Chandra Nandni 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini goes to her room, mora walks in and sees Nandini crying, and asks what is it Nandini,Nandini says you here tell me what is it,mora says Nandini even yesterday I saw you crying ,Nandini thinks so she understood about me crying for Chandra,mora says Nandini and you said you had headache and later I saw you smoking and you were very happy,Nandini says I haven’t smoke ever ma, really trust me,mora says come sit did you sleep well,Nandini says he so did but why,mora says because I heard some people have sleep walking problem and they don’t remember what they do when they are in that state.

Nandini says ma I don’t have any of such thing,mora says may be that was a misunderstanding but I saw you cry, I have always taken you as my daughter and not my enemy so feel free

and share your problems,Nandini says I’m upset with Chandra, he doesn’t want me,so I thought I shouldn’t be there with him,mora says you felt bad that means you have feelings for Chandra,do you like Chandra,Nandini says no he is my fathers enemy and killed my brothers I don’t like him,mora says Nandini you are stuck in emotional crisis and so unable to come out of your confusion,on one hand you take Chandra as your enemy on other hand he is your husband whose you love.

Nandini says ma you are very caring and sweet and so I have accepted you but Chandra never,mora says love is tricky and you never know and you fall for it,and when we learn about it we are completely in loves trap,so Nandini be true to yourself tell me do you really have no feelings for Chandra,Nandini says no,mora says okay I will wait for the day to you accept what I have seen in your eyes, Chandra standing out hearing all this,mora leaves,Nandini says I will never love Chandra,Chandra walks in.

Chandra says Nandini I know why you left the celebration last night,my innocent ma thinks it’s because you love me but the truth is you couldn’t see maliketu and Chaya together. Durdhara goes to her room and says this helina is truly a black cat like a bad sign and Chandra I will prove him I’m not scared of cats,a cat comes in and Durdhara gets scared,and says oh god save me.

Nandini says yes Chandra you are right I love maliektu,and thinks you are making all these stores because you want to be only with helina,Chandra holds nandinis hand and says good you accepted it, okay then leave this mahal,Nandini says what you want me to leave,Chandra says at least Chaya and Maliektu can move ahead in their life,Nandini says yes and you can with helina,Chandra says why not she is my wife,Nandini says on one hand helina your perfect choice and other durdhara who is your childhood friend and me who you think is spoiling Chayas life,Chandra says look Nandini maliektu and Chaya are happy together,and I can’t see her upset,Nandini says and so you want me to leave,Chandra says yes,Nandini says I will leave tonight and after seeing Theo’s love marks on helinas body I don’t even wish to stay, I don’t know why but I do feel bad.

Chandra says wait,Nandini why do you do all this for maliektu,Nandini says I have lot of packing to do,Chandra says yes please leave,Nandini says its insulting for me that I’m your wife,Chandra says as a king these words don’t matter but as a husband they do,and my answer to it is,you are leaving but I’m giving you divorce and want no revenge nothing and so get out with the guests tonight out of here.and Chandra leaves,helina standing outside very happy.nanidni starts crying,helina sees her break down and is very happy.

Helina goes to her room and takes out Chandras photos and starts dancing with it,helina says I’m so happy, Nandini you snatched maliektu first and now Chandra but look I threw you out of here,now this mahal and Chandra is all mine under my rules. Nandini wakes up at night and starts walking,she goes to a room looks at its bed and is very happy and lies on it, Chaya walks in and is surprised to see Nandini,and asks what are you doing in my room,Chaya goes to pick up a glass and turns around and sees Nandini isn’t in room and says what was she doing in my room and where did she go I should talk to her.

Nandini goes to Avantika room in tears with a diya and thinks ma without informing you I’m going far away from all of you,and Chandra I know he is my enemy and the feelings I have for him are not good and didn’t have guts to share them with you so I have this letter for you and keeps letter beside er and thinks I hope Chandra is happy with helina and looks after you as he looks after mora ma. Nandini has flashes of her childhood memories with Avantika in mahal and gets very emotional,Nandini touches Avantikas feet and says I’m sorry ma. and leaves.

Nandini in her room and is remembering the time she spent with Chandra in ashram and later about him asking her to leave,Nandini says I always wanted to leave and meet pitahamaharaj and now when I can why am I upset, this is What I always wanted ,Chaya walks in and says Nandini what were you doing in my room you could why sent dasi,Nandini says no Chaya I’m in my room, I didn’t come to your room,Chaya says you were in my room on my bed,Chaya says ok and anyways I never thought you know after Satyajit I would fall for anyone but maliektu is very sweet,Nandini thinks poor Chaya I wish I could tell her truth,Chaya says I know you loved him,Nandini say schaya I never loved maliektu he is all yours now,Chaya says thank you Nandini, and where are you going,Nandini says just getting rid of something’s,Chaya says yes you should get rid of past and leaves,Nandini says I wish I could tell you I’m leaving you all and going away.

Pre cap : Nandini leaving the mahal,and is in tears. Chandra says I shouldn’t have asked her to leave so late whatever it is I should have been so rude with her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Poor nandini…

  2. Ekta ji wt logic in dis? He is a great nd wise king v all known fact but y ur showing like dis just can’t imagine… Once Nandhini was rescue Chandra in d forest nd d arrow attack also.. If he loves malaiketu den y c helped Chandra.. D king doesn’t think abt dis. OK but very clearly he misunderstood abt Nandhini.. So long he mistake her nd very rude… Wt logic in dis? No history at last no logic.. It’s boring.. Waste of time to watch.. I hope no roopa it’s some black magic against Nandhini so act like dis dat also no one care abt dat.. Pitty 4 Nandhini…

  3. Jayani

    I soooo happy dat nandini has feelings 2wards ?, nd I’m sooooo sooooo soooo dat even? has feelings for nandini nd does bad abt his dicision nd his rudeness 2wards nandini… It will b even asum if dey confess 2 each orther dat dey LYK, in fact, LUV each other???… I wud b lyk d HAPPIEST person in d world! Eagerly waiting for such scenes… Nd d scene where dd says dat she wanted 2 prove 2 ? dat she wasn’t scared of cats nd den d next second she a cat nd she scared!??? Dat was soooo funny… Waiting for monday…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Yea friend ????

    2. Achchha, i want to know, Do u think that IDIOT is a slang word?

      1. Jayani

        It’s not I dat I think IDIOT is a slang word, but for others, it does hurt deir feelings… Sum of dem r not used 2 use idiot lyk nd I use, in fact in daily lyf, I use such words a lot, but I DO NOT use blo*dy nd stuff! It also doesn’t mean dat I use it 2 hurt others feelings but I apologize d next second nd most of d ppl 2 whom I use such words (EVEN MY PARENTS?), dey know dat I REALLY don not mean it… Sum ppl DO take it seriously but sum don’t (EVEN I don’t?)… It is not dat I’m actually scolding u but for others it does hurt deir feeelings… I hope u understand subham bhaiyya…

        Jai Siya Ram

  4. wake up chandra…you are a great ruler but now..what are you doing

  5. Feeling so bad fr nandini …. Day by day its getting boring only like other ordinary serials …. Pl make something interesting to watch … Waiting fr some gud nd happy things hppn bw chandra nd nandini ..

  6. Mystery of Nandini is still unrevealed. When duplicate Nandini will confront with Chandra or Nandini story will be more interesting.
    Late update ?

  7. If they are seeing two nandinis, then does that mean nandini has a twin????i remember hearing about nandini havin a twin sister lost at birth….
    other than that, good epi! I REally want nandini to confess.

  8. AparnaPrasad

    I wnt chandra to find out aftr he is the one who made all the mistakes misunderstood nandini and hurt her. Then he shud be in pain… more over most serials in star plus gives the example of women empowermemt and their aftr a few episodes all the heroines are shown in pain and agony..and the main reason are family and love? Wat are they trying to prove? Nandini ofcourse is a fictional character bt she is d main lead in the serial nd supposed to be the warrior prince who is nothing less than chandra… nd look nw wr she is.. i jst want des people to shw such miserable situations wen it comes to luv… chandra s ryt prem manushy ko durbal banati hai

    1. Jayani

      Luv does make sum ppl weak but den in other cases, probably it DOES make dem strong!

    2. NABANITA626

      Wow aparna happy that you became registered member…☺?

      1. Thank u nabanita sis… :*

  9. Oho,??????
    Poor Nandini…..??

    1. NABANITA626

      “You don’t debate with girls.”your mentality is so shocking…………..!!!!!!!!!!
      Isse to ye bolna achha tha ki tum jo logic se baat karta hai,unka baat sun nahi nehi chahte……………………
      See it is a public websight ,so please don’t use such words that you said before,I don’t know you used this words in which sense (casually/seriously)………………..but please……..
      I also did not use such sentences ever in my life,in which language I comment I am also worry for that…I don’t want any quarrels here…. after all we are also chandra nandini fans……..
      But mind it I became soft for not cause of that I am a girl…just I want to solve the matter…….
      If you have some objection with any Comment you can skip that but you have no right to tell anyone nonsense……
      I hope you will understaunderstand my telling…….

      1. Shut up!!!! u fool ?????

  10. Thanks Tanaya di for the update….

  11. Nandini leave mahal without tell anyone, i think its time to entry of roopa & take place of nandini.

    1. yes , i too think the same

    2. You are right… this will be twist in the story.

    3. Jayani

      Even I think so varshu akka

  12. Now a days, the show seems to be boring and dragging. Hating chandra’s attitude towards nandini. Why is he behaving so rudely with her,without finding the actual truth? Since he is a king , then why not using his brain to find out actually what happening in his own palace.

  13. Preethi12345

    cn is a good show and i love it but nowadays it has become a bit boring i mean why cant nandini confess her love for chandra to chandra himself . then i dont think chandra would hate her an why is chandra believing the stuff said by helena abt nandini .why cant chandra just directly ask nandini if this is true or not but shouldnt chandra know that nandini doesnt love malay because she was so against the marriage between malay and chhaya.but never the less i am excited for monday s episode

    1. See, Nandini takes Chandra as his brothers’ murderer, and father’s enemy, on the other side, she loves his good character, so she is in a tension…..

      1. Jayani

        S bhaiyya, she is actually in a DHARM SANKAT r8 now!

      2. Yea???????

  14. Next twist.. I saw it in YouTube. Nandini leaves mahal and malaiketu takes this chance for his cheapness and try to molest nandini… Chandra comes as the saviour….. Yohoooo

    1. Aparna… Please share that link

    2. dear, plz share this link

    3. Jayani

      S arpu di, pls share d link asap

    4. Malayketu try to molest Nandini

  15. Poor..episode, some love scenes ,,yar,,,dont show familly drama….bcos all channels are with full of family drama serials,,,,n grow up ur brain chandra…why ur not giving respect to nandini ….

  16. i don’t understood how can roopa & nandini wear same dress, anybody explain me plz.

    1. Jayani

      Sunanda must hav given sum of hers?

  17. amezing comment anjelika Its ok..

  18. Aparna…. Please share that link

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooooo much for d link aparna di

  19. Oh thats vry good aparna di…waiting for mondays epi…and thank u so much for sharing.

  20. I can’t sent the link. After moderation d comment is not being passed. Sry guys

  21. AparnaPrasad

    Helena creates misunderstandings amid Chandra and Nandini’s love story, Chandra thus throws Nandini out of Rajmahal.

    Nandini leaves Chandra yet feels the pain, Chandra also suffers from the same pain amid all this Malayketu makes his cheap plan.

    Malayketu plans to take advantage of the situation and tries to molest Nandini, while Chandra enters as savior. I copied it frm d spoilers

    1. Jayani

      I also read it in d spoilers di

  22. Poor nandhini

  23. It’s said that malaiketu wl help nandini to GT to a safe place by on d way she feels suspicious of him and Tls him she will go in hr own and dats wen he misbaves and she wl go unconscious. Malaiketu get scared seeing hr unconscious and leaves her on d way… And guess who wl b cmng… As u all knw Maharaj Chandragupta Maurya

    1. Wow…interesting..,

  24. In comming episodes Moora s birthday will be celebrated meanwhile Nandini will fall sick due to fasting may be teej. Care for Nandini by Chandra will make them close.

  25. Malayketu try to molest Nandini

  26. AparnaPrasad

    Waiting for tmrws episode…??. Gud nyt friends…

  27. Ekta mam aap ek baat batatiye,aap history ko kya Mazak samzti Ho ya viewers ko???kam se kam Chandra Gupta mourya Ki izzath tho rakh leti
    Yadi aap ko jodha Akbar Ki kahani phir se dikani Ho tho naam kyu badal di”Chandra nandini”kam se kam parijat ko lekar s2 dikati…trp tho aa jata tha
    I don’t find any difference in JA and CN,same nafraf pyaar between CN and JA same 3 biwi same cat fight between nandini helana like jodha and rukiyya same maliyketu as shariffuddin…and to say I have a very long list and is there any difference is this is a pathetic drama with SaaS bahu drama.
    Udaan is better than than this…though pathetic it makes some logic and sense

    1. U idiot shut up u F*****g bastard….?????

  28. NABANITA626

    Waiting for today’s episode……??

    1. Jayani

      Me too di…

  29. Nandni (ShwetaBasu Prasad) gets kidnapped; Roopa makes Chandra (Rajat Tokas) fall in love with her in ChandraNandniStart Plus historical show Chandra Nandni has brought triangle love story with entry of Nandni’s twin sister Roopa in Chandra’s life.Roopa is completely negative and also has smoking habit but she enters in Chandra’s life with an evil motive.As per the track, Nandni leaves palace recalling Chandra’s rude behavior but Malayketu traps her in the middle of jungle.Malayketu attempts to molest Nandni but she gets unconscious and Mayaketu run from there leaving her in the jungle.Meanwhile Roopa comes there and takes Nandni from there and enters in palace again becoming Nandni.Roopa gets romantic with Chandra in frontof dadiNandni starts behavingsweetly with Chandra but she also creates misunderstandings in Chandra’s mind meeting with Malayketu.In the upcoming episode, Nandini romances with Chandra in front of Dadi Chandra surprisedand he also hug her back with confusion.Will Chandra fall for Roopa or Nandni returnto expose Roopa? I copied it from a spoiler.

    1. AparnaPrasad

      That is awwwfullll ??

    2. Jayani

      Thank u sooooo much yasmin di

  30. Wlcm…

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