Chandra Nandni 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: bheemdev and Mohinis pranprathishta experiment goes successful.

Chandra Nandni 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara says dharma wake up sleep somewhere else,dharma doesn’t wake up so he walks to her and tries to wake her up and checks her forehead and handsand rests her on bed and puts blanket over her,and warms her up,Bindusara sleeps on couch,and says thank god now I can sleep since she is asleep. The soul of bheemdev travels into a dasi body,she wakes up and starts smiling,and looks at herself in mirror,and says wow bheemdev well done,your knowledge is very good,now you can travel into anyone’s body and that person will know nothing,what happened and walks in corridor, Chandra stops that dasi and says go inform guards to increase Nandinis security and all information should be first given to me,dasi thinks bheemdev you are just saved,but how would he know because only you know about


The dais walks into Mohini room,she asks what are you doing here who called you,dasi says I thought you called me Mohini,Mohini says how dare you call me by my name,she says then should I call you manmohini,Mohini says only bheemdev calls me by this name and this means it’s you and our plan is successful,she says yes and I even met Chandragupta on my way and he didn’t find anything suspicious and look Mohini my body looks like a dead body and so when I’m into someone else’s body, my body should be hidden,bheemdev gets into his body back and dasi faints,bheemdev says she was sleeping when I travelled into her body and so she is sleeping now and we need to send her back,Mohini says don’t worry I will take care of it and now our mission is Chandragupta,bheemdev says yes we will create a negative image and then our Gurudev will easily come here and rule over Magad.

Nandini walks to tulsi,bheemdev says look I brought you flowers,Nandini says I don’t want it,bheemdev says I think you don’t remember but you used these flowers for pooja,Nandini says ok and I have to go perform pooja and leaves,Chandra sees him and walks to him,and asks what are you doing here,bheemdev says just spending some time with my wife,Chandra says it isn’t prove that she is your wife,bheemdev says so is it not proved that she is Nandini, Chandra about to walk to Nandini,bheemdev says stop she doesn’t talk to anyone while performing pooja,Chandra remembers his old days when Nandini always stopped him from talking while she use to perform pooja.

Chandra says who are you and how do you know so much about you,bheemdev says I’m her husband,Nandini says leave him,bheemdev says he is king he can behave anyhow with his people,bheemdev holds Nandini hand,Nandini says how dare you,Chandra about to attack him,Nandini stops him,bheemdev says I don’t know why you don’t trust me and what maharaj has told you,but I hold your hand so that I could give you bangles that my mother had given you,so not for me but atkeats for her do wear them and leaves.

Nandini says calm down maharaj,Chandra says I will kill him if he touches you,Nandini says he is our guest,and we should not behave this way with him,bheemdev hiding and watching them.

Dharma wakes up and thinks how did I come here and looks for Bindusara,Bindusara says you are interrupting my exercise,dharma says I was actually about to say,Bindusara says about letting you sleep on bed,dharma says I was saying,Bindusara says I have no feelings of care and love for you, don’t fall for all this,Charumati at the door thinks is dharma trying to get close to him I should check and gets straight into the room.

Bindusara says your shivering voice was troubling me and so I made you sleep on floor and have no feelings for you,dharma says but hatred is also a feeling,Bindusara pulls her close,Charumati sees that,and says Bindusara leave him stop hurting her,and don’t spoil your mood by fighting with her,and both leave.

Dadi address all women and says tomorrow Navaratri fest will begin,mora says this time I want Bindusara and his wife to begin with murti stapna, Helina says I have no problem this time Bindusara and dharma will do the pooja,Charumati thinks why did ma do this to me,Helina says Nandini don’t worry I know you are in tension these days but assist me in this festival preparation and I will tell you everything,Helina thinks in this process I will give her the drug dosage.

Charumati fights with Helina and asks why dharma and you hate her too but you have her this opportunity,Helina says calm down dear, this is all for you,Charumati asks how,Helina says look dharma and Bindusara won’t do it tighter and then you will step in and then all will be happy with you,And so we need to do something that dharma will deny for the pooja,Charumati says ma I’m so sorry you care for me and I was upset with you,Helina says no worries Dear and hugs her,and thinks you are just an way to get my work done because when Bindusara will be king I can easily handle you.

Helina says Nandini have this kheer,you are working since so long,Nandini says later,Helina says I won’t talk to you if you don’t have it,Nandini has a spoon and says very tasty,Chandra walks in and says wow kheer and takes it form her,Helina puts Nandinis dupatta on fire and Chandra drops the kheer and saves her,Helina says as oh your decorations are spoilt don’t worry I will call dasi and she will clean it all.

Pre cap : Mohini says to bheemdev whose soul into Chandra,and says I couldn’t recognise if it’s Chandra or you how will someone else do.
Chandra as bheemdev to Nandini says I cant loose you what if I know that you are Savitri but it stays between us.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. So, bindu seen some sympathy on dharma while she s faint. Bheemdev and mohini planning very cunningly. Chandra as changed to bheemdev. Wat ll hppn next?. How bheemdev knows all abt nandni?. Is sunanda helped them?. Or apama helped?. Chandra nandni s not a love story, its a mysterious story and yet so many questions has not been answered.

  2. I have lost my interest on commenting here. Waiting for dis show to end. Dharma suffered much from bindu. Their love story started it seems. Dharma faints and getting much ill so bindu helps her to regain her health. Charu ll gets jealous of dis behavior from bindu for sure if she knows bindu helped her. Don’t know tat black magic how it worked on chandra. Bheemdev romancing with both nandni and mohini from chandra’s body?. Y not with helena?. Bheemdev needs to give baby to helena from chandra’s body itself. Finally if all comes to know abt thr plan tat bheemdev occupied Chandra’s body, wat ll be everyone’s face reaction?. Wat ll be helena reaction tat she had a physical relationship not with chandra, tat she had with bheemdev?. I’ll be so happy to see her reaction if tat hppns. Chanakya haven’t shown wat s he dng?. Thy r allowed into mahal to watch them oly na?. Thn y no one noticed abt thr black magic? No spies over there in d mahal?. Whr r d soldiers?. Wen its comes oly to villain characters plotting against gud soldiers guarding the place are not shown?. Same hppnd wen helena killed dasi to through out nandni tat time also no one watched?. Apama goes on a secret passage to meet sunanda thn also no one watched?. Wen nandni speaks with dharma tat time oly evils overhear d conversations?. Any logic in dis?. Once chaya became a spy fr chandra she finds apama as a culprit, now whr s his brain?. He got no spies left in all over d mahal?. All over magad?. Crap story line. Nandni needs to confront bheemdev in front of everyone tat she s not savitri, she s queen of magad and daughter of padmanand. No words from her. Y is she doubting abt her identity?. She accepts herself as maharani nandni thn y s d confusion from her again?. If d story goes on dis flow no one watch it till d end. Viewers started hating dis show from d 1st leap itself.. Still thy r in d same track to spoil d main leads.

    1. Arpkishore, Me too sometimes i am so fed up to comment. Nice comment n enjoyed reading

    2. Don’t end did show as I saw a video that Chandra nandini show is going to end .I watch only two shows .pls pls pls don’t stop. My fav actors are acting pls don’t stop this show

  3. As usual that witch over acting is so annoying why can’t that psycho take her soul away so that everyone will be happy, she is plotting plotting still plotting but no one witnessed amazing mmm
    1. Chandra might be acting with mohin I might be wrong hear so let’s see if Chanakya has made them to stay in the Mahal I don’t think he is a fool to leave them he might be watching these two
    2. Helena again started her old job by deciding to help the culprits and get Chandra for ever, and she is giving nandini that drugs mmm there is a saying in Tamil sorry I will type in English “it’s like you can’t make a dogs tail straight same case Helena at least dog is trustworthy but she worthless it would be better if mohini takes her soul and leave it on a pig if mohin does that then Helena has rejoined her clan after all
    3. When I saw bindusar and dhrama scene it is very clear that he has a heart like dd but he is brought in that way so dhrama is the only hope to change his attitude after all under who’s upbringing he is like this the witch Helena, so she is using charumathi as a weapon so that still she can have control on bindusar when will this fools actual face will get exposed paa can’t take it any more but I have decided that hear after I will assume that Helena doesn’t exist in the show its better to egnor her character
    So the culprits main aim is to degrade Chandra in front of his family and his people mmm, both are very confident but there over confident might get them exposed
    Why I have a feeling that in precap Chandra might have killed that psycho so that he can act in front of mohini, hope I am wrong hear he might act according to Chanakya’s plan who knows both might be watching what they are up too so it might be a trap for them
    Will nandini change or doubt on his attitude lets wait hope Chandra who is posted by that psycho should give left and right to Helena this is the chance for you Chandra

  4. Sorry it’s possessed and not posted

  5. Savithri V Ramani

    I agree very good comment

  6. Jayani

    So 2day finally cn has completed one yr since it aired… Nd 2day turns out 2 b d day ven my fav director was born… RAJAMOULI SIR!!!

  7. Friends I think we have to wait patiently because if Chanakya is missing we have think or assume who knows he might be watching, he is not that fool to let them stay in the Mahal if you all remember he has a plan and what is it, even Chandra is not that fool to be foolish he might be pretending to be clueless but he is watching, did you all noticed when Helena gave nandini that sweet she just had two spoons at that time in a fraction of time he came there and took that is Chandra watching Helena too or did he saw her mixing that drugs in it once again I might be wrong hear so let’s wait
    From the beginning when these two claimed nandini as savtri from that movement Chanakya has doubts on them he knows that they are just weapons the main culprit is still hiding so he wants that person to come out just like they did with that announcement so let’s wait
    Patients is worth you, there is a saying when a person is has patient in deciding or any work even the poisones snake will come out from the hole so that’s what both Chanakya and Chandra are wating who knows with this two people they might get to know the true color of Helena too
    So let’s relax and watch after all I have watched 30th time trailer of the movie Padmavathi wow amazing hope Rajat essy that role which Shahid Kapoor has portraited and Swetha as padmini

    1. Shalini, well said, only hope it is going in the right track

    2. I agree with your comment shalini.

  8. Hey, new spoiler alert..
    Mohini tries to do that soul swapping with Helena as she couldn’t stay away from chandra dev. It fails resulting both mohini and Helena dying. Bindu is depressed.How will nandini get close to her son?

    1. Is dis true? If so whr u seen tat?

    2. What if. Good if the soul enters Helena

    3. What if, I sometimes don’t trust spoiler.

  9. Before yesterday episode, I was thinking how will Bindu will carry Dharma, as both of them same height n i thaught that Dharma is slightly heavier than Bindu, well done Bindu. I am feeling like he has some feeling towards Dharma but Helena has corrupted Bindu mind.
    I wondering when this Nandini will get back her memory, still she is confused about Chandra.
    Helena, is always successful on her plot, convinced Nandini to take Kheer, i wonder what kind of drug is it n it is what purpose,anway Nandini only took one spoon. Luckily Chandra save her from taking the Kheer n her Dupatta got caught fire.
    Tired of talking about the two villian, everytime villian are entering the lives of CN
    Precap I only wish that Chandra is acting ,hoping that Bheemdev soul not entered into Chandra.

    1. Yes..I agree that Bindu is not big guy but is so strong teen. He almost can’t hold Dharma’ body. But finally it was done . ha ha ha???

      1. Bindu seems struggling there.I hope he won’t have to carry her to the temple top.

    2. Jayani

      Actually, he is an gymnast… U must read abt him nd wat he did for a scene in mahakumbh… Weird guy

      Dis is d link of dat scene of mahakumbh… Even d making of dat scene is dere in his ig acc… Must c

      1. Jayani

        Dis is d making of dat scene…

        But first read nd den c d vdo… Den only it is fun??

  10. Helena, Bhimdev want to trouble Nandini, how long she will save herself because Chandra day by day himself becoming part of conspiracy.

  11. I stopped seeing in fact , no effect anymore.

    1. Jaya, we are still watching because of Rajat n Sweta

  12. Roops, hahaha good one, Chandra did his best to carry Nandini but Bindu might topple with Dharma.

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