Chandra Nandni 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avantika walks to padmanand n mora, mora looks at her in anger, padmanand asks soldiers to jail mora, Avantika asks everyone to leave n asks what were u doing, nand u,padmanand says dare u I’m king n nit nand padmanand n King has many queens is history,Avantika says I loved u the most but u,padmanand says u are maharani,have everything precious n luxury, n now enough, Avantika says I trusted u but,padmanand says u shdnt talk abt trust u cheated ur husband n u could cheat him n anytime can cheat on me too n now I can keep 100 or 10000 queen n u have no right to question n if u speak a word against me I won’t leave u,get that straight.

A lady having Chandragupta,his husband upset abt having him,she says he surely is some Rajkumar, they had tried to search for his mother but thinks

as she hasn’t been able to conceive I take him as my son. Soldiers stop the man n asks did u see a kid,he says no I haven’t,the check the cart, but she hides him beneath n soldiers find no one n so leave,she takes the kid in her hand n says this child has some big motto ahead in his life.

Avantika walks to mora in jail,n throws clothes to her n says u are a slave to me n ur son is dead n soon will ur daughter will be dead,n I’m behind all this,may be u feeling to kill me right,mora hugs her,Avantika says what are u doing,mora says I pity u,u killed ur husband for a man who has no respect for ur love n now u are scared that he may choose me over u,but don’t u worry for me suryagupta was mine n no one can ever take this place, Avantika says I’m queen n nand King n so he will never replace me n leaves.

Bharat ma – nand kept trying to vow mora but she never surrendered to him n waiting for a hope in form her son n fulfill her husbands wish on other hand nand had made a hell of Magads people n even after 8 yrs no one knew nothing abt Chandra.

A kid climbs a mountain cliff , he slips , kids down cheer him n say Chandra don’t give up keep climbing,Chandar climbs the Mountain, he has his mothers locket n feather tattoo on his hand. Chandra aims at honey comb, n covers himself with cloth on fire to avoid honey bees n gets honey comb.
Chandra gives the honey comb to his mother n says see u love it so I got it for u,his father n says no one will touch it,I will sell it,Chandra says baba it’s not for sale but my ma,baba says only if u get me honey everyday, ma says are u insane look at his injuries,baba hits her,Chandra says I will get u everyday, baba leaves n Chandra says why u love him,when he hurts u,I don’t want to love anyone if love is to hurt someone,ma says love is very precious n one day when u will fall in love u will learn,Chandra says love makes one week n no one is born on this earth that Chandra may love.

Avantika in palki and is in labour pain,padmanand walks to mora n says 9 yrs ur husband is dead n holds her close n says accept me n I will never have any problem,mora says u shameless man I insult us every single day but u walk in here shamelessly , what kind of King are u that has no self respect,nand u play with women n now note this time a girl will be born to u n then u will earn that the women u insulted till date where someone’s daughter too n when ur daughter will be in pain u will Know what pain is, nand pushes her n says if Avantika gives birth to girl she will be my daughter with bright future,mora says but I see her future in hardship like one u gave me,soldiers informs Avantika is abt to give birth.

NAND is handed his 1st daughter after 9 sons. NAND remembers mora words that a girl is fathers most precious belonging, nand says she is my daughter Magads rajkanya n hits sealing n gold coins fall, nand discovers hidden treasure n gets very happy n says my daughter is my lucky charm,n places her on gold coins n says she will be called Nandini.

Bharat ma – nand was very secured and fond of her daughter, he loved her a lot.

After 5 years:

A old man to padmanand says on ur daughter birthday why we should pay taxes how cruel man are u, padmanand son hit him no ays how dare u speak to our father in this tone n how dare u not pay tax,padmanand says son don’t u know Praja is everything to his King n so don’t insult him n a King is to fulfill his People’s wish,n as he says he will die rather then pay taxes n so I will do as he wishes n kills the old man, Nandi runs to padmanand n his son hide the old man.

Nandini says pitamaharaj no one plays with me, nand says I will tell em what u want to play,Nandi says ohk n blind folds him n says I will go n hide n then u find me.

Bharat ma- nand got love from his daughter but she had hardships ahead bcoz of him.

Pre cap : Avantika says to nand that ur love for ur daughter will make u go through all the bad effects of ur wrong dos.
Chandra says I will go Pataliputra n earn lot of money n take u ma away from baba n his torture.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi all cas friends alina,sachin,Bella, lord7naruto and all.I hope it is a serial like bahubali mountain climbing etc

    1. Hi samyukta. Yes I can’t understand why these serial makers are so obsessed with baahubali. Even in CAS the bar dance scene was shown ( Remember the 10 years leap) which was from baahubali. Even here also. I really just don’t get it.

      1. KAINA


      2. CAS is a serial on colours called
        Chakravrtin Ashoka Samrat
        CAS for short

    2. Hey u can call me Naru for short

  2. KAINA

    hi guys i think we shld think of a ship name for CHADranandaNI and i suggest CHANDNI
    plz post ur suggestion then v will c which name to keep

    1. KAINA

      chandRA NANDini it can be NANDRA

      1. KAINA

        am i dh first person 2 comment

      2. KAINA

        this moderation is killing me oh gosh cant they just get away with it after 1sec it almost take 5 mins to 10 mins its highly irritating

      3. Samyukta is first to comment.

      4. Kaina wat bout chanda?

      5. Angelk1

        I like that one

      6. Hi kaina nandra is OK ok only

    2. Hi Kaina. Ship name? I don’t like nandra . Chandni sounds good.

      1. KAINA


      2. KAINA


    3. Chandini is good. I vote for it

  3. I like this episode …the director really portrait it nicely…the little Chandra is very cute? but all curse poornandini…somehow I really feel bad 4 her?but she has 2 be suffered ?
    I am excited 2 know when & how Chandra will come 2 know his real identity?
    When I will see my hero Rajat. .I can’t w8 no longer?

  4. Nice. In no jain texts I found this. But I am enjoying the show.

  5. Good episode

  6. Sometimes I get frustrated when some questions get unanswered in history especially Ashok’s. Then at that time I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to past and get every detail correct. And sometimes I think to call the spirits of the great emperors so I can get answers!

    P.S I am joking . But I really get mad

  7. Hi samyukta,nice to see you here.

    1. Hi sus

      1. KAINA


      2. Kiana cas means chakravatin Ashoka samrat

      3. Kiana cas means chakravatin Ashoka samrat no need to feel stupid or sound stupid it’s ok

      4. KAINA

        oh thanks samyukta

      5. Hi kiana

      6. Hi kaina

  8. Devga

    Cruel nand…. Hope nandini later wil knw her father’s true sides …

  9. Angelk1

    About time, I’ve been waiting for this show. Nandini. Look so cute. Cant wait to see this love an hate relation . I wonder if they will show Bindu Mother

  10. I think Chandrawatti Gupta will saves them all

  11. Guys! Do u remember the serial: “Chandragupta Maurya” which was telecasted on imagine tv!!! I am still missing it!!

  12. hey guys do you think, this serial will show Durdhara as negative character in favour of Nadini. cause it often happens in Ekta’s show I don’t want to see Durdhara and Helena as negative wives. I think the actress whio previously played lesandra on CAS will be suitable to play young Helena. don’t know which actress is going to play Durdhara

  13. wow i loved the episode soo much and can i ask u all a question,how many of u watch skr(siya ke ram)

    1. Me

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