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Chandra Nandni 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra walks to Nandini and says when you knew it was Chalasani letters why didn’t you speak up,Nandini says Chaya is your sister and loved a common man and knew that you would never understand her love because he doesn’t know what love is, I was quite because I didn’t want innocent Satyajit and Chaya to be punished but you being her brother were against her,Chandra says come with me,and takes her time Sabha,Chandra sits on his thrown and says I take behind my words and since Chaya lives Satyajit and so he is forgives and so is Nandini. Nandini says a Chaya shouldn’t back of without full information and acharya please tell me was it justice to me when I was announced guilty,Chanakya says she is right without any proof she was announced guilty,Chandra walks to Nandini and

says I ask for forgiveness and accept whatever punishment she gives is accepted.

Nandini says I request you to get my ill brother back in kingdom and cure him here itself p,Chandra says agreed and now Chaya will marry Satyajit. Chaya later thanks Nandini,Nandini says dint thank me it was your right,Chaya says I wish even you find your love in Chandra, helina walks in,Nandini says Chaya go rest.chaya leaves,helina says wow great job anyways I hope you didn’t forget my words,you still have to stay away from Chandra or else you know what I can do,Chandra walks in and asks what will you do,helina Says we were discussing about arrangements for wedding,Nandini says I should rest,helina says come Chandra lets go,Nandini thinks dhan bhaiya next is your turn and I will free you too.

The wedding arrangements begin. Nandini to Avantika during wedding I will go release dhan bhaiya, mora walks in and says Nandini,thank you for helping Chaya,Chaya is happy because of you and she wants you and Chandra to perform kanyadan,Nandini thinks now how will I release bhaiya,and says ok fine, Mora thanks her and leaves.

Chaya and satyajits wedding rituals begin,mora calls Chandra and Nandini to step ahead for further rituals,helina feels bad,helina thinks why is Nandini here when I’m the first queen now Nandini you will have to face consequences.nandini thinks how do I help dhan bhaiya now,Avantika is informed that Nandini is busy in wedding and she can’t live,Avantika says we have to do something,we have to free dhan. Nandini and Chandra perform the needy rituals,helina seeing Ghai gets very angry,Nandini sees Avantika in mandap and thinks I have to get away from here.

Chaya and Satyajit take pheres,Nandini slowly walks to Avantika and says ma I should leave now,Avantika says this is risky,Nandini says don’t worry I will manage.chandra is informed that dhan has escaped,Nandini thinks she is still here how did dhan escape,helina starts smiling,Chandra says go send soldiers and close the main entrance. Helina drags Nandini to Sabha and pushes her in front of Chandra,Chandra asks what all is this,helina says she is your culprit she helped dhan run away,Chandra says how are you so sure helina,helina says this dasi heard Nandini and her mother plan the escape.

Chandra says Nandini is this the truth,don’t be silent keep your side,Nandini says no I did nothing,helina says she is lying,chandra says helina calm down do you have any proofs,helina this dasi,Chandra says she was with me during rituals I need strong evidence and if no stop all this,and Nandini is not guilty till we have proofs.

Nandini says ma we all were at wedding and the plan is as we planed and so who saved dhan bhaiya.Chandra says I had seen the map acharya and so I did as per the plan,acharya says you were right now Shinde we have let dhan escape he will take us to Amartya and padmanand. Amartya says dhan it’s impossible to reach here and it’s their plan to find us,dhan says no I worked and came here,Amartya says did this to find padmanand,dhan says they torcherd me but I didn’t tell and helina knows about maharaj being alive Nandini told me about this,Amartya says good news is padmanand isn’t here and now their soldiers are behind you we need To find some way out.

Nandini in confusion about what all is this happening, Chandra walks in and says thinking why is let you free,what do you think I know nothing, I know you were behind dhans release,but who escaped him, Nandini says get him back if you can,he knows everything about magad,now he will return stronger and defeat you,your army could do nothing,Chandra starts laughing and says I have always entered magad and know one could find me remember when you took me as maliketu,anyways in 5 days dhan will be in hands and you will see him die and Chandra leaves.

Pre cap : padmanand says in piplivan we will attack Chandra and save my daughter Nandini. Chanakya is informed about padmanands plan,he says good I hope know one recognised you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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