Chandra Nandni 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba slaps Chandra, ma tries to stop him,baba says I want to get alcohol tell me where u hide the money,n starts hitting him,Chandra says I will repay every single hit of yours,baba gets angry n leaves, Chandra says ma this money is urs don’t dare u give him,why don’t u leave this man,ma says he is changed but I still love him,love gives strength,Chandra says love is weakness,ma says I love u too,Chandra says if u staying with him for me I will leave this place n since love is behind everything I hate love n love will never make ur son weak.

Nandini playing, she goes to jail even after soldiers asking her not to go, Nandini goes to mora n asks is there any place here I can hide,mora says this is jail n not good for kids,Nadini says I know, I’m Magads princess Nandini n

my father will find me n so I quickly need yo hide, mora remembers cursing nand,Nadini asks who tied u here, mora says an evil man.

Padmanand sentences soldiers death who allowed Nandini in,padmanand sees Nandini n asks what are u doing here, Nadini says to mora see u didn’t let me hide n my father found me, n pitamaharaj who tide her here u are King right then free her, padmanand says I will but now let’s go n have some food,mora says won’t u tell ur daughter who tied me,padmanand says shutup or else, mora say syes kill me n let ur daughter know too how evil her father is n now my son will come n he surely take revenge of all my n his fathers pains, n shows chndraguptas name inscribed on stone n says see nand my son will punish u, Nandini steps on it n says how dare u speak to my father in this tone I will punish u.

Padmanand says Nadini she is a witch n so punished n leaves with Nandini,mora says my son will take revenge nand, he will return for his mother. Avantika waiting for nand on their wedding anniversary n says I know u must be with mora , padmanand walks in, Avantika says see I look I decorated whole room for u but u didn’t come,see all this I made for u, 14 yrs before we got married, I thought we will live as husband n wife but u cheated on me for mora n I wish even I had rejected u as mora,padmanand says I will kill u, Avantika says no u won’t, bcoz Nandini can’t live without me n I know this is the reason u kept me alive for ur lovely daughter n u will never get mora, padmanand gets angry pushes him n leaves.

In Magads announcement is made that today is last day to pay taxes nandinis birthday n if anyone doesn’t they will be killed. Chandra n his fried s see nands son talk abt defeating neighbouring land, Chandra form senapati slowly steals sword, n attacks on them n says meet me the brave warrior, me n my friends are just 5 but, Chandra is asked why did u steal our fruits, Chandra says I won the fruits, this is my land too n this road is made by us n so we deserve fruits n I stole sword bcoz we bet in our friends, Chandra is praised for his bravery n given gold coins, Chandra returns it back n says u threw it n I don’t accept such things, chndraguptas self respect is praised, n gives rajnandini coin special made for her birthday n given to important People have it,Chandra Dar accepts it, Magads soldiers leave.

Bharat ma – Chandragupta never knew ahead in future he was to be inscribed on coins n I was in danger from foreign attacks n padmanand was amongst the reasons behind it.

Foreigner attacks plan to invade Bharat n says this land is land of glory n gold but the whole land is fighting against themselves n we will take advantage of this n no one can ever stop us now.

Acharya is informed abt foreign attacks, Acharya says I will fight these people, Acharya stumbles with a man n says ur death is near u and the reason is alcohol, he says gurudev save me,acharya says here have this medicine n then addresses his disciples knowledge is importance n now I’m going Magad n leaves.

Chanakya with his disciples walk to Magad to save Bharat ma. Chandra gives his ma the coin, baba asks her to give it, n tortures her to get it, baba puts knife on Chandra n threatens ma n takes coin, ma says Chandra I love u the most n not these coins, Chandra says this love is ur weakness n baba takes advantage of it, n now I will go Pataliputra n earn lot of money.

Chandra walks to baba n says give me this coin, I will take this n go Pataliputra n earn lot of money for u, baba says ok n gives him back n says if u cheat me I will kill ur mother, Chanakya decides to go Pataliputra to save Bharat ma.

Bharat ma- Chandra n Chanakya didn’t knew they were going to Pataliputra for big fight ahead for my glory.

Nandini unable to sleep due to moon light n says I don’t like this Chandra it doesn’t allow me to sleep.

Precap: Chandra stops soldiers from hitting mora, he n mora see Nandini going in a Royal cart.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. when will chandra meet nandini

  2. Now mahamatya khallatak is chanakya lol manoj joshi was fab precap looks Pretty interesting

    1. Lol same that’s what I wrote too ???

  3. Nice to see Mahamatya as Chanakya???

    1. Hi pooja di

  4. Niharikamalhotra

    Amazing…. Wow..fabulous.. Can’t express my happiness… Well thnak u Tanya Di..a lottttt…
    Well,tomorrow Chandra will meet his mother…. M super excited …
    Well,I must say..nandani is the apple of his father’s eye…n what the entry of chanakya…mast tha..well he has played the role of mahamatya khalataka in ashoka….but now in positive role…great…n how,nandani spread sand on Chandra’s name..seemed like m watching my fav.jodha Akbar..but this is different…
    Is here anyone??????
    Well if yes.. Then hi…this is kittu…
    M waiting for my rajat ….
    My loveeeee…
    N what
    …amatya rakshas…good
    N Alexander…. No no…he won’t b able to invade India…loose this hope man..we have chanakya baba….n see he is going to defeat u..n other foreigners….
    N how frankly moora said to nanda….brilliant lady..well avantika,u deserves this….

  5. KAINA

    so tommrow our chandni is going to have meet cum eye contact woah ! waiting for it just hoping that rajat entry is soon going to happen cant wait to see him in what he does best

  6. All d visuals are like bahubali movie..

    1. Aarya

      ..y this makers r trying to make visuals and background music lik that of bb…
      Nyways loved the episode.waiting for Chandragupta and chanakya face off

  7. Avantika deserves it?precap is really amazing ?but I don’t understand why Chandra hate “love”ur father beats ur mother it doesn’t mean 2 ❤some1 is wrong…learn something 4m ur real mother…..I hope moora can recognize his son?

    1. You are right.

  8. KAINA

    hi samyukta bella angelk1 and every 1 how r u ol guys i hav not recieved any type of suggestion for ship name of chandranandini only suggestion that i hav are
    CHANDA(though i m not able to locate it in the name)
    guyz we need more suggestion if we want best ship name

    1. I think Nandini is good

      1. Hmm idk which one

    2. There all good but Chanda u just reminder me of Sushim’s wife who doesn’t even see his Evil bad Side

  9. KAINA

    hi samyukta y dont u create register account it will be easy for u to chat

    1. Hi kiana I am comfortable to chat without registration

  10. Hi kaina, I am fine. You are right. People will start watching the show when rajat turns up. CHANDra nAndini. I know it may sound stupid but it’s a lovely name. Hi Angelk1 !! Nice to see you here. Where is Abhishek Maurya? He said he would watch chandranandini.
    Dear priya, even I doubt it. Durdhara and Helena shouldn’t be shown villains. Actually the marriage of Chandragupta and Helena was out of love and with luck also arranged. Sometimes Durdhara and Helena are confused together. But Durdhara was different. Even Chandragupta loved her

    1. KAINA


    2. KAINA


      1. Well I go through when I write long comments. In CAS I used to write about karuvaki’s story ( Ashok’s wife) and it used to be too long. So I used to go through for any grammatical error
        Well about spelling error my google keyboard is best. It rectifies automatically.
        No kaina you are not the one.

      2. Kaina every body has to go 5to 15minutes moderation

    3. I think durdhara was like dharma for Chandragupta

      1. Dear samyukta this was shown by CAS. I have read nowhere about Bindusar having favourite wife. Well there are stories ( mainly folklores) about Bindusar and Dharma but according to available texts it’ not written anywhere.

      2. Lol Yep I agree

    4. Angelk1

      Nice to see you too Bella, I don’t know what happens to them.

  11. Whoa, long live mahamatya khallatayak!! Now as Chanakya!!

    1. Par Bella manoj joshi was good or that chanakya in Chandragupta Maurya on imagine TV was also good mahamatya khallatak ko ab chanakya ka place dena thoda tough hain

      1. Samyukta ,Manoj Joshi was best ( for me). Ya it is tough. I was little surprised to see him. After CAS he is here. So that’s it

  12. sudipa singha

    Alexander invaded India during Dhannanda, not during Mahapadmananda. There was 9 ruler after mahapadmananda. Last one was dhannanda. Chandragupta was contemtorary of dhannanda. During mahapadmananda india was united. For that he was known as akrat of india. The story of chandra nadini is not follwing history properly.

    1. You are right, sudipa singha

  13. Angelk1

    Even as a child nandini Has her diva moment, love it. I’m happy Chandra still remembers mor, now let’s see if he will use nandini to ascape with his mom. Or kidnap her, telling her the truth about her birthday

    1. I think it is like bahubali that Chandra doesn’t know that mora is here mother like Shiva doesn’t know that devsena is here mother.but precap looks pretty good and nice to see u angelk1 how r u hope u r doing good and have a nice day

  14. I’m struggling to read this update… I’m reading 2 or 3 times to understand… Pls do something…I can’t understand ma Bharat ma… And who is speaking to who… Pls fix it soon

  15. Is rajat tokas back

  16. Niharikamalhotra

    @Nimi..yeah…rajat tokas is back..
    @Swasthi…hi..actually… Well let me make u understand… Well …
    Bharat ma is not actually in the series.. But only her background voice comes…..a lady speaks as bharat ma…..
    If u have seen jodha Akbar..then u can understand it…bit in that..

    A man..used to speak…
    @Yeah,of course even I too liked Manon sir as chanakya baba.. But in this (yeee)my god..when he moved his hairs….n I don’t know what’s the problem of Indian series….when they will introduce….some new character.. First they will show,eyes..then hairs..lips…back portion…. Then lateral.. I mean….god,I was waiting to see is it mahamatya khalataka of aahoka….well,m in dilemma… See,Alexander will come after 7 years….n in seven years ,will this series b able to show nine (or 7)emperors after padmananda…????
    Well,I knew it…ekta mam is not going to make this series from the point of view of history… But I have no problem… N now I understood this after jodha Akbar… I read here…I found many of u guys..from CAS pg..(ashoka)well….guys, please include me in yr GRP…could I join this ???
    Well,m excited to see many characters…
    1.seleucas nicator…
    2.Helena(hope to see her in positive role)
    Well guys…as I know…chanakya was once insulted by dhananand in his court..then only he decided to destroy his empire.. N will tell him his position…. But ,I know history is here for introduction not they r going to show…
    Hope for the best…
    N please include me in yr chandu nandu family…

    1. Ye u r always welcome niharika

      1. Niharika friends u will be my friend dear

    2. Hi niharikamalhotra. Of course you can join. You are most welcome here. We can be friends, can we?

  17. Aarya

    ..y this makers r trying to make visuals and background music lik that of bb…
    Nyways loved the episode.waiting for Chandragupta and chanakya face off

  18. Oh MY GOD…..Chanakya’s role is played by ashoka’s mahamatya khallatak….where is manoj joshi. .he would have been best for this role

  19. Fav episode

  20. Why they are copying bahubali and this is not the real chandragupta Maurya story

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