Chandra Nandni 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaya asks Nandini why but,Chandra thinks first time Chaya asked me for something can’t I do this for her,mora asks why Nandini why don’t you agree, as you and Chandra got a chance even Chaya wants a chance,what’s wrong in it and malayketu was trapped by Roopa and Chaya wants to give her marriage a chance,and that will be so good,Nandini says ma malayketu isn’t good for Chaya,mora asks what’s the reason,Nandini says sorry,mora says why but don’t you want Chaya and malayketu to be given a chance,won’t you be happy for Chaya,Nandini thinks ma I will answer you with proof that malayketu was behind bindusara kidnap.Apma says pin point.

Chandra walks to Nandini and asks what is going on Nandini, I mean I’m not questioning you but I see something bothering

you,Nandini thinks Chandra I don’t want to ruin your relation with Chaya and on other hand i don’t want to put you in danger,Chandra says your silence signs that you are in confusion,Nandini says Chandra I will tell you when I have proper proofs,Chandra says Nandini I don’t want to break my promise given to Chaya,Nandini says give me sometime,I’m your friend right I will make sure your promise won’t be broken,Chandra says since you helped me let me get a smile on your face and splashes water on Nandini.

Helina says ma work done,Apma says well done,now see life is like a chess,but here king has two strengths as well as weakness , named mother and wife and if he falls on either side the other one will be upset and now before Chandra accepts nandinis proposal and stops malayketu go tell this to Nandini,Helina says well done ma even Acharya Chanakya won’t have a answer to fight this,Apma says when a women decided to do something even thousands of Chanakya won’t stop her and now just wait for the right time and Nandini will be out of mahal.

Mora calls everyone and says I know malayketu is terrorist and he is punished too but the reason behind it was nandinis sister Roopa and so I want to investigate was he really a terrorist or just trapped and as per new rule I want Chaya malayketu to be given a chance,Chandra says ma I don’t want malayketu to be back now,mora says you are breaking your promise given to Chaya ,Chandra says no ma I’m just saying give me a chance and let me give a decision soon,I’m not breaking any promise,even Nandini must have denied because of some reason,Nandini thinks this isn’t goingthe right way.

Mora says are you comparing rajmata with Nandini,you mean Nandinis experience matters more than mine,Chandra says no ma,you are misunderstanding me it’s just that now you aren’t talking as rajmata but as Chayas mother I’m just saying let’s give some time so that I make a decision that we won’t regret later.

Chaya says you must be happy Rohit nanidnis,today Chandra kept your point and you let down my mother down and all because of you Nandini, Chandra even forget his sister,you never wanted me and malayketu to be happy,Chandra broke his promise to keep your point ,Chandra says it’s not related to Nandini at all,Chaya says it is, today you have proved for you your wife matters more than your sister, Nandini says cChaya you are,Chandra says Nandini wait,ma I’m just asking for some item,mora says tell Nandini to answer me,look she has no answer so it’s my order get malayketu in,Chandra says ma you can’t order a king,Nandini thinks this isn’t good,he is insulting rajmata,Chandra says ma im sorry I’m just saying give me sometime,I’m sorry to raise my voice,mora says Chandra today you have crossed your lines,Chandra says ma I’m just asking some time,mora says I was here to talk to my son but I’m talking to a king and so as rajmata let me give you a day’s time to decide who you chose me or your Wife and until you answer I will not have food or drink anything and also don’t want to hear ma from you and leaves.

Chandra walks to mora with food,mora in tears,Chandra says ma don’t hide tears I know I hurt you,as you were away from me when in jail even I was away from you,all this strength and knowledge I have ,I learnt when I was in your womb,and I’m your son,and I’m just doing my duty and are you upset so that I’m doing my duty,cmon have food now,mora denies,Chandra says are you so upset that you don’t wanna have food from my hand ok let me do some seat ups as sorry,ma please look at me,don’t give away food,okay if you don’t eat even I won’t,remember right you had given me water when you were in jail,mora says a king has hurted me and not my son,today every word you said is still pricking me and so I will have food only when you give your decision, me or Nandini and yes 20 years padmanand had jailed me but those didn’t matter me but today’s night will be more tough than that.

Dasi walks to Nandini with food,she asks did rajmata have food,Dasi says no,Nandini says take away my food too,Chandra walks in and asks dasi to keep the plate and leave,Chandra says wow tasty food it was,Madhav and Gopal gave me lot of food,Nandini have quickly before it gets cold,Nandini says oh I was waiting for you,come let’s have together,Chandra says no I’m full,Nandini says come have little at least,Chandra says no no please,Nandini says ok what did you have,Chandra says this that everything.

Nandini says when you can’t lie why are you trying to,I know you are acting so that I will have food,Chandra looks at Nandini, and says see now we don’t need words to understand each other,Nandini asks what are you looking at,Chandra says okay we won’t have food until ma has,but lets give bindusara food come,Nandini thinks today you trusted me and went against you mother and sister and so even I shall stand by my words and give you proofs.

Nandini wakes up at night and covers herself with blanket and leaves,Chaya sees Nandini and thinks where is she going so late and says I have to find is she behind some new plot

Pre cap : Amartya says Nandini malayketu wants rule over Magad and kill all off Chandras son.
Malayketu says to Apma,when I enter Magad mahal I will make every single breath of hers difficult.
Chanakya says Chandra, malayketu will think he is back in mahal but this will be a jail for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice twist, All persons with different thinking Nandini is worried about her family, Malayketu’s intention is clear. Nandini should meet Acharya and disclose every thing, he will surely do something.

  2. Anushree

    interesting episode,

  3. Wat d hell s she saying??? Chaya, u non sense dont u have any sense… how dare to talk lyk dis towards nandu… hw many times she bear all d pain for others without doing anything… plz anyboday kill them (moora d great drama queen n Rajmata, dumb chaya) before apama n helana’s murder… same track… chanakya, only u should/can do something against dis moora n her opinion abt malayketu… in precap malayketu crossed his limit… chanakya part is good…

    1. ya jai..stupid chaya how she can talk lke ths she canot understand tat nandu is favouring her…both moora nd chaya r mental supporting malai who is culprit nd blaming nandini who went many allegations bec f ths family……

  4. Nice épisode but every body in thé palace forget malti’s case . New villian come in the palace,sûre nandu will protect bindu and her hubby but moora& chaya really have no brains

    1. even malti forgot…..

  5. I thought today episode will be hurting more but the way chandra handled moora and nandini was nice.
    Actually nandini can tell chandra alone about helena words.

    I hope chaya should fully hear about amartya and nandini conversation and support nandini.
    surely malai will enter palace but chaya should know the truth.

    1. chaya wil not hear anythg just she wil see nandu touchg feet f amartya nd thk nandu plotg smg against hr……i thk upto revealing the truth f malai,moora nd chaya wil unaware f him nd go against nandu…..

  6. Now if chandra choose moora means also nandini wont feel because chandra will tell the plan of chanakya to nandini

    1. same thkg….maybe chankya can help….

    2. Nandini, If that happen it will be good news for CN

  7. How apama is telling chanakya cant do anything she only wants to seperate chandra and nandini,such a evil lady

  8. I miss child like fights of chandra and nandini. Makers, Please bring back if suitable to the track.otherwise the episode showed glimpse if matured brains of both C & N in the fight between trio. But issue arises when a secrecy is maintained. Why cant they talk frankly with their family members? Like, what helena chaya, helena influencing family, why cant nandini tell what is in her mind instead of thinking in her mind? Viewers will accept if u meet amartya not secretly. It seems like Nandini has not learnt any lessons from her past mistakes. But good thing is she realized it is going good. Chandra started to be with Nandini also. But as family man, he has to realize that he cannot please every person in thte family. Bcoz some blood relations will accuse always even if we do yhings per their wish and if goes wrong, theyw will blame u for not guiding properly. I personally feel that if somebody is not eating for these kind of silly matters i would not bother and continue investigate on things rather choosing between relations as these relations will not keep our mental health good. Ofcourse, i feel that for men also after marriage wife is the priority like how women do.

    1. i lke ur comment…..chandra knows nandu s rt,instead f giving time to nandu he can investigate r explain to thm abt malais intention…..nandu s stupid why she didnt say abt helu even to cn…..

      1. Shree, you`re correct, hopefully, N will tell C about what she heard from Amartya and Hell. N shouldn`t hide anything from Chandra. If N has Chandra and Chanakya`s support…only then she can survive in the mahal…..except dadi and Malti…everyone in the mahal is going to be against her….Why do the makers let Hell and Apama to win every`s very irritating to even see the face of Apama let alone hear her speak….I love the new found understanding between C and N…as long as C trusts N….I`m okay…

      2. Shree, u know about Nandini character, she don’t easily share n also dont like to complain about others to Chandra. Helena, gave a lot of problems to N but she always keep quiet, that why we call her MAHAN.
        Till now she still entertain Helena .

      3. ya padmini i know she nevr blamed anyone but see wat happening now atleast she can tell cn tat helu informed me…if gautami was here she wil crtly predict….

  9. Why do Helena and ma always get what they want, is so irritating to watch their character always getting away

    1. really,see big prblm s going on but nobody knows tat apu nd helu s reason fr all…….i just want to chop apus brain…..

      1. Shree, Appu is such irritating lady, i only wish Chandra will use Vishkanya to bite her mouth first , i just hate the way she talk. How long we are going to tolerate this two evil ladies, hope not until the serial end.


  11. satya sarathi sarkar

    I am really surprised that MOORA said that MALAY is trapped by ROOPA, but why she is telling that??? I cannot get what is the connection between ROOPA and MALAYKETU. Another thing is DOES not MOORA remember how MALAYKETU tried to provoke magadh’s people against Chandra???? I think may be CHAYA is not aware of all incidents about MALAYKETU, but how she blamed on NANDINI???? why Chaya is not thinking that WHAT IS THE gain of nandini for doing that????Is CHAYA forgot that WHEN she is acting like a COMA patient then also NANDINI was the only person who gave medicine daily to her. I HATE MOORA BUT after today’s episode I have to start hate Chaya also. This is the main difference of nandini and other ladies in mahal. NANDINI also loved her father but she never stopped or forced on Chandra to forgive her Father Nanda. Thank god Chandra was out touch from MOORA and CHAYA for 20 years, OTHERWISE these two dumb lady destroyed Chandra’s life.

    1. ur last three lines was superb…i thk cns second mom was nice than moora…

    2. Me too not understand why moora always talk about roopa, but chanakya know all trust abt malay n nand hope this re-entry his a plan. I hate moora & chaya same I préfèr foster mother she was’t stupid like moora , she always suspect nandhini

  12. satya sarathi sarkar

    but one thing is giving sooo much happiness to me is Chandra’s behavior, today he supported NANDINI and when he replied to moora “I AM KING U CANNOT ORDER ME “, it gave sooo much happiness to me. After that CHANDRA also tried to console both MOORA and NANDINI, it shows how good is as son and NOW husband also. I can say even NANDINI also acting like fool after suffering so much pain so she will go secretly to amartya. NOW only Chandra is only person who behaving smartly and take decision wisely.

    1. Satya, today, I agree with every single post of your`s !!!!! Well said my friend !

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Actually Nand had done unknowingly his responsibility of being Father-in-law of Chandra as he put Moora in jail for 2O years. This is the best gift for Chandra in childhood!!!???

      2. hahaha true sathya…

      3. Well said bro??..

    2. Today’s episode really showcased Rajats acting of the highest level.His emotions when confronting his mother and his sympathies towards his wife, Nandini.His expressions are superb.

  13. satya sarathi sarkar

    AS in precap Chandra may allow malay to enter in mahal, but it IS looking a well planned decision of chanayka and Chandra to catch MALAYKETU AND put him in a jail,

  14. satya sarathi sarkar

    soo amartya is changed his mind ?????so he is telling the truth about malayketu to nandini???? HOWEVER I loves this man. HE is great devotee to his king, and very wise , clever man. When he not murdered vindusaar then it shows some good signs of him.

    1. he didnt change his mind but now he was against malai

  15. wat type f lady u r moora..nandu never created situation lke ths to cn ..u know cn s tryg hard to win hr ….if u want malai back to mahal fight wit cn why u brging nandu in ths….u didnt hve sense how a man can choose btw wife nd mom both r important…wat u wil do if u want to choose btw ur husband nd ur son……again u going to get nice nosecut lke before u got in vishakas case…

    1. No shree.. she wont feel for nosecut… again she’ll start his crocodile tears n act well before nandu like plz forgive me nandini am ur mother na, ur like my putri so call me maa bla bla… disgusting…. shameless lady… if i get a chance first I’ll kill her…

      1. abstly jai ….u meant it vry wel “crocodile tears” ….ur comment made me to laugh so funny……

  16. Satya, I agree with all your comments today!

  17. Average episode, Masala problems between Mother n Sister in laws for Nandini. Chandra in delima, who is he going to choose. Why this Mother Moora can’t understand, Chandra give him one day to solve this issue n she is talking nonsence.
    Apama n Helena plan is successful don’t understand as Apama says if bring thousand of Chanakya,won’t stop her…
    Nandini, wants to find the truth from her trusted guru Amartya n hope she will reveal this info to Chanakya n Chandra.
    Why this makes give such importance to Villians
    Precap: interesting , Chandra will allow Malai to enter Mahal, Chankaya plan is to put him to jail

  18. Sathya thambi, me too agree with yr comments.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Who is sathya thambi??? I not found any comment of him.

      1. No bhai… actually she called u as brother… ‘Thambi’ s a tamil word which means younger brother… satya s u??…

      2. Sathya wrong spelling n thambi means in tamil is younger brother . I am refering to you Satya

      3. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Oh my god!! my brain is also not working now after see the stupidity of Chaya and Moora. I couldn’t identify myself also,???. Thank u Jai and padmini didi fr giving the name “Sathya Thambi”. It looks like a new superhero is coming in south India.????

  19. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Moora always said that she is a rajmata. But according to me she is not capable of being Dasi in the Magadh. She is lucky that she has son like chandra and daughter in law like Nandini , If I am in chandra’s place then I shall kicked out Moora from Magadh. I think she should resign from Rajmata responsibility and go to any Holy place for rest of her life. Then it will be a good from her , chandra nandini and the viewers of CN also.

    1. rt satya…. she asked cn tat whtr nandu have more experience thn hr,she was rajamata fr around 3yrs nly …till now she didnt taken any decision rt,first wen cn attacked she ordered as rajamata to jail hr thn in roopa case now malai ohh god thn why she proud f herself…

  20. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Nandini should talk with Chandra when she wanted to save his life. But again she bringing her own danger. I remembered when Durdhara behaved rudely with Nandini then also she not talked about that with Chandra, then she could save Durdhara’s life . Be silent is not a way to solve this situation if she not tell chandra then how he can help her???

  21. i think today is 200th episode guys but there will be no any major twist in story.

    Anyways i watched yesterday in tamil also in that chandra and nandini wil be in shiv temple that episode was going on it was to hear their conversation in tamil

    1. it was nice to hear tamil dialogs in their conversation

    2. Nandini, I agree with u that the tamil dialogue was superb

  22. i agree satya sometimes silent will not work and also nandini was happy that chandra trusted her and she thinks to stand by her side and prove it so nandini wil surely speak to chandra about amartya and helena words

  23. Actually nandu never blame anyone without proof… in dis case also she s doing same first she tries to collect d details against malai with proof from amartya… so thn she’ll talk abt dis to chandra… but she s wrong… she should share abt dis with chandra n chanakya… those only can help her… but she s mahan ryt… she can bear anything for their family… so sad… again everyone suspect nandu as traitor…. hope chandra believe nandu n also supports her at any situation…

  24. I can’t believe moora even has the nerve to going and speak against nandani after everything she said to her and its clear she still doesn’t completely trust her as a daughter so she should stop acting all nice she only supports nandani once all the misunderstanding is cleared up if she real thought of nandani as her daughter she should have given nandani a chance instead of having Chandra choose between her or nandani like what the hell I really hate her character

  25. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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