Chandra Nandni 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini standing on Chandras shoulder and picking vegetables,Chandra says slowly and be careful,you are hurting me,Nandini says keep quite monkey,Chandra says Nandini no joke or else ,Nandini says I said look monkey,Chandra says you have become so fat now come down,Nandini says help me come down,Chandra holds Nandini to avoid her fall and both come very close to each other,and start smiling later,Chandra says come let’s gather all this and let’s get wooden logs,Nandini says what about those cow dung cakes,Chandra says it will take 3 days to dry up,Nandini says Chandra you did it purposely right after three days we won’t be staying here,Chandra says you have to do this you are queen here and leaves and says you go ahead I will get wooden logs.

Nandini slips and falls in

bog,and calls Chandra for help,Chandra rushes to her and with help of tree branches help Nandini come out of it and rescues her,Nandini and Chandra all covered in mud,both look at each other and smile,Chandra and Nandini clean themselves in waterfall,Chandra says don’t jump in there’s a crocodile in there,Nandini says oh no how do you know,Chandra says I use to play with it when I was a kid,Nandini says oh no monkey run away,Chandra says don’t call me monkey,Nandini says no look Chandra that monkey is taking my clothes away, Chandra says he thinks you are his family member and so he took your clothes away,Nandini says what will I do now,Chandra says this is what happens you keep fighting now let’s go we are late,Nandini says ok I’m sorry but how will I go like this.

Chandra says here’s my cover use it,Nandini says okay turn around,Nandini covers herself,Chandra looks at her and thinks how beautiful she is. Roopa says where are these two, I’m finding Chandra and Nandini since so long,Roopa feels like someone is following her and covers her face,few men kidnap her take her away. Roopa is taken to a maharaj,Roopa has covered her face,and she is informed she is been chosen for God sacrifice,maharaj says treat her with delicacy,she is 108th sacrifice to god and then god will give us powers and now we will kill this kid and this woman together and gain more powers.

Roopa says maharaj you can’t kill me because I have better option my granny use to tell me that if you kill a maharani this way god showers with more blessings and special powers and I can help you with one,magads maharani is here and if you spare me I will help you get her.

Chandra and Nandini asleep,mosquitoes bitting Nandini and she starts killing them,Chandra says this is what happens if you keep falling in dung and bog,Nandini says I didn’t go there on my wish,Chandra says let me find a way or else you won’t let me sleep,Chandra makes some smoke and Nandini says Chandra it’s so bad,Chandra says I told you this is not easy but you and turns around and sees Nandini is snoring,Chandra looks at her and closes her mouth and smiles.

Roopa with the kidnappers goes to the hut and says be careful and attack when I ask you to,Roopa distracts Chandra by throwing stones,Chandra walks out to check what’s wrong, Roopa signs the men and they jump in through window and kidnap Nandini,and leave, Roopa steps in and takes nandinis place,Chandra walks in and sees nandini(roopa) awake,and says why did you wake up, you were fast asleep what’s wrong,Roopa says I heard something so,Chandra says ok sleep now,Roopa hugs him and says please I’m so scared that snake I hope won’t come back don’t leave me and go please Chandra,Chandra thinks this so unbelievable why is Nandini behaving so weird.

Chandra says I will go check out you stay here and leaves,Roopa thinks ones Nandini is killed I will be the ruling queen and in mahal with my Chandra,Roopa scratches her leg and says Chandra please help I hurt my leg in bog help me with medicine,Chandra says ok ,Nandini pulls her pants up to knees,Chandra says sorry Nandini I can’t apply medicine here,Roopa says please it’s very painful I can’t ask for help to anyone else here,Chandra says okay I will and awkward and uncomfortable Chandra applies medicine and says okay rest I will come back.

Nandini goes to the kid and releases him and says I will rescue you and asks maharaj who are you what do you want,don’t you know who am I,maharaj says I know you are magad maharani,and now we will sacrifice you and this kid for Devi raktachandraika,and my 108 sacrifice fast will be complete,Nandini thinks this is not possible I need to save the kid.

Pre cap: Chandra finds Nandinis mangalsutra and says I have to find nandini but before that I have to save the kid and leaves,Nandini lying in bushes near by.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I feel that Chandra knows about Roopa. He likes to get closer with Nanthini but he acts weird when Roopa tries to flirt.

  2. Good times for Chandra and Nandini..but Roopa s plan brought Nandini in trouble . Now onus on Chandra to save the life of Nandini as well as the child.

  3. Amid good times of Chandra and Nandini her kidnapping with a child created problem.

  4. Please increse the number of repeat telecasts…there is no repeat telecast whole day..only 2 repeats & that also in night.. 🙁

  5. May be everything will turn in Nandini’s favour because Roopa is acting before Chandra & is imitating Nandini. Chandra may get suspicious of Roopa soon . I just wish Chandra asks Roopa for meaning of some shlokas which only Nandini knows about.

  6. There is no repeat telecast…plz look into tht

  7. I think soon ROOPA’s truth will come out with the help of that child, as CHANDRA may come to know that NANDINI was with that child and helped him while another NANDINI was with him at the same when actual NANDINI was with that child

    1. Not so soon.. This is Ekta show.. they will stretch enough before truth comes out..

      1. Jayani

        Dat’s so true ???

  8. Supreb episode …. Plz also increase d repeat telecast.. But roopa’s behaviour s so irritating .. stop her character soon .

  9. Telugu telecast… Plz

  10. Good episode with the scenes of tree, swamp and water fall. Chandra has little time to save the life of Nandini and the child. When Nandini will safe Roopa s secret automatically disclose.

  11. Nikhil Sarkar

    no repeat telecast in the whole day. why

  12. Nikhil Sarkar

    sab behuda serials ki bar bar telecast hota hain.but chandra nandini ka ek bar bhi nehi.why

  13. Roopa’s secret will not be disclosed even now. Some spoiler showed that Roopa is in the Mahal with Chandra as Nandini. If the secret is disclosed Roopa would have not been in the Mahal

    1. Jayani

      Even I found sum video in utube abt dat

  14. Jayani

    K… Basically d epi had ?nandini scenes add well as sum Volkan scenes… M happy abt dat… Finally ? will identify nandini’s mangalsutra… But won’t he just luk around if any1 is dere as he dis everytym ?… Hope he finds her asap… Waiting for a good epi 2nite…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. It ws gud he dnt look around.. he wud hav found roopa and wud hav stopped luking for nandini

  15. आगे की कहानी

    1. Jayani

      Thnx arun bhaiyya

  16. Nice episode.

  17. AparnaPrasad

    Nothing is going to be good dear ones.. there’s a scene were chaya is I’ll nd nandini brings medicine.. Helena accuses nandini to mix poison nd Chandra gts angry drinks d medicines nd blood comes from his mouth… Everyone accuses nandini nd mooja Tell nandini to stay away from Chandra.

    1. This is sad, I cannot watch this.

  18. pls reveal roopas trouth.very excellent episode.

  19. ChandraNandini: Nandini (Shweta Prasad Basu)trapped in Chandra (Rajat Tokas)and Chaya’s murder attempt giving Chandra poisonStar Plus historical show ChandraNandini will witness lots of drama and twists in the upcoming episode.Roopa is trying to defame Nandini vy doing various killer activities, sometimes she tries to seduce Malayketu so as to break Chaya and Malayketu’s relation and also spark a bigdifference amidChandra and Nandini’s budding relation.Now the latest she did is to throw Chaya from terrace but as usual Nandini got framed in this incident.Roopa tried to kill Chaya so that Nandini is blamed and gets thrown outof the palace.Chandra unknowingly drinks poisoned medicine made by Nandini for ChayaHelena, Malayketu and others blame Nandini for Chaya’s critical condition but Chandra is surethat Nandini is innocent.He therefore tries to prove Nandini guilt free by drinkingthe medicine she brought forChaya.When Nandini came with medicine, she was blamed that she must have mixed something in this so as to completely end Chaya’s chapter.These words doesn’t go down well with Chandra and hein a fit of rage drinks the medicine whichhe didn’t knew was poisoned.Chandra looseshis conscious after that when blood started coming out of his mouth.Wil Nandini be able to prove her innocence.I copied it frm a spoiler.I am vry disappointed at this.

    1. Me too yasmin ..chandra is dying.. wl nandini prove het innocenc or try to reveal roopa or help chandra as nw malaiketu wl take advantage ovr chandras condition…. ohh ds s too much fr me to thnk and gt mad

  20. Chandra s life in danger

  21. Right aparna di .m also feeling the same.Hope this track ends soon.

  22. Nice episode ????????
    Loved it!!!!!!!……
    And Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update…???????

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