Chandra Nandni 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini gets out of bath and Chandra walks in,both look at each other,Nandini says Chandra please turn around,Chandra walks to Nandini,and says I’m king I have learnt to walk ahead and not turn back,Chandra covers her with his robe,Nandini asks what are you doing here,Chandra says this is my room too but I didn’t know I would see you here but I feel so ashamed I’m without my robe,see give me my robe I dont feel good standing like this,Nandini says okay take it,Chandra stops her and says you need it most and walks inside the bath,Nandini leaves.

Malayketu asks apma why Did she call him,Apma says it’s time to get you in mahal but some time more,malayketu says no more waiting do it right now and I heard Chandra has jailed Amartya,Apma says Chandra is smart and mighty king,we

need to play safely,our game has began and now Magad will call you,you will be called in mahal mark my words and Apma leaves.

Chandra and Nandini asleep,a man with bow and arrow hiding from guards in corridor,Nandini opens her eyes and looks at Chandra,Chandra opens his eyes and Nandini acts as she is sleeping,Chandra smiles. Chandra remembers Nandini helping Magad people and thinks Acharya was right Nandini is not just good wife but will be a great queen too,Nandini thinks Malti was right chandra isn’t selfish but thinks about everyone,he is a good person and Great king.

The man reaches Chandra nandinis room and finds it is guarded he manages to reach the corridor that makes Chandra and Nandini visible,he remembers Nands son being killed and attacks Chandra with an arrow,Chandra wakes up and asks Nandini to leave quickly with bindusara and hide,Chandra calls in guards Madhav runs to Chandra and gets the arrow out of his shoulder,Nandini looking at him,Chandra says what kind of security is this, a man entered my room and attacked me,all in Sabha quick.

Clovie gets the man to Apma and Helina ,Helina says clovie this isn’t the man,Apma says so he is the lover,the man says no I’m not,Apma says look Nandini loves him,Helina says no he isn’t the lover and why aren’t guarding go continue with your work,Apma says clovie good work,dasi informs about the attack and arrive in Sabha quickly.

In Sabha,Chanakya examines the arrow,and says its from Magads armoury ,and asks to present his guardian( he is the same man clovie had mistaken as monkey man),the guard tries to defend but Chandra asks to jail him quickly.madhav and other guards looking for the man,a guard dashes him,the man is non other than pandugan,pandugan attacks him and and keeps arrow and bow in his hand and takes his sword and leaves.Chandra says double bindusaras security and if I find any more defects I will sentence the respective guardian to death and now close all exists.

Apma in her room,Chanakya walks to her room,he looks at the arrows in her room,Apma says if you are thinking it’s me,Chanakya says if it was you this arrow wouldn’t be here,Apma says I knew I would always be the first person to be blamed after what I have done,dasi informs Chanakya,maharaj has found a man and is waiting for you in Sabha.

Chandra asks to present the guard,Chandra walks to him,he is the monkey man,Chandra says so this is the man who attacked me,Nandini and Helina surprised,helina says if Chandra sentences him to death what will I do,clovie says maharaj hates him and is jealous,so he is blaming him,Helina says he isn’t caught because he loves Nandini but because he attacked Chandra,I’m worried who will I marry nandini to you,you,clovie says no I have no interest in her,Chandra says I shall announce his punishment later and looks at Nandini and leaves,Nandini notices something is going in Chandras mind,

Chandra and Chanakya walk to the monkey man,Chandra releases his handcuffs,and says thank you,for bearing all this pain,guard says maharaj it’s my pleasure im helping you and my mother land,I’m ready to go through death for you,Chandra says we need to take you away as soon as possible.

A guard finds the other man dead and with bow and arrow and stabbed with a bow,Chandra and Chanakya take him to secrete and says go leave Magad and you aren’t here is a secret and I know you are confused, I’m doing this for Nandini because all take you as her lover and take this,all arrangements for you are done,he says maharaj you are so kind,Chandra says when right time comes I will get you back in mahal.

Chanakya says its time to find the real culprit,Chandra says with this news the real culprit must be relaxed now which makes us easy to find him,Chandra is informed about dead soldier,a guard says it looks like he has committed suicide,Chandra says no he didn’t,someone is using my soldiers against me,Chanakya says dont worry I shall find the real culprit,by tomorrow morning I need this dead soldiers full details,

Pre cap : mora says rajmata gives you a days time,to choose between me your mother or Nandini your wife.
Chaya sees Nandini walking covered in blanket and thinks is she upto new plots,and follows her and finds Nandini is meeting Amartya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. God!!! Pandugrat s so cruel… i really dont understand why guards always being lethargic in mahal… criminals roaming freely in mahal… so foolish… n also pandugrat divert d guards easily… precap also strange!!! Why nandu going to meet amartya???? Mystery!!!

    1. Jai, you beat Arun today and earned the top spot in commenting.

  2. Pandugrath not only attacked Chandra but also escaped safely. What Chanakya noticed on the death of soldier is not told. Chaya again in confusion looking Nandini, will Amartya helpful for Nandini ?

  3. Why Nandini should meet him?Again she is going in danger,because if chaya says to everyone she would be out of this mahal again I think so or maybe Nandini had informed Chandra and went and they playing a game with others except acchariyar…….think so…..we’ll see….

    1. same ….

  4. I think Nandini is going to meet Amartya to request him to stop his revenge mode against Chandra. Amartya is her guru and she knows him welll….but this ignorant Chaya will doubt her. In the end, C will trust N…..I’m sure of it….

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I think nandini go to meet amartya to ask about whether he want to kill vindusaar ??? Bcoz as Brahmin it is not allowed.

      1. Yes Satya, I think so too…..I forgot about Bindusar……..

    2. But this meeting will cast doubts on chaya and others.

    3. anyhave whthr it s vry imp to do now there r so many prblm going on nd now nly she came out f many allegations made against her…she knows abt amatyas loyalty….she s creatg prblm hrself

  5. Superb chandini moments today what a chemistry btw them. Sûre nandu wants to meet him for know his intention but this chaya is so stupid she mis understand nandu


  7. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    The episode started with bang and ended with bang!!!! The sizzling chemistry of chandra nandini can beat many Bollywood jodis. Chandra even not touched nandini the eyes of nandini told the story what was going on her heart when chandra came near to her????. One of the best romantic and sensual scene of chandra nandini !!! They both looking extremely hoottttt!!!,??

  8. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    As precap I think chaya not knew that nandini in the blanket may be chaya thought that it’s Apama so she followed her.So she said in mind what is new plan she is making.

    1. maybe but if she see nandu wit amatya thn again nandu wil be in prblm….
      amatya is in arrest (lfe imprisonmt)how nandu can meet him easily if she s chief queen k,maybe it s game f cn

  9. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    One thing I not understand how Apama has contact with Malayketu?? When she got Info about Nand then also how apama met malay ???

    1. Satya, I am also wants to know how she can contact Malayketu, or she got a Greek guy to give info

    2. ya if she didnt know abt the hidg place f nanda thn how she know abt malai alone….

  10. Love the Haman scene, so romantic but look like Nandini is melting but she disappointed us,
    Chandra look so gorgeous in his white dhoti, how come she resist ……hmmmm, even i am melting.
    I just hate this Apama conversation with this Malai, every thing works for her, she is the most smartest lady in Mahal.
    Chloe n the gang makes us laugh with their comedy scene. Helena is so disappointed with Nandini lover, she is tried her best to reveal her lover , but he was caught n imprisoned, so all her plans failed.
    Nandini is shocked but suspect Chandra is involved, this time Chankaya n Chandra involved about the guard issue. Pandu is so smart, the medience must be working very fast, very cleverly he planned n kill the guard. Maybe Chanakya is supisicous,look like there is an envidence left behind.
    Precap: Why this Nandini, wants to meet Amartya, she is always caught by somebody,hope she has informed Chandra. Chaya is suspicious of Nandini which is not good.
    Chaya n Moora again showing them as brainless

    1. Padmini, even I thought the same….how could Nandini resist Chandra….he is SO handsome and loving….They make such a beautiful pair….Poor Hell, her plans to get N married to the monkey man failed miserably. Chandra is very clever, he used this opportunity to send him away from Magath….Not to worry, Hell will think of yet another plan to get rid of Nandini….lol

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Actually Nandini not resisting chandra , chandra himself resist . Every time we saw whenever chandra came closer to Nandini what was her expressions.

    2. Rajats disadvantage is his height or else he would have been a top star of Bollywood.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Didi I agree with u that the height is problem of Rajat. But in the serial Chandra Nandini that working for Rajat and Shweta prasad also. Because Shweta also short height as Rajat. So in the chandra nandini serial their height complementary to each other and they looked so beautiful together!!!!!

      2. I do not watch Bollywood movies but most of the popular heroes like Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Saif etc are short either. Most of the South Indian heroes are taller than North Indians. I do not think Mr Tokas’s height is a problem for him. It is just the leading Bollywood heroines are tall. I wish Mr Tokas acts in South Indian movies 🙂

      3. Vani, agree with you… Me to want Rajat to shine in movies. If Kollywood mean double damakaa…

    3. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      One thing I looked that after removing beard Chandra is looking more handsome and hot. Even he now behaving smartly.

      1. ya he s soo smart…bec he got his love back so its brain started workg….

  11. Nice episode.

    Wonder how could Nandini’s make up never wash off even after shower. Hehehe… Some logicality missing. They should show natural Nandini without make up.

    Nandini may be meet Amartya to find out Malaykethu’s real intention to avoid Malaykethu enter in Chhaya’s life.

  12. Today’s episode is a combination of comedy and seriousness.The way chandra and chanakya got rid of the monkey man was so cute and the way chandra looks at nandhini at the sabha was priceless.

    1. rt sis eve in tat serious situation he thought abt nandu sooo cute

  13. I think Nandini is meeting Amartya to find out who is behind Bindusaar’s kidnap. May be He will tell about Malaysia being involved and Chat will get to know the true intentions of Malay. So Apama plan will flop.
    However for once I want Chandra to support Nandini.

    1. Malaysia?My tab used to auto spell certain words and it’s irritating.I think that’s what happened to you.

  14. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I think chaya thinking that the lady is in blanket is Apama, so she following her, but when she Will see nandini what will be her role is very important. But whatever I am very relaxed now because now nandini is not alone, chandra is with her. Even chanayka also supporting nandini. Sooo stupid Moora cannot harm nandini.

    1. Ryt bro… chandra n chanakya both supports nandu… so i hope no one can harm nandu anymore…

  15. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    After sooo many days the ” la la la ” tune again starting play in background. This tune made their romantic scene more special.

    1. Satya, i do like the background music, i wonder how long we hv to wait for their serious romantic not eye lock scene .

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Didi please tell what type of serious romantic scene u wanted to see from chandra nandini???lol,???.

        I think I am want more hug. Whenever chandra hug nandini it took me in heaven of happiness.and as I said many times their eye lock scenes just a wonderful gift to me !!!!!,,??

  16. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I am really happy to see Chanayka in a new avatar. Now he treating like a real guru. He stopped chandra to kill amartya , tried to convert amartya’s mind and wanting his suggestions for magadh and after all trying to unite chandra nandini.Good job chanku and continue it.

  17. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Any one watch the new promo of chandra nandini ??? How is it??? I liked it.

  18. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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