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Chandra Nandni 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina goes to Chandras room and asks everyone to walk away,Chandra says please I need some time alone,helina says why do you favour Nandini and also spend nights with her how can you do this, and gets very angry,Chandra says I don’t find it necessary to answer you,helina says don’t forget I made you king,I am the owner of this crown,you were just a slave,Chandra walks to helina and says every word you said never repeat them you had come to me asking for revenge against maliketu and I helped you eat sue our aim was one,and now I’m letting you stand after all this talks because you are my wife and again you utter I won’t leave you.

Nandini tells Avantika that padmanand is alive,Gautami says you met your brother how is he now,he must be in pain right,I wish I could

save him,Nandini hugs Gautami and starts crying and says please don’t loose hope sour good days will return and pain will end I promise,I will release dhan bhaiya from jail and then return to pitahamaharaj and then all will be fine,a slave informs helina about nandinis plans, helina says good you informed me and don’t tell maharj about it, here’s your reward go now,dasi says how can we help Nandini but,helina says don’t worry Nandini will face all consequences and we will just watch the fun now when Chandra will know that Nandini tried to go against him,he will never favour him.

Chaya meets Nandini and asks for help,Chaya says just give this letter to Satyajit, I’m marrying someone else,Chandra has arranged my wedding with someone else and I can’t back of so please help me,Nandini says you have to take step you dint love this man it’s suicide,Chaya says I can’t back of just give Satyajit this letter and leaves, Nandini remembers her fathers words when he asked her to marry maliketu for magads good and sees Chandra walk in and hides the letter, Chandra asks why are you hiding books,I allowed you to read them,Nandini thinks please don’t read,Chandra sees her face and smiles and closes the box and says its your I won’t touch it even if it’s against me,Nandini says can I ask you something,Chandra says yes,Nandini says why did you allow me books,Chandra says my acharya taught me everyone has education rights ,Nandini says and love,Chandra smiles and says I never fell in love so don’t know what it’ is,Nandini leaves on call of Avantika,Chandra says she is so intelligent why talk about love and smiles.

Nandini discusses plan of escape with Avantika and her bhabhi,Chandra walks in and she hides it,Chandra notices the awkwardness and asks what is this,Avantika says it’s a gift from us to Chaya,Chandra says ok anyways ma wants you to join in every wedding function,Avantika says why not sure, Chandra leaves,Nandini thinks I have to go give letter to Satyajit and leaves,Chandra sees Nandini run to box take letter and leave,he follows her. Nandini meets Satyajit and says Chaya can’t come she asked me to give you this letter,he says I got to know about the wedding and we both can’t do anything but can I please meet her once just for the sake of old love,Nandini says sorry she can’t please try understand Chaya and maharaj won’t like this,Chandra says this man looks like her loved one but why didn’t she tell me about it.

Chandra walks to them in anger,Satyajit runsaway,Chandra reads the letter from nandinis hand,and gets very angry and asks what all is this and why didn’t you tell me before wedding,Chandra thinks it’s nandinis letter,Nandini says see Chandra,Chandra says you were going to marry maliketu but you cheated him too, you are magads queen and you accepted the proposal I didn’t force you then what all is this,Chandra asks soldiers to get Satyajit and takes Nandini to rajyasabha.

Chandra on his thrown,with everyone around, acharya asks what’s wrong why Sabha now,Chandra in anger says Nandini tell me about these letters.nandini for sake of Chaya keeps quite,Chandra says you are married but still kept in contact with other men and tell me this why you wanted rights I gave you tell me hat is all this,does this suite to a queen,helina stands aside and enjoys it,Chaya thinks these are my letters why is Nandini being questioned.

Avantika says no I trust Nandini there’s some mistake,Nandini speak up don’t be quite,Chandra says her silence speaks everything now she will be pusnihed acharya please suggest,Chanakya says no Chandra this is personal and political and so your decision is only yours,Satyajit is brought in the Sabha,Chandra says now Nandini will have yo give away her royal living and rights for life long and this man is sentenced to death,Nandini says I accept it,and leaves.chaya steps forward and says Nandini is innocent, Satyajit was there to meet me we love each other since childhood,Chandra thinks why didn’t Nandini defend her self.

Pre cap: Nandini tells Avantika now when Satyajit and Chaya will get married I will go to save dhan bhaiya, mora walks in and all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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