Chandra Nandni 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini sees Sunanda walk hiding and says where is she going this way and follows her, Sunanda goes to the secret room,Nandini reaches there and tries to figure out and says where did ma go I saw her go this way. Helina angry on Chandra calling her Nandini and says I should be with Chandra in bed in his room it was our night,first night as husband and wife but Nandini he said Nandini,he loves her so much that he had her in his mind and not me oh no I lost such good moment I have to do something before Chandra and Nandini go ahead and Chandra has to hate Nandini to this extend that he throws her out of mahal and promise myself that Chandra and Nandini will never be one.

Sunanda goes to her room and sees Nandini waiting for her,Nandini asks why do you look so scared,Sunanda says nothing I

wasn’t expecting you here,Nandini asks where were you and this way tell me what are you hiding,Sunanda says Nandini I have a secrete informer who tells about nand, Nandini asks how is pitahamaharaj,Sunanda says I couldn’t meet him due to soldiers,your mother doesn’t care but I can’t live without nand and starts crying,Nandini says don’t loose hope we will find pitahamaharaj and soon will be together and hugs her,Sunanda thinks god if she would know the truth it wouldn’t be good.

Durdhara says Nandini didn’t you sleep last night your eyes look swollen,helina says I don’t know about her but Chandra didn’t let me sleep. Chanakya in Sabha says maharaj we need to increase the security , nand is trying attempts to attack you,Chandra is informed neighbouring King and Queen are here,Chandra says get them in with proper respect,Chanakya says Chandra they are here to inform you about the drought situation and discuss it,and are very good people,Chandra says how about a ceremony,Chanakya says sure.

Chandra introduces everyone says this is my mother mora, this is queen durdhara and helina and my sister Chaya and her husband maliketu,and doesn’t introduce Nandini,Nandini thinks does he hate me to this extend that he didn’t even introduce me,mora sees Nandini upset and says Rajan one minute she is Nandii Chandras third wife and she is like daughter to me. Rajan says the reason I’m here,Chandra says I know the reason and we will help you by diverting some water to your village and also share our cultivation until you need.rajan says thank you,Chandra says helina take care of them they are important guests to us.

Chandra says Chaya please rest,Chaya says you and maliektu don’t let me even walk,you know when I was married to him I was so angry on you for this decision but now I want to thank you,Chandra says I’m so happy to hear that,Chaya has pain in her stomach,Nandini says shall I help you,Chaya thinks I shouldn’t tell anyone here and says maliketu I will go and rest,maliektu says I told you it to come here but you never rest now come let’s go,Nandini looking at Chaya in concern,Chandra mistakens her as seeing maliektu and thinks god she is starring at maliketu in front of everyone she also can’t see my sisters happiness.

Maliketu takes Chaya along with him,durdhara says Nandini I’m so happy I love these celebrations,Nandini thinks of checking on Chaya and walks and by mistakes eases maliektu,maliektu says oh wow finding me,Nandini say show shameless how Chaya will feel after knowing you are flirting with me and dare you do this again I will tell Chandra, maliektu says go tell can’t you se she hates you, he didn’t even introduce you to the guests, he hates you,Chandra sees them and misunderstands them,Nandini looks at Chandra, Chandra looks at her in anger,mora asks Nandini why you look so upset,Nandini says I have headache,I will go and rest.
Helina calls Chandra and says did you see, how long will this continue,what will happen when Chaya will learn about this.

Nandini wakes up grabs a hidden cigar and lights it and starts smoking,Mora sees her and about to go to Nandini, dasi informs her,Chandra is waiting for her in sabha,mora says okay and says that was Nandini and when did she start smoking.durdhara looks herself in mirror and uses pillow and says so this is how will I look when I will have baby bump,Chandra. Ines and says wow already prepared,durdhara starts blushing,Chandra says oh let me see and says I just hope our baby is as courageous as me and not as fearful as you,durdhara says I’m not.

Chandra says durdhara aren’t you scared of helina,durdhara says I’m not scared of that black cat,helina says who is black cat,durdhara runs away saying I need to give cats milk,helina says Chandra I hope you are fine I know you must be disturbed,Chandra says yes,helina kills a mosquito on Chandra and says I can’t even share you with a mosquito, I love you a lot,Chandra says you are my wife.nandini passing by hears this and feels bad.

Pre cap: Nandini says yes Chandra you are right I love maliketu.chandra says good you accepted and tonight with the guests I hope even you leave.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ohh God …so jealous… Love is in the air

  2. Duplicate Nandini is still not exposed, but reading precaps it seems tomorrow Chandra will also face Roopa.

  3. My god nandini crying….. . Crying … crying?? Its vry boring to watch … Plz make something interesting to watch.. Helena nd malay hate u both. Give some gud nd happy moments bw chandra nd nandini .

  4. Is it roopa or sunandha is doing black magic on nandhini

  5. Jayani

    In d first epi, dey show lyk suryagupt will b sleeping nd den a mosquito cum nd sits on him… Den moora shoos it away nd she says dat she can’t even allow a mosquito in between deir luv… Is it d same kind of luv between helu nd?? Nd dd nd ? was cute!? I wish get such scenes lyk dat (or even a small scene shud do?) nd sum funny scenes between nandini nd ? too! Waiting for roopa’s entry nd other gud scenes…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      I guess dd wud b d first 1 2 recognize ? nd nandini’s luv just she was d only person 2 recognize ?’s tears for nandini wen she was put in jail (after d war)… Nd I hope she does… Eagerly waiting for 2day’s epi…

      Jai Siya Ram

  6. What is this they are taking much time to introduce roopa. This roopa is full of bad habit and bad manners. I love nandini because of truth and she loves who ever care for her. Now Chandra has crossed his limit . If Chandra really loves nandini then he should let her to be happy then it is called real love . I want Chandra to love nandini and show some affection and love please do let nandini to suffer for bad deeds of roops.

  7. Abhi,,nandini ko malay ka sath dena chahiy,..or chandra ko khatam kar de na chahiy,,or padmanand ko firse raja karna chahihe,,.,.chanakya ko bhi nikalna chahiy mahal se,,.rooa pls kill chandra soon,,,,.

  8. Third class serial,,,

    1. chup kar

  9. Pathetic….

  10. Guys I am new here . I miss some episodes . so plz tell me who is roopa . what’s the mean of duplicate nandini. ??? I can’t understand .plz clear my confusion.

    1. Please watch kahani ab tak , kat at hota tar.

  11. When is helina going to be exposed

  12. Shweta ki jagah koi or acteress le lo yar….shweta is very cute…I really cant see her in trouble…jab koi usko bura bolta hai to..mere bhi aankho me aansu aate hai….so sad…serial .,

  13. I feel bad for nandini.

  14. This serial is NOT WORTH watching.

    Request the Producer/Director to change the serial name and run it a local typical serial and not as a story of Chandragupta Maurya.

    You are fooling around with the viewers and wish that the TRP rating goes down and you remove this serial from show.

    1. Completely agree with you. This is not worth watching. I stopped watching these days. Lost interest!. It is pathetic to see great king Chandra Gupta Maurya shown as dumb.

  15. nandhini is so pity.

  16. Nandini i love u, plz grow up & fight to helena & malay. Don’t cry.

  17. The serial is very good, all characters are doing well I like attire, Hindi pronunciation, lavish sets… thanks to the entire team to produce such great serial.. though less account is available about Maurya dynasty in Indian History expect serial will entertain for good no of episodes.

  18. bakwas stupid cartoon se bhi bekar hai ye serial..

  19. are jo achha he usko bura khato ho aur bakwas ko bahut achha ha ha…esse to man badh rha he aise serial dikhane wale ka are etna to sab jante he ki chandra gupta mazak karne wale nhi the aur 2 wife he thi unki

  20. Ya correct candragupta has only 2 wife durdhara and helena

  21. I think nandini should realis who she realy is. She is padmanands daughter raj nandini nd nw maharani nandini..i dnt undrstnd why she behaves herslf as sm dani of chandra and helena nd i suggest nandini to leave mahal as chandra said so then chandra wl find out abt roopa and undrsntnd nandini ws innocent

  22. I jst pray ki vo din aye jab nandini falls I’ll and chandra takes care f hr

  23. Pathatic bakwas saas bahu drama in the name of history

    1. radha krushna nayak


  24. Jayani

    Y hasn’t 2day’s written update not posted??? Pls tanaya di, post asap???… Waiting for 2day’s epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  25. where is todays update? fast tanaya diiiiiii

  26. Waiting fr todays update ?? Pl post

  27. Feeling so sorry for Nandini ?????????

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