma says calm down we will get rid of her soon,malayketu says Nandini when I come back in mahal I will make every breath of yours difficult.

Acharya points a guard, guard says but promise me this won’t harm Amartya Acharya,Chanakya says I promise ,me and Chandra won’t harm him this is for his good,guard says I’m his student and his welfare is my duty , the student creates smoke and guards faint,the student walks in and says Amartya I’m your student I’m here to save you,Amartya recognises him and asks how did you get in here, He says I have lot of contacts in Magad don’t worry we will escape safely.amartya says Magad will always be grateful to you and leaves.

The student walks to Chanakya and says work done,and says why have I done this,Chanakya says pandugan is in mahal ,hands last chain and once I punish him my oath is fulfilled and I will retire from my post and Magad needs a qualified person on this post and it will be Amartya ,student says but he hates Chandra,Chanakya says but he loves Magad and so don’t worry you look after him I will get Amartya back in mahal and leaves.

Mora asks Chandra your decisions,what’s the reason. Nandini says ma malayketu was behind bindusara kidnap and this was to kill Chandra and bindusara and rule over Magad,Chaya asks any proofs,Chandra says yes Amartya,mora says but he is your enemy,Chandra says but he is loyal towards Magad and so won’t lie,mora says okay then I would like to hear this from him,Chandra asks guard to get Amartya.

Guard informs Amartya has escaped,Nandini says this isn’t possible, Chaya says it is because you let him escape,Nandini says Chaya what are you saying,last night I met him,Chaya says yes you met him and now he has escaped,and this will happen only when you will help him,Nandini says Chayas you are wrong I went for sake of bindusara,mora says enough Nandini I can clearly see what your intentions are and now king Chandragupta now you have to get malayketu as we have no proofs.

Chandra says acharya won’t you say anything,Chanakya says no I have nothing to say on this,Mora says l want to hear malayketu as well and if I find any thing fishy I will step back.( before this Helina had met Nandini : Helina says Nandini I know we were never on good strings with each other But I’m with you and also a mother to bindusara and so we will go against anyone for bindusara and so for his safety I have a plan,Nandini asks what is it,Helina shares a plan)
Nandini says ma can I say something,mora says okay,ma you know what I’m feeling about binudsara, like you want Chaya safe even I’m worried for bindusara so how about if we give Chaya and malayketu their own state so that they can have their own private space and live happily there and even bindusara will be safe here.

Mora says who are you to send my daughter out of this mahal this means you from very first are behind her,and let me tell you Chaya has equal rights over this mahal as Chandra,Nandini says ma you are taking me wrong,Chandra says ma at least listen to her because I dont find anything worng, mora says impossible, if Chaya has no rights here even I won’t stay here.

Pre cap : Mora says Helina you got no letter then who must have gone against me,Helina says who else other than Chandra.
Chandra says Nandini I won’t leave anyone who tries to get enemity with bindusara .
Pandugan says Nandini isn’t in mahal,bindusara is with Malti I should finish him before Nandini comes back from pooja.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nandini is in trouble again.Who will support her?

  2. Hate this Moora and Chaayya more than Apama and Helena…

  3. Any guess who’s more stupid, Chaya or Mora?

    1. Obviously both… irritating characters…

      1. Correct both characters are irritating, Chaya just recoverred from coma, brain not stable n Moora thinking like village lady. Today my comments all disappeared .

    2. Both don’t use their brain, Chaya went nuts after her coma n Moora thinking like village lady.

      1. After commenting again twice, all my comments came back. Don’t know what happened today.

    3. not both … CVs is stupid. if they want they show them as clever , brave etc… otherwise show as whatever they like to show

  4. Mother daughter have gone mad as they are calling Malayketu in palace again. Helena is enjoying the situation but it’s good that Chandra, Nandini and Acharya are aware of danger. How they will save the life of Bindusar from Malayketu and Pandugrath is worth to watch next week.

    1. These mother-daughter pairs : Helena and Apama ; Chaya and Mora have gone beyond the tolerance level of the viewers. They ought to die.

      1. Jayani

        True di

  5. Good that nandini shared this with chandra. Though chanakya could not say anything now bcoz of his secret plan, hope he will help nandini and solve the problem. But this secrecy and lack of transparency between right people is what creating problem. Mora asks for proof now what they will do meanwhile kidnapped amartya. Also chanakya says he will handle minister post to amartya which means chanakya character is going to end soon?

    1. nooo …chankya was d minister till ashokas period….

    2. no chanakya is supposed to have lived till ashoka’s period who is chandragupta’s grand son

  6. Wat non sense all dis… The great mother india moora u crossed ur limits today, no words to scold u, shameless lady… Chaya better u die… chandra n nandu’s problems will reduce… helena n apama u two go to hell… why didn’t nandini share abt helena with chandra??? She should tell abt helena’s idea too… thn only chandra will realise helena also involved in every single crime which was done by apama… n chanakya ur thought s good but why u did dis secretly??? Lot of questions rising in my mind…. helena n apama enjoying d situation like “veedu rendu patta koothadiku kondattam” dis suits very well…

    1. ya jai wel said especially tat tamil last dialogue

    2. Nandini is hiding the truth about Hell to Chandra…and I`m losing my patience with Nandu….this is how she creates trouble for herself….She is a mahan and accepts all the pain…whereas Hell is so cunning, she creates trouble for Nandini and enjoying herself. I`m happy that at least she shared Amatya`s info with Chandra….When Malai`s truth comes out, I hope Nandini won`t forgive Mora and Chaya….like daughter….disgusting people !!!! When will Apama get caught…hopefully, before Chanakya leaves…..

      1. asusual nandu wil forgive moora nd chaya

    3. Rightly said about Mora. She’s a chameleon who, in every trouble situation, accuses Nandini. Poor Nandini has got such an unsupportive and dumb mother-in-law.

  7. Savithri V Ramani

    My God again nandini and little bindusara are in trouble.panduganand malayketu both are evil like Apma. His nandini will safe guard? Poor thing.

  8. I can`t believe this stupid Mora`s behavior……Chaya is so pathetic….Hell is enjoying the situation….However, Chandra and Chanakya are with it`s okay. Too many villains in the mahal. I love the understanding between our C and N…..

  9. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Congratulations to the team chandra nandini for hitting a double century ??. Today after sooo many days ABP news ,” Saas bahu saazish ” showed some report about Chandra nandini where everyone celebrated the moment of completing 200 episodes by distributing sweet ,” Kheer”.

    1. but rt is missing

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Actually rajat tokas not seen in the celebration of 100 episode also. I think he not like these. And even in the last episode of Jodha akbar He was not present. I think he doesn’t like Media. Some days ago there was a false rumour that rajat is cheating with his wife and dating with co star tanu khan (Helena) . May be it make rajat more angry.

      2. RT not seen in the set might be grieving for his beloved pet/baby brother LEO.

  10. why chankya done lke ths…. wat s his plan…..why nandu didnt say tat idea given by helu..nandu canot thk tat if helu was really concerning abt bindu why she not exposing herself in front of everyone nd not supporting hr…..atleast she should say to cn abt helu…..

    1. I too think the same y chanakya made amartya escape ? I think after nandini told about it to chandra then chanakya made him to escape so that malai will enter freely in palace and they wil catch red handed

    2. Shree, this what I hate about Nandini behaviour. Everything keep to herself,I wonder we have this type of character in olden days or even now.

  11. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    And there I saw that Nandini walking in a jungle with a Matka on her head and some goons of jungle are trying to attack her but someone who is fully covered with green leaves and grass is protecting Nandini and resisting the goons but Nandini is unaware about that . I think that person is Chandra. So as we already saw the Vaanar avatar of chandra now waiting for his Greenish Avatar.

    1. Satya where did you see these scene ? You r the one who told correctly that helena wil come in dasi avatar

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I saw that in the Abp news ” Saas bahu saazish,”. U can watch that also in youtube, instagram or twitter also. Plz watch it just awesome. I think entertaining episodes are waiting for us.

    2. Where did u see this?

      1. @instagram

  12. Love thé understanding btw cgm & nandhini so happy now chanakya believes in her. Mora & chaya crosse all limite today so bad women more evil than helena how à mom can blackmailed her son like this hope chanakya will stay on thé show , he is à pillar of the show

  13. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today I really angry with Nandini, she is also provoked by Helena. When Helena was giving the plan of giving a separate state to Malayketu then Nandini should tell helena why she herself not telling the suggestion in front of all??? And we know Nandini’s nature so it is extremely shocking that she agreed with helena in that plan. In this way she put chaya in more danger. It is extremely shocking for me.

  14. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Thanks god at least today Nandini shared the truth and conversation of amartya with Chandra. Today again Chandra stole our heart by his comment on the importance of amartya in nandini’s life. Now he is treating like a real husband and a good king.!!!

  15. Today’s episode was nice. Well done Nandini,nice way to handle Amartya her trusted guru.
    Actually she is very caring,protective mother n she wants info from Amartya, n got it, but her mistake is not involving Chandra.
    She was shocked to see Chandra is waiting for her n C knew about her visit to Amartya.
    She is a faithfiul wife n told Chandra that Malay was involved in the kidnapping of Bindu n he wants Magad throne.Luckily C supported n trusted N
    Disqusting Mother India Moora, need to be more matured,grow up lady, still she dont understand Nandini caring daughter in law. Mother n Chaya dont use their common sense, I am wondering are they acting to get info?
    Chanakya made Amartya escape, maybe he also suspect Pandu.
    Chanakya wants to retire n give his position to Amartya.
    pRECAP interesting but Monday will arrive with more conspiracy

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Thank u Didi for giving me the Name Sathya Thambi. I told to my friends about that my new name they said that it sounds Cool.???

      1. Not bad it sound nice , who knows this name brings u luck, i will be happy for you.

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        When I have good sisters like u then it is already my good luck!!! I wish ur given name bring more happiness in my life.??

  16. acutally in roopa and vishkanya case itself everyone hated nandini including chandra that time itself nandini bared everything ,now chandra is full support for nandini so nandini will handle it easily .

    Its good that after malai and pandugar case over C&N propose eacth other so that there wil be no villan in nandini side

  17. Apon

    i have published my new story. please read that…..Tragedy…….

  18. Satya where did you see these scene ? You r the one who told correctly that helena wil come in dasi avatar

  19. sorry i posted it two times

  20. AparnaPrasad

    Iam no longer interested in this show. Sry guys.. it has strtd to make me yawn watching it.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Ohhh after a long time I saw ur comment.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I remembered when chandra behaving rudely with Nandini as dasi then U wanted to kill Chandra.,??,but now when their love track started then u stop watching the show???? Its hurted me.

      1. AparnaPrasad

        @sathya i saw ur comment . No sathya i dint mean to hurt you. Its just that iam not getting what I expected. When I thot nandini won’t forgive him easily i dint mean it to B a friendship. Its so boring nd soooo stupid track of helena and her chloei . The thing is iam not getting anything to expect or wait fr something special or a wow scene. Chamdra is supporting nd trusting nandini. Nandini is happy wd chandra. Moora gone mad. Helena is crazy. Apama devil and her super plans. Nd malaiketu oh plssss. In every serial problms come they solve dn nxt.. but each tym new stries new villains new turns… God what is this serial? Chandra doing outfits to meet nandini dats so pity and pathetic. Its no fun and luv to me. So cheap soo cheap. Earlier i cudnt wait to b 6 o clock to watch it on hotstar i dint quit d show . It seems lik even if u miss a few episodes u can catch up if u see d nxt episodes. Sometimes it is so boring to see this trust of chandra on nandini. I enjoyd more wen nandini wants to kill chandra and chnadra ws torturing nandini. Nandini has become a house wife. Chandra became a pyar ka gulaam, the biggest mistake ws killing padmanand. Che. M so dissatisfied and disappointed.

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @aparna I am not hurted by ur comment. I am just kidding.Actually I am really happy to see ur comment. Now I want my all friends like nick,jayani’s comments soon. I only request u that u may not liking the track but don’t stop commenting about it in this page.We are all here like a family . I think u r a firy and daring girl so u did not liked the track and wanting fighting scene between Chandra Nandini. But when u will have a husband then u will see he also become ur pyar ka gulaam!!! Actually after marriage every man became his wife’s gulaam, there is only one boss in family that is wife.?? I agree with u that even a samrat like chandra also became his wife’s gulaam. U may be not liked that but it is the fact in most of the family.??

    3. Aparna, after such a long time, finally u commented . So u are not interested, n i always wonder why u are missing in this chat group.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @padmini, but look padmi di, Aparna’s dp remain the same romantic scene of CN.

  21. Mora always says that Nandini is her ‘daughter’….. But not even a single time she has supported her. Then why to say such motherly dialogues? You both (chaya and Mora) better get out of Chandra-Nandini’s life.

  22. Congratulations to entire CN TEAM AND SAMRAT CGM/ RAJAT TOKAS. SUCCESS CREDIT GOES mainly to TALENTED RAJAT and his hardwork. Due to him despite so much negative baggage show REACHED 200 EPISODES and that at 8.30PM slot

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      U rightly pointed out the fact. For many years in the slot of 8:30 p.m there was no hit show of star plus except Mahabharat. But now after soo long time Chandra Nandini proved a hit show and successfully completed 200 episodes due to brilliant chemistry of Rajat and Shweta and awesome music attached the viewers. Hope it will complete more century.

      1. Agree the fact that it complete 200 episodes.This show if telecasted in Zee may create better TRPs.I came to know that JA got TRPs 4.8 then and stood no.1 then but this week CN trp is 1.6 no comparison

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @SPD, well said bro, U r Right Jodha akbar is the one of the show for which Ekta kapoor might be proud. The show was such popular that it almost won all popular awards and always remain in top in trp ratings. Actually the show’s retelecast on zee anmol was also trp topper. I agree that the show has good story line and well directed but it is also true zee tv also promoted the show very well. I remembered when the Jodha akbar’s marriage week was going on then it telecasted for 1 hour for a week for which show got high Trp. But star plus promoted the show very poor. Occasionally we have seen promo of the show. Which effected on the trp. If disgusting shows like Saathiya, Yeh hain mohabetein got high trp then Chandra nandini should get good trp atleast CN better than these shows. Other thing is now trp ratings decreased of every shows , trp topper show’s trp rating lies between 2.5-3.0 which is also low. Actually after lauching App like Hotstar, Ozee, Voot the trp ratings are effected. Now most of the people watch their favorite show on either mobile or laptop.

    2. Yes, Rajat is the best !

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yeah Rajat is the best!!! After some days His birthday. I wish he continue his fabulous acting and entertaining us.

  23. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    The only thing Moora did good for Nandini is gave her marriage to chandra. Now when I saw chandra then I realized that no one can be better life partner for Nandini. From taking lessons his previous mistakes chandra changed himself soo much that it is main reason the show looking so interesting. I always told that if the hero of the show is not behaving smart then the show is not looked good, and when U have powerful hero like Rajat tokas then u should give him a good role. But now I am really happy that makers giving him such adorable scenes where he can protray the role of good son, good husband along with a good king.

  24. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    One thing really make me laugh that when moora said that I would investigate about Malayketu and if I find any fishy about him I would take back my decision. She Still has soo much confidence in her decision !!!! ,???. After taking sooo much wrong decision she still believe that she can do anything right. Any one in her place should suicide by taking poison or by jumping into river.

    1. I agree !!!!

  25. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Now I understand why chandra’s father died so early, he might prefer to die than spending his entire life with this dumb lady moora. Father died but Son now suffering this stupid lady.???

  26. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Yesterday I saw that chandra nandini 200 episodes trending no. 1 in Twitter. Another thing saw that Rajat tokas shared that his pet dog Leo passed away. So he took a day off from chandra nandini set.

    1. Are u studying r working..???

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I have completed my graduation in physics this year. Now I am trying to take b.ed degree. But I shall wait this year and only studying for competitive exams. So U can call me neither student nor service man.,???

    2. Satya, thanks for the update, so sad for Rajat.

  27. Satya, I love your comments, the moment Chandra start to treat nandini well n realized all his mistakes, the serial is actually back in track, only the bad point is too many villians causing more problems to CN.
    I just love Chandra n Nandini jodi n the makers made a good selection.(Rajat n Sweta).

    Lastly, I do know any one of u but we all like a big family n always enjoy reading everyone comments n their views

    1. Ur ryt sis… we r bonded lyk family members… nthng wrong in dat ryt… i got good frnds lyk u only bcoz of dis Chandra Nandini site… so tnx for dat…

      1. Tks Jai for your lovely comments.

    2. Padmini, I agree with your comments. And, if Chandra had not changed, if he was not treating Nandini well and if he was not showing his love for her….we won’t be watching the serial anymore…I watched the CN 1st episode recently, and barathmata was saying that N will become a great friend to C and will influence him and help him become a better king. I think that’s what we’re seeing in the serial right now….

      1. Aditi, I agree with yr comments, me too if C did not changed, i was thinking of not
        watching this serial , when i start watching the tamil serial, the words C use on Nandini, unbearable, i fell like shutting my ears.
        The only thing is i dont understand Hindi n just read the updates, of course a lot of dialogue not mentioned in the updates. So it it quite difficult to comment.

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @aditi, u r right. The track started after vishkanya is showing that how a heartless king changing himself for get his love interest and how this influenced him to became a great samrat. As u said in the 1st episode Bharatmata said how nandini became the strength of chandra.

    3. Agree with you Padmini on the selection of Rajat and Shweta for Chandra and Nandini character. This two person is the main attraction of the entire serial. Love them both, their acting.

    4. All of us do not know each other and we would like to stay anonymous but we are like a family.Whenever any of you are missing, I used to wonder what happened to you?This serial brought us together and I hope it will be shown for another 10 years so we all can grow old together.It will be sad when this serial ends.Wonder where’s Yasmin, she has been missing for so long.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Don’t worry Didi, if the show ends then there must be another show will start which we can enjoy and comment. Rajat is our favorite actor , when ever he will start a new show we surely comment about that.

  28. The last two episode I pity Dadi, as she did not comment or say anything, only watching the family argument with sadness.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Actually Moora is not good bahu also. She never heard any advice from her Saas i.e Dadima. When everyone suspect Nandini she was the only person who believed nandini and she is the main reason for chandra nandini came closer. Moora should learn from Dadima how to clear misunderstandings instead of creating more troubles in Chandra nandini’s life.

  29. @satya bhai i like all ur comments… especially u said abt chandra’s father, Surya Gupta died earlier was better than living with dis dumb lady which makes me laught n also it suits her… she s annoying character in chandra nandini serial…

  30. Its really disgusting that helena is always treated good. She throwed durdhara n her master plan along with her mother killed Dd. She is literally back of nandini….y nandini always targeted? Y nandini taking too many advantage….why she decides solely on many issues..she can be master mind or lead pair..but te point said by her are really irritating..y chandra shown fool n nandini brainny?

    I lost the interest in this show…irritating…y nandini n chandra domt start ther life together? Its just dragging..n ther romance is so irritating.. these days i started watching aarambh..itsinteresting n good. The main lead r cool…n i guess the plot will be little stronger as ita from bahubali writter…wish cn writter get some idea from

    1. AparnaPrasad

      Oh thank God jj.. M having d same thought. But i dint start watching Arambh.

      1. @aparna..yes aarambh is really nice. Actually i feel the plot is very strong..and the fight seqence btw lead pair was awesome..devasena can be called warrior princess becuz she has that auro where the fight sequence is the nandini is shown warrior..then family drama..always crying..she wanted chandra but doesnt wanted to start her life wity him..i feel nandini is not warrior princess but a confused over smart princess..oops..dasi..
        Start watching aaramb..its a plot btw aryan n dravidian..with lots of emotion..warn budding romance..i comment

  31. Apon

    can anyone tell me, how can i delete my story from this page…..? i won’t post anything further….

  32. Why nandini not suspecting Helena when she is telling her not to enclose it any body, nandini can easily have a sought about Helena. Even dadi can tell Chandra that Helena was the person who brainwashed the great rajmata about malay why dadi is quite? I hope at least this time nandini, Chandra get to know the real face of Helena and her mother. Still DD killer is freely enjoying in the palace,no proper justice is given for DD it’s really sad and annoying to see that lady she doesn’t have
    any guilt feeling, now again both mother and stupid daughter are back of nandini back to square one

  33. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I want to know about one thing that earlier it shown that may be Amartya only knew the secret of Pandugrath and he is main culprit to send pandu in the mahal. So when chanayka will know about the truth then after killing Pandugrath will he punish Amartya also??? And what he wanting to make amartya as chandra’s minister will he further trust him??

  34. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Other thing is Malay is not aware of the truth of pandu so when Malay will enter in the Mahal then what will be pandu’ s behavior in front of Malayketu that must be interesting. As their motive is same to kill chandra and bag Magadh’s crown will they join each other’s hand ???

  35. CN Latest track spoiler.

    Chandra Nandni​: Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) discovers Pandurath’s revenge intentions against Chandra (Rajat Tokas)
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandni is going to take major turn.
    Chandra has brought Nandini’a brother Pandurath to Magadh while Pandurath pretends to be out of his mind and thus Nandini takes care of him.
    Chandra also gives his assistance to Nandini and takes utmost care of Pandurath which makes Nandini happy.

    While Pandurath is doing all drama and is fine but has returned to take father Padmanand’s death revenge from Chandra.
    Nandini will soon discover about Pandurath’s intentions and will also try to stop Pandurath from going against Chandra and asks him to forget revenge.
    Nandini against brother Pandurath
    While Pandurath is determined and takes major step killing Chandra which Nandini can’t let happen and kills her own brother.

    Nandini kills her brother Pandurath saving Chandra from him, while everyone is astonished seeing Nandini’s this step.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes​.

  36. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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