Chandra Nandni 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina says Apma ma,Chandra has arrested monkey,Apma says Chandra fooled you again,and now no one can separate them,do you understand anything,Helina says ma have you aged,Apma says are you fool,We have no time,think how will we throw Nandini away,for now we can’t do anything,and when I will age you will learn that Chandra has fooled you,Helina where are you lost,Helina says let me do something.apma says what about differences between mora and Nandini,now listen,Chandra doesn’t want to separate from his mother and sister as he met them after so long years and with this plan of mine he would be caught between Nandini and them,go now.

Chandra shouting in pain,Nandini applying medicine,and says it’s painful here as well and pulls her close,Nandini gets away and says you are surrounded

by enemies everywhere,I mean even in mahal,Chandra says don’t you remember even I had entered your mahal this way,Nandini says I haven’t forgotten but now we have to find this man,who is between us with a mask of goodness ,Chandra says I know he is in our mahal I will catch him,Nandini says quickly then what if it was bindusara and not you,Chandra says see I jumped in and saved you two and if it wasn’t me there,Nandini says bindusara has his mother I would take the over me.
Chandra acts as if in too much pain,Nandini says patience Chandra.

In mahal raksha bandhan is celebrated,Chaya selecting Rakhi for Chandra,Helina walks to her and asks what are you upto,Chaya says I’m choosing Rakhi for Chandra,Helina says may it be any Rakhi he will never stop loving you,Chaya says sure but since past few years we couldn’t celebrate it and this I will for sure I’m very happy,Helina sees malayketu sketch in Chayas room and asks what is this,Chaya puts it in a box and says nothing,Helina says Chaya you can share it with me I know you miss him,he was your husband,Chaya says he is still my husband but I have no love for him after what he did to Nandini,Helina says it was Roopa and malayketu had been trapped in it and I think you should give malayketu a chance,Chaya asks is this possible,Helina says off course with the new rule which is giving Chandra and Nandini a chance will also give you and malayketu a chance and on this occasion of Raksha bandhan if you ask chandra for this he won’t Deny ,Chaya very happy and hugs her.

Nandini sends Rakhi and pandugans favourite sweets to his room,Chandra asks Nandini what are you thinking,Nandini says on this occasion we would decorate mahal to best and I would get gifts from all of my brothers, I wished I would have gone and tied rakhi to pandugan bhaiya,Chandra says why are you waiting you don’t need my permission,this is one of the special moments in your life, like the ones special moments a husband wife have,Nandini asks where did husband wife come from,Chandra says soon it’s our anniversary I hope we will celebrate it,and you know I’m so happy to atlast celebrate with Chaya,Nandini says gift her whatever she asks for,it’s a ritual,Chandra says I now rituals,Nandini says why get upset over me I was just helping and look at you,Chandra says you call me monkey and also think I’m good for nothing,Nandini says what to do you are a monkey,Chandra says when will you stop calling me monkey,Nandini leaves saying never.

Helina says mora ma,this is good opportunity to give Chaya and malayketu a chance,why should we punish Chaya because of Roopa,mora say is don’t want to hear about roopa,Helina says ma Chaya still loves malayketu,dadi asks did Chaya tell you about this Helina says yes dadi Chaya herself shared these feelings with me,dadi says if this is so Chaya should get over it.
Mora says helina this isn’t possible,Helina says if Chandra Nandini get a chance why not Chaya,mora says because malayketu is terrorist ,Helina says it’s was a little misunderstanding and even because of it Madhav was against Chandra but he is back and why is it that just Chaya should suffer.

Nandini performs Arti and ties pandugan rakhi,Nandini says this is for you even these sweet,pandugan says look Chandra I have Rakhi,see tie me more remember you use to tie me so many rakhis in Magad,Chandra says go ahead Nandini,Nandini ties him rakhis,pandugan says this is for all my other brothers and Chanakya walks in with medicine, Nandini asks how long will it take,Chanakya says I’m trying my best and even I want him to recover,nanidni says thank you,Chanakya leaves.

Helina walks to Nandini and bindusara,and says kids make you happy and keep busy as well anyways I’m so sad that your lover is arrested,why did he do this he would have married you soon,but don’t worry you come to me,I will talk to Chandra and get him out,Helina thinks let me trick her more into my questions and get information from her.Nandini asks Helina where are you lost,Helina says actually Nandini do you remember when bindusara was kidnapped I sent few soldiers to investigate,Nandini says yes and we know Amartya guru was behind it and is arrested,Helina says and there’s one more person and don’t share until we have proofs but because you are bindusara mother I’m telling you,Nandini says no I won’t share But tell me who it is,Helina says malayketu.

Chaya ties Chandra rakhi,Chandra says Chaya today I promise you I will give you anything you will ask for, Helina very happy,Chaya says Chandra can you get malayketu back once again,Chandra says Chaya this isn’t possible,I can give anything else but this,Chaya says Chandra try and understand,Malayketu wasn’t at fault,Roopa was behind it I want to give my marriage a chance,mora says I agree with chaya,Nandini walks in and says I don’t.

mora says Chandra says it’s my order go get malayketu back,Chandra says I’m king you can’t order me,Mora says I give you one day time choose between me and Nandini.
Chaya finds Nandini go covered in blanket and follows her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Again same track with same enemies.
    Please show some new story.
    Helena n apama plan to create misunderstanding..
    From starting I m watching same story..
    I love this serial
    N CN are my favorite..
    Can’t see d worst track spoil trp of my favorite serial.

  2. Apama and Helena’ plan are getting success. Nandini may try to find out whether Malayketu was involved for abducting Bindusar through Amartya. Due to the reason she may protest to come Malayketu in palace.

    1. Xactly bhai… she meet amartya to ask abt is malayketu involved in the kidnapping case of bindusar… if amartya tells everything to nandu she get clear view of malayketu… datsy she disagree…

    2. Agreed to yr comment, but Chaya is thinking Nandini is a traitor. Nandini has to inform Chandra that Helena says that Malai is involved in the kidnapping of Bindu. As ususal Nandini is mahan as she promised to Hell that she was not revealed this info. Hoping Nandini will not end up in trouble. How come she can easily see him Amartya in prison or house arrest.

    3. I hope chaya will hear this conversation and reject Malai.

  3. Guys if you remember jodha akbar also did their consummation on their anniversary and chandra saying nandini to celebrate their anniversary is a good sign for all of us ????

    1. but seeing ths ongoing track we canot expect tat…

    2. Bindusar is one year old and considering durdharas 9 month’s pregnancy, so this must be their 2nd wedding anniversary, right?

  4. Another misunderstanding to Cum up? Wow…can the issues be solved already and why everyone keep coming back to the palace self

  5. wat going on ….thy forgot malti case….how thy telling tat malai involved in roopa case,actually he dont know abt roopa till hr death he never involved in it….how chaya can lke ths kind f man,he left hr nd till now he didnt try to contact r see hr….makers just want malai back to palace…….

    1. Same !!!! OMG.,,,these makers are annoying us !!!!! Chandini scenes were awesome. Hell is SO cunning…Chaya wants a man who doesn’t love her….she is crazy….


  7. Who will chandra choose, his mother or nandhini?

    1. Am sure Chandra choose moora after xplaining everything to nandu… may be chandra n nandu joins hand to protect everyone… they first allow malayketu thn vil catch him red handed… dis s my imagination…

    2. first wil not accept but atlast he wil accept…chankya knows abt malai,he wont allow so cn nd chankya can play game nd make nandu to accept…anyhave chanku wil support nandu……if chanku said ,moora wil accept but writers wil show lke tat……

  8. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    In the Malayketu case Chanayka should take any step, he knows that after leaving Mahal malay joined in Nand’s army but one thing is chanayka doesn’t know that Malay already knew who is the real murderer of his father Parvatak. When Nand attacked Chandra in Market and Nandini saved him then also Malay alerted Chanayka. And may be Apama will tell that Malay is the person who gave the address of Nand. So all these things will go in the Malay’s favour.

    1. for these reason chanku wil not accept him,he knows real intention f malai……it doesnt matter fr chanku tat whthr malai knows abt his fathers real murder r not he knows malais intention is to dethrone cn….

  9. Thanks Tanaya for yr updates. Same track again, what lah!!!. This two evil ladies(A&H) is always planning plot against Nandini, nothing else , makers pls create new kind of story.

    Sathya, my thambi romantic eye lock scene which u enjoy . Maybe change like Nandini is laying on his chest, talking old stories n laughing that will be nice romantic scene. Is it their 2nd Wedding Anniversary as Bindu is already one.

    Yesterday’s episode they only concentrate on Helena, Chandra n Nandini not much scene.
    Mother India Moora always a drama Queen, as she like she supports N , after that she will be against her. She has memory loss, what Malai did to Malti n Chandra got the blame.
    Precap:- Poor Chandra now he has choose Mother or Wife. I think he has no choice n choose his great Rajamata. Chaya, is so innoncent, she did not know Malai does not love her.

    1. No dr sis… chaya s not innocent she s dumb… she denies to see d real face of malayketu,n come out from it… moora supports her after knowing everything abt malayketu apama… ridiculous…

    2. Yes, I’m thinking the same, this must be their 2nd anniversary.

  10. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Amartya may tell Nandini the truth about Malayketu that’s why Nandini not wanting Malay return in the Mahal. She should talk about that with chandra privately.

    1. Think so but nandini is going into trouble..

    2. No bhai… its impossible.. before all dis nandu knows malayketu very well hw he behave with her n hw he thnk to get anythng he likes, also he defamed chandra in malti case… bcoz of dis she resist to bring back malay to palace…

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Then why she will go to the amartya?? What is she enquiry from amartya??? I agree with u there is a lot things happened in past Malayketu should not enter in Mahal. But who will listen that???

      2. Actually nandu knows abt amartya from childhood, so she thought he never done dis thr s another one behind kidnapping case of bindu… nw she’ll try to find out who s d person… amartya s d only one know abt dat X i mean malayketu…

  11. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Although I am expecting the 4 th marriage of chandra nandini but marriage anniversary is not a bad option to make chandra nandini fans excited. I am really excited about anniversary. But as they married for 3 times so which marriage’s anniversary will celebrate ??? And one thing is they celebrated vindusaar’s birthday before CN anniversary. But we know vindu birthday is after chandra nandini’s marriage day. May be in 1st year they couldn’t celebrate their anniversary because nandini was out from Mahal.

  12. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    But if now Helena also demand her marriage anniversary then chandra will in big trouble.,??

    1. hahaha……so c&n should celebrate their annivesary privately….

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yess u r right about anniversary privately. I think Chandra and Nandini should leave mahal and should go to another jungle trip or boat trip on their anniversary day.

      2. Or maybe the three of them celebrate together.LOL

    2. u are right Satya, Helena will demand, we all know about her. Look like they will celebrate 2nd year wedding anniversary,. Normally they hv to take the first marriage date, anyway they are married three time,since the King got a lot of wealth, he can celebrate 3 wedding anniversary with different date of their marriage.

  13. How easily H carrying out her plan.Chaya, Moora, C & N very well knows about A & H.
    Instead they are not talking against them.
    The writer of this serial is a scholar of making conspiracies.From where he is getting these things.Iritating . All the evils
    are under one roof . C is going to give a slap ,at the expense of N.As per W pedia
    when C left the mahal , the only survivers
    were Chanakya, Bindusara,and H.So nothing will happened to them and the writer can’t do any manipulations.He can
    do anything with the character of N.This is a tele serial and the makers should not give overdose.This is a wonderful serial
    because of N’s character.But nowadays
    It slips down bcoz of A& H.How many times in different ways by same killers.In
    Magath killers can move freely.When C
    accepted A’s staying at the mahal he warns
    her.But he did’t arrange a spy to watch A ,H activities.What is the security system he
    is having.All these are for the makers to
    give more episodes.But they should know
    The TRP is coming down.

  14. You guys are correct, Chandra will choose his mother…for once….I like to see C choose his wife Nandini………but sadly that`s not going to happen….

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      This dumb lady Moora left no option for Chandra. Every time she is provoked by helena or apama and created problems in Chandra Nandini life. Now chandra is trying so hard to make Nandini and to win Nandini’s trust, but she’ll spoil all. I can understand the Chaya’s situation but as a parent Moora should explain her Malay is a terrorist but she now supporting to back malay in Mahal. If Malay again try to harm Chandra then how Moora will stand in front of chandra ????

      1. Dat s so simple to her… suddenly she’ll cry n act like innocent n didn’t do anything… non sense lady…

  15. Chandra Nandini is my favorite serial which i am not able to sleep without watching. But giving importance to apama, Helina & Malay we are getting irritate like anything. Especially Apama & malay’s re-enter into palace we are not able to digest. The serial is crossed more than 200 episodes even still the same story is repeating again and again. Till we are not watching single episode Aarambh because we are all true Chandra Nandini fans. Please do something different track.

    Already Nandini proved after suffering lot that she is honest for Chandra & Magad then what u r going to prove new things again. I think director is busy with other things.

    All are very talented actors don’t waste their call sheets.

  16. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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