Chandra Nandni 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suryagupta tells mora that nand and Avantika have affair n I have to inform shishupala abt it u don’t open the door till I come,surygupta goes to him n sees nand has already killed him, nand laughs at him n says now I will kill u n marry mora too,surygupta realises mora is in danger this way n abt to go to save him band injures him but he manages to reach mora n tells her abt it, mora n suryagupta while leaving soldiers injure suryagupta,he still manages to save mora n take her away.

Suryagupta n mora reach forest n soldiers following them along with nand, surygupta says I can’t go ahead anymore this is my end but u have to save our son Chandra n he has to take revenge of his father n uncle, n he will take care of my Bharat, I’m with u in from of Chandra now n helps mora

hide beneath leaves n says don’t come out stay here.

Surygupta encircled by nand n his soldiers,nand says where’s ur beautiful wife I will kill u n she will be mine,suryagupta n soldiers get into fight,mora watching all this,hand beheads surygupta n his head falls near mora n she remembers good time spent with him.

Mora runs to save her n her sons life,she reaches a river bank but is in great pain, she starts getting labour pains n shouts in pain,she prays to Lord to save her child, group of peacocks come near mora n surround her, the moon shines bright,the peacocks cover mora with their feathers n son and n his soldiers don’t see her.

Bharat ma= mora gave birth to my bravest son,Chandragupta who was to be the reason behind my glory.

Mora runs with her child,soldiers n nand still looking for mora, mora hides in a stable,she remembers surygupta saying now Chandragupta will save Bharat ma n her glory,mora says Chandra now u have to save Bharat ma n u have to bear this pain n also take revenge of ur fathers death n imprints a feather n Chandra, soldiers find mora,they ask her where is ur son, mora has hidden her in a basket in the stable.

Mora says I will not tell,soldiers start looking for the kid in stable. Avantika address praja n says surygupta killed shishupala n says now the one who will bring me surygupta head I will become his slave,can anyone be so brave n take their maharajas revenge tell me, nand on horse comes to her n says I’m the brave n here is the head, maharaj will rest in peace now n no one will eye on magad anymore n walks to maharani n says u are the queen n so u won’t be slave maharani,I will be slave of magad n the kingdom,but slave n kingdom,n so me nand will serve magad till my last breath n for magads security I announce myself as King of magad.

Praja gets upset n says this is not possible but soldiers threaten them,n says we agree u as our King, nand puts the crown n his head n now I will be called padmanand,n King is the most important person n Bharat will be known by kph is King now, n I assure u our magad will be in my secure hands n away from the dirt outside magad.

Bharat ma – my glory was in dusts after and became King.

Padmanand bathing in water with dasi,soldiers inform him mora is been caught,padmanand asks to get her to him n seeing mora all covered in dirt no ays oh she gave birth where’s her child,soldiers say she hide her,padmanand says I don’t care abt the child but only mora n touches her n says my queen,mora slaps him,padmanand smiles n holds her hand n says wow ur touch softest I ever felt n slap me more plz,mora says dare u touch me I dont even wish to see u,padmanand pour milk on her n says but I wish to see urs,n says be my queens n whole world be in ur feet,mora says I embrace death instead of that,padmanand says embrace me instead.

Avantika sees this n asks what all is going here. Soldiers don’t find Chandra,Chandra is in safe hands.

Pre cap : Mora says to padmanand, I wish Avantika gives birth to a girl n then u shall learn a women pain.
Padmanand is informed that Avantika gave birth to girl and he names her Nandini n is very happy to have her in his life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wow amazing episode.loved it yay chadragupt maurya is born.i am very happy and nandani will be born in tomorrow s the true story will begin

  2. What an unbelievable story!?how can a barbar kill a King!! Was all the king’s soldiers sleeping at that time????how can a barbar easily turn into a king????i think the writer has zero dgree IQ?
    But who is the person who takes care Chandra???

    1. Dear umama alam, I totally agree with you.

    2. Devga

      Yea its evn unbelievable to me…. Its evn shocking for me too…..

      But dont blame the story writer…. This is one of the mythological stories of INDIA…. And it HAS many branched stories…. It has no single story… So just luk on for the future story…

    3. I am also agree with you…How can this happen..

  3. This is EPIC!!!!
    Chandragupta was a Normal kid

  4. Totally rubbish… Soldiers are following a barber’s order!!! Nonsense. CAS was much better than this.

    1. I a’m agree with you.

    2. Yup, I am missing CAS badly…

  5. Waiting for precap eagerly and hii to all cas friends how r u

    1. Sachin41

      Hello samyukta.. nice to see you.. hello all CAS friends

      1. Hi sachin and alina

    2. Hii..dear..nice to see u again..n u know wht tis serial is not like cas..i m not interested to watch its made by ekta kapoor..?…

      1. Ye I’m also excited to watch this show because I didn’t watch jodha Akbar serial so I can’t make comparison bit I just want to wait and see the destruction of history

  6. Chandragupta was not of royal blood they are showing anything..

    1. U are wrong……actually there is uncertainty about life history of Chandragupta parents. That’s why even in Chandragupta Maurya serial he was told to be the son of a king of rajgriha who was killed by maha padmanand.

  7. Hi samyukta , doing fine. But I am extremely horrified at Mahapadmanand’s portrayal of him touching and harassing Mora. Nothing like this happened. Padmanand had nine sons ,no daughter. Dhana nanda was disliked very much by the people. They should also also Kalinga here

    1. KAINA


      1. Hi Bella

    2. Hii Bella….!!! ???

  8. Hello sachin!! Hello richie33!!! Hi rekha!!

    1. Sachin41

      Hello Bella.. nice to see you here

  9. KAINA

    guyzzzzzz lets be practical first of all maurya era is not well chronicle there are lots of loophole in the history archeologist have found so guys to fill that loophole writer are using what we call as ‘creative liberties’ and yes i hope that none of us is going to prepare for our history paper using this serial so lets not bash anything just becoz we dont agree with it and plus what i can guarantee is that this show is gonna rock becoz first of all it has RAJAT TOKAS as lead and believe me i have seen him in both bharat ka veer putra prithviraj chouhan and in jodha akbar and believe me he was just fabulous as both as akbar for once i thought that akbar must luk same in his real life like this and secondly guys its ekta show show 100% drama is going to be there and yes we ol can bash ekta as much as we want but guys lets admit that her show are really dramatic and in true sense serials becoz u take any show be it kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, kumkum bhagya , yeh hai mohabbatein or nagin she know the recipe of successful show and yes i know most of the time there are illogical twist but guys our life are to full of everything so “logical” that its good to be illogical sometime but guys what i worry for is WHETHER SHWETA BASU AND RAJAT TOKAS ARE GOING TO HAVE SAME CHEMISTRY i mean frankly shweta doesn’t luk convincing enough as nandini like paridhi luk as jodha so i am little worried about chemistry between pair but rest is assured

    1. Agree with u..ekta kapoor is destroying history.n abt nandini..yeah also agree tht she’s not beautiful like jodha but still she looks fine..i think ekta should have take rukaiya(Lavina) as nandini..she is perfect in villains role..n also hot n suitable to rajat..

    2. I also miss rajat & mugdha..they also look fabulous…moreover,rajat always pairs with those who r elder than he….in fact Paridhi & Mugdha both are elder than he..but he managed with I think he also able 2 make chemistry with sweata

  10. All haters listen up Chandragupta was royalty and nand did kill the king like that so deal with it……

  11. excited

  12. rekha vaghela

    Hi Bella.
    Actually I agree with u Karina and ultron. But the thing is they r just a version of history given by historian’s. It can b true or totally wrong. Their is much tempered history shown here and no one can deny it. Regarding the names. There r many names of chanakya that circulate in the books, one cannot say for sure that all those name belong to the same person or not? Like wise is for Chandragupta father. His mother name is used correct. But even his wife name is also like that. Compared to ashok Chandragupta’s history is very unknown to everyone as their is no perfect record for it

  13. Wow, Superb, Waiting for today’s episode…I font know whether it is true or not…But I am going to enjoy it…I m missing CAS very badly…??????????

  14. some things are confusing. How can Nadini be the daughter of Mahapadma Nand. Mahapadma Nand was father of Dhana Nand, whom Chandragupta defeated. Also Padmanand wasn’t a barber. he in herited throne from his father. Nandas were hated by their praja and neighboring states including Kaling

  15. Tridha

    Hello everyone! How r u all? I m a lover of historical stories. Chandra nandini is a good show. Nandini has born I m very excited. I have seen rajat in jodha akbar. He is good.
    @ devga and @ samyukta di why u have left ishqbaaz? Ishqies miss u..

    1. Devga

      Tridha dear lovely tht atleast u remembered me…. Thanks…. I wil surely come thr ….. For u

  16. Mahapadma Nanda, who has been described in the Puranas as “the destroyer of all the Kshatriyas”, defeated many other kingdoms, including the Panchalas, Kasis, Haihayas, Kalingas,[3] Asmakas, Kurus, Maithilas, Surasenas and the Vitihotras; to name a few.[4][5] He expanded his territory south of the Vindhya Range into the Deccan Plateau. The Nandas, who usurped the throne of the Shishunaga dynasty c. 345 BCE,[6] were thought to be of low origin.[7] He was the son of Mahanandin, a Kshatriya king of the Shishunaga dynasty and a Shudra mother.[8]

  17. So according to this show padmanand’s daughter nandini and his grand daughter durdhara who was daughter of dhananand
    Both married Chandragupta

  18. Hello everyone..

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