Chandra Nandni 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bheemdev in Chandras body and scares Nandini by calling her Savitri.

Chandra Nandni 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina decides to go tell Chandra about Nandini. Nanidni walks to Mohini and says please wake bheemdev maharaj is on his way,Mohini says he is asleep,nanidni says quickly,Mohini acts as if she is waking him up,nanidni says quickly,Mohini thinks god whose body is bheemdevs soul in or is it bheemdev in Nandinis body and he is just trying to gets me.

Bindusara asks Charumati says wake up and come with, she asks where,he says no questions come. Bindusara says dharma, you took oath that you will do anything to keep me happy and so I would like to spend some time with my wife and so you will make arrangements,and you will do all the work and not any dasi,Charumati says and yes don’t forget his favourite alcohol, Charumati thinks I was without any reason worried about this two getting close,look

Bindusara wants to spend time with me,

Nandini says Mohini please wake him up,Mohini says wake up bheemdev,bheemdev says let me sleep,Mohini says look Savitri is here,bheemdev says what and walks to Nandini,Nandini says maharaj is on this way please leave your life is in danger. Helina says yes Chandra I saw Nandini go so late to bheemdev room and I’m not lying, but why will you trust me,you are blindly in love with Nandini and if you don’t trust me you can go check yourself.

Nanidni says Mohini please take him away and go,bheemdev holds her hand and says why are you scared I will even fight for you,but not lose you,Nandini finds it odd when he holds her hand, Helina says Chandra if you don’t believe me go check bheemdev room,Chandra says ok and Helina I will punish you if your news is false.

Mohini says Savitri if maharaj is here for our husbands life where is he,bheemdev says may be he realised it’s of no use to fight for someone else’s wife and stopped,
Nandini says I will try get help till then please close the door and leaves.

Bindusara and Charumati on bed,dhrama serves them alcohol and about to leave, Bindusara says you cant go,you may be my wife for people but for me you are my dasi,dhrama says I haven’t forgotten anything but you said you wanted to spend time with your wife and for that you need to be in your sense and not get drunk,Bindusara gets angry,Charumati says calm down don’t waste time on her.

Charumati says forget her, look at me , into my eyes you will see just love for me,dharma sees them through mirror and Bindusara looking at her,Charumati feels bad and says dharma get out and pushes her away,dhrama says I have no interest in staying here but my husband wants me to stay here,Bindusara says chaurumati she will stay here,Charumati says it’s our wedding night and I don’t want her here,Bindusara says you are questioning me,Charumati says no no I didn’t mean that ,look she is like those black tounge girls, her parents died when she was born and I don’t have her evilness on our relation,Bindusara asks dharma to leave.

Bindusara falls asleep,Charumati tries wake him up but he doesn’t and says what ever may happen I will give Magad its new king,you will have your son through me.Nandini stops Chandra and says I won’t let you enter his room and kill him,Chandra asks whose room and why,Nandini says bheemdev,Chandra asks why will I kill him,and didn’t I ask you not to go to bheemdev room and if you won’t follow rules how will others,Nandini asks why are you calling me Nandini,Chandra asks what should I then.

Nanidni says call me Savitri because some time before you were in my room and trying to convince me as Savitri and went in anger with sword to kill him,Chandra says look I’m without sword and may be it was a nightmare and you need to rest come I will accompany to your room,nanidni says you don’t have to and leaves.

Charumati walks to dhrama in temple and says I couldn’t sleep last night,Bindusara didn’t let me sleep whole night but look at you,you are his wife too but unfortunate you,you can never be his wife and Magads prince I will give him,dhrama says it’s history Bindusara is durdhara son and Chandragupta loves nanidni,Charumati says what do you mean,dharma says nothing I have no interests in anyone of this,and is your love enough,Charumati says he is my childhood friend and this pooja thali doesn’t look good in your hand,everyone walks in and dadi says someone call Bindusara he will perform arti with dharma.

Charumati says but dadi if you don’t mind I will perform arti with Bindusara and fats too,even Bindusara would want so,Bindusara walks in and says Charumati dharma will do it,hand her the thali.helina nods Charumati yes,she is very upset. Dhrama and Bindusara very upset,pooja takes place and Panditji gives all married women sindoor, Helina says nanidni you must be so Ci fused whose name sindiir you should wear sindoor Chandra or bheemdev,how sad I feel your pain.

Chandra in discussion,malayketu and Bhadra walks in,Bhadra agrees to the decision by mantriji and says yes we should not get in war and go with the side of peace.

Bheemdev enters Chandras body and Chandra says there will be war,malayketu says but we can handle this in peace,Chandra says you will question Chandragupta ,malayketu says no I’m here to tell you parvatak is waiting for Bhadraketu and Chitra so I need to take him away,Chandra says okay,malayketu leaves,bhadra says mamashree I don’t want to leave Magad and you all,Chandra pulls him close and says you can never take my sons place and attacks him,Bhadra says mamahsree this isn’t the thing,Chandra says I can sentence you to death bcoz you married his bride get lost.

Pre cap : dharma says the newly wed couple,has to visit goddess temple and the husband has to lift his wife in his arm,Bindusara says I will never do it,dadi says she is right you have to Bindusara.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) is now all set to face drastic havoc with Mohini and Bheem’s evil interruption.

    Star Plus fiction drama Chandra Nandini is currently showing a sensitive storyline with Mohini practices Praanpratistha black magic…

    Bheem’s evil soul gets into Chandra’s body where after Bheem as Chandra molests Mohini.

    However Chandra is unaware of Bheem and Mohini’s evil trick…he gets trapped in rape case against Mohini.

    Chandra and Nandini part ways

    Chandra helplessly gets trapped in Bheem and Mohini’s evil conspiracy…

    Meanwhile, Nandini ashamed that Chandra could do so ugly with Mohini…

    In the meantime Nandini is not ready to accept this truth and she favors Chandra but unfortunately all the evidence goes against Chandra…

    Will Chandra and Nandini finally part ways…??

    Or Chanakya will find real truth..??

    Till then stay tuned for more upcoming updates and exciting gossips.

  2. Oh no, I hope bindu won’t have to carry dharma.

    1. Roopa, Hahaha, Chandra was struggling but he managed, Nandini also a heavier size n he was also complaining about her weight.

  3. Why can’t that mohini do some black magic to shut that Helena’s mouth for God sake in each and every thing she wants to interfere or pok her nose why can’t Helena shut her disgusting mouth when we’re she opens its only lies lies lies lies lies over acting kei dhukan, she acting that too over acting and pretends to be very pure hearted women but inside evil is residing permanently
    OK now goddess face is open hope like how raven burnt same happens to the psycho and his so called witch
    If Chanakya is missing he might get proofs or might be watching after all the first second person to witness his changed attitude is bhadra so sad he was disappointed by Chandra hope he never misunderstood him
    When all the married women received the sacred Kum kum from the priest Helena is saying under who’s name you are going to apply that sindor, at least nandini will apply what about you do you apply only for name sake this fool is taking she doesn’t know the value of it and coming and advising or confusing her already she is confused on top it this fool, it’s better to stitch her mouth thinking as she is very pure harted person if we dig at her past then it smell worst than dash

  4. I am not able to understand when they do not know What to do in story some rituals or pooja comes and Dadi ma announces. It looks like when Rome is buring someone is playing violin. So many existing twists itself not resolved and top of it more confusion. Don’t feel like watching as it is not taking us anywhere.

  5. Boring episode. Bindu , Charu n Dharma same kind of similiar scene when Chandra,Helena n Nandini going through ther lives but Chandra did not ask Nandini to serve drink but Helena prepared n serve her famous Marcedonia drink.
    So look like Bheemdev spirit has entered Chandra body, not good
    Pity Bhadra, Chandra hold his neck n says u can never take Bindu place. He is shocked but he need to realized that how come Chandra is a changed person.
    I want to see Bindu carries Dharma to the hill temple
    Precap Hope it get a better episode today

    1. Dharma is heavy. Let’s see how he’s going to carry her.Padmini, I just lost interest in commenting because of the storyline that is becoming stupider day by day. I thought when apama was gone everything is going to be OK but it’s becoming worse.

      1. Roops, I agree with yr comment, today I just lost my mood of cometing but I taught of u n others who always comment daily n I don’t want any one missing us. I am fed up with the storyline, I don’t know when I am going to stop my comment. Now even facebook comment use to 100 but now is only around thirty. I wish they better end the serial. So sad I am going to miss Rajat n Nandini.

  6. First Bindusar humiliated Dharma in presence of Charumati than shown affectation during puja. The way Chandra aka Bhimdev humiliated Bhadraketu very sad his intention is dangerous. Nandini should feel dual charecter of Chandra and by her intelligence she must discuss it with Acharya.

  7. So sad, dharma and bindu both getting jealous of each other. Their love started without thr senses. Hope bhadra won’t mistake chandra and he ll think y chandra behaving lik tat. He need to discuss dis with nandni and gets some clue. Then both ll finds out wats hppnd with chandra. S shalini ur right, helena over acting in all circumstances. Have to stitch her mouth. She have no rights to talk abt sindoor, she doesn’t knw d meaning abt tat too. Acting lik she knows everything. Y nandni keeps her mouth shut?. Chanakya maybe watching Evrythng and collects proofs against them.

    1. Arpkishore, Hope Nandini brain work because she like to keep quiet n don’t discuss. Hope Bhadra talks to Nandini about chandra behaviour.

  8. Here my question is how bheemdev knows abt everyone in mahal?. How he got tat knowledge?. How he knows abt bhadrakethu?. Is someone explains abt everyone to bheemdev and mohini?. Here mohini is getting jealous of nandni. I think she ll possess herself on helena to separate bheemdev from nandni. Not to get close from chandra body.

    1. Roops, I agree with yr comment, today I just lost my mood of cometing but I taught of u n others who always comment daily n I don’t want any one missing us. I am fed up with the storyline, I don’t know when I am going to stop my comment. Now even facebook comment use to 100 but now is only around thirty. I wish they better end the serial. So sad I am going to miss Rajat n Nandini.

    2. Kishore…if mohini possess into helena then who will take care of their junk bodies ??…?

  9. What will happen in the next . You will be together bindusara and dharma

  10. You will be together bindusara and dharma

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