Chandra Nandni 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: End of Chandra Nandini story.

Chandra Nandni 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina rushes to Chandra and says there’s very important,Bindusara didn’t want to kill me,look I’m all good,he didn’t want to kill me,adornus is being poisoned please help,Chandra says Nandini was right,Helina says yes she is,adornus is being killed my Nandini,and he is your son too,Chandra says she can’t do this,Nandini says yes I did,I gave him poison,to save Bindusara,proof is infront of you,Helina says I beg of you save my son,it’s all my fault,I accept all things happened in mahal where done by me,adornus walks in,Helina rushes to him and hugs him.

Nandini says I can never harm anyone but I had to act like Helina to save Bindusara,adornus was just given a medicine which made him vomit he is alright now,Chandra calls guards. Helina starts laughing

and says now when my truth is revealed let me tell you one thing,Helina doesn’t give up so easily,Chandra asks what do you mean.

( Helina promises swanand that if he kills Chandra she will marry him to Elis and he will be Magads son in law and rule over)

Dharma informs Bindusara that Nandini proved him innocent but Helina has betrayed,Bindusara says run away,dharma says no I won’t, swanand soldiers attack dharma,Charumati runaway,Dhrama says no I won’t,Bindusara saves her,and says go away,dharma says no I won’t,Bindusara says I loved Charumati but she ran away and you whom I insulted is here for me.dharma says no I won’t go,I will live with you and die with you,Dhrama frees Bindusara.dhrama hugs him,while on their way back,she hurts her leg,Bindusara says are you fine and why did you do this,Dhrama says I don’t know I couldn’t see you in pain,Bindusara I’m such a fool,I hated those people who where always there for me,why did you save me.

Dhrama holds his hand and says they used you because you are the most good person here,forget the past and let’s move ahead,Bindusara says will you forget the past and be with me for ever,Dhrama holds his hand and says I can never think of a life without you,Charumati pushes her and hugs him and says thank god you are safe,Bindusara stops dharma and says I’m just her husband because she was there when I was in Danger,you ran away,and so it’s better you stop this act,and now I shall prove that I’m a good son.

Swanand walks to Chandra,and says Chandragupta mourya,your soldiers are dead it’s your turn now,Chanakya says don’t forget Chandra will kill you,he says Chanakya look at him,how dare you raise your voice at me,you wanted to kill Nand dynasty but look I’m here and it is because I will kill you first and about to attack,Bindusara attacks him with arrow,and his sword falls down,swanand calls him a coward and all get into a fight,Chandra and Bindusara give each other cover and fight swanand soldiers,Bindusara hugs Chandra and says I’m sorry,Chandra says so I am,Nandini says Helina look there you said they will kill each other but instead I see both are fighting for each other,Swanand puts powder into Bindusara eyes.

Chanakya and dharma rush for his rescue,swanand attacks Nandini and says throw your sword or else I will behead Nandini, Chandra throws sword,swanand says soldiers hit him so bad that he forgets that he was ever a king,Chandra is hit bad,swanand joins them too,nanidni rushes to Chandra,swanand says I won’t let him die easily,he will have a death that mourya dynasty will be sacred of Nand dynasty and this mahal will see the death of mouryas.put Chandragupta live inside a wall.

Chandra is being put live inside a wall,Nandini says Chandra you promised me you will never leave me alone,your Nandini is calling you an did you love her come back.Chandra opens his eyes,and breaks the wall,he comes out and fights all the soldiers,swanand sitting on Magad throne,gets up and attacks him,Chandra lifts him up and kills him. Bindusara and Chanakya rushes to Chandra,Helina about to leave,Chanakya says where are you leaving its time to face consequences,Nandini says Chandra forgive her,she did this in lack of love,she loved you,but didn’t get the love she wanted,and it’s better if she is send her back to Greek with her kids,so they can live a happy life there,Chandra says Helina I’m sorry for all the injustice you faced and you are free from Magad,take care of yourself and kids,Helina says I’m sorry Nandini and thank you and leaves.

Bindusara says pitahshree and says I apologise please forgive me,and hugs him.

Bindusara had kids from Charumati and Dhrama,and Chandra throned Bindusara as king,and left mahal.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ok its time to bid all my friends gud bye again….??????…..ok i can’t express my feelings here……now my heart is crying a lot…..
    Pls Rajat come back soon with another historical serial…….Will wait for u…..and all my friends here…..Roopa di, satya bhayia, jai, jayani, vany, CNfans, sree, sumy, prakashnie, arpikishore, nabanita di, Nandini, Arun bhayia, Padmini,…….etc. actually there are lots more I cannot remember at all……

    1. All the best Nick… Gonna miss all your comments…

      Definitely missing Rajat… as you said, waiting for his next venture… we shall virtually meet there then…

      1. Obviously, we shall meet there then…..
        For me it doesn’t matters if it is a SAAS BAHU type serial and nt HISTORICAL…….I will only come to comment for RAJAT…..

  2. Bhaana

    Wish to say good luck to rajat for his future projects and entertain us with a historical subject soon but not cost of ruining history.

    One of great king Chandragupt Maurya is totally ruined by the writers.

  3. Plz come back rajat tokas &nandini plz other historical drama plz com back all people missing plz only not but all gais mis plz come back any other serial plz join plz……??????????….

  4. Pfeelings here……now my heart is crying a lot…..
    Pls Rajat come back soon with another historical serial…….Will wait for u…..and all my friends here…..Roopa di, satya bhayia, jai, jayani, vany, CNfans, sree, sumy, prakashnie, arpikishore, nabanita di, Nandini, Arun

    1. Yes Bipin. We are waiting…

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Don’t cry my friend, it’s some matter of time. We all know Rajat how much hard working person. He will come back soon.

  5. Can any1 tell me where is Moora, Dadima, Amatya, Bhadra, Chitra, Tilottama, Malay at d time of war or in d last epi……
    What happened 2 dem……

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      They all went kinara dhaba to celebrate the party of last episode. ??
      The way the last episode ended there is very little time to show other persons. It is very disappointing in the last episode also we not saw CN love scene.

      1. Whaaaaatttttt……..
        From where did that ‘kinara dhaba’ came in the show……
        😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        @nick after last day’s shooting the all cast and crew member of Chandra nandini went to have dinner at KINARA dhaba placed in Mumbai. I was just saying about that.

    2. Actually Nick, the scope is still very wide. I don’t know why they close the CN shop very fast as though they bankrupted.

      They may add scene whereby Bhadra find the truth of his father, Moora realize Helena’s bad deals and seek forgiveness from Nandhini, Aacharya revenge Amartya, Bindu’s raelisation, Dharma and Bindu love scene and etc….

      1. Yes Sumy where r those scenes……
        there should b moora when helena was leaving for Greek……

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Nice to meet u , sumy, You are right, they wasted time in past episodes so they have no time in the last episode. The speed of the last episode may beat the speed of bullet train.??

  6. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    In future I want Rajat should do any Bahubali type show .He is the Real bahubali of TV industry.

  7. So Guys i am going to post a video on summary of CHANDRA NANDINI in YouTube……
    Pls guys if u hav time so pls see and comment on……

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      How I can watch that video??? Plz send the link. Ami obossoi video ta dkhbo. All d best for ur upcoming exam

      1. Ok…..
        But tell me where i will send the link…..
        I am going log in in YouTube by the same name as here, Nick…..then u will b able to see na…..

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        ok thats will be fine. bhalo theko vai, abar dekha hobe rajat’s new show.

      3. Tumio bhalo theko……r obossoi pls amar CN er video ta dekho……tomar search korte kono prblm hobe na bcoz i will mention my name there…..

    2. Waiting 2 c it soon on youtube… Just share d link win any cn ff (if any1 wishes 2 write or continue)

  8. One should agree Rajat has equally male fans also. Because he lives like the character and gives true shape and greater height to that role for everyone to feel inspired. That is his magic. I am sure u all will agree.

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      Rajat is a true performer. That’s why he is so favourite to me. Since childhood I am a great fan of him. From tomorrow again we all have to start wait when we again can see his performance.

      1. I will miss you too Satya and your interesting comments. Yes we are all die hard fans of RAJAT and will remain to support him.
        In the meantime, take care of yourself. We will all meet again soon.

    2. I am in agreement with you dear Prakashnie. I agree 1000% +++++.
      Hope our wait is not for very long. We all want him back on screen ASAP….

    3. But the list of Rajat’s female fans is very long that we hav to spend our lifetime to count it……

  9. Bipinjaiswal, Roopa, satya, jai, jayani, vany, CNfans, sree, sumy, prakashnie, arpikishore, nabanita, Nick, Nandini, Arun, I miss you too but we have to patiently wait for Rajat to come back and it will be soon.
    Let’s hope his new show is not going to be something like this one.
    In the meantime, I am waiting for Porus which is going to start on the 27th Of November and also prithiviraj vaidai which is also going to start soon : don’t know the date.
    I will definitely come back and comment for Porus.
    Rajat has tweeted he is waiting for Ekta’s new show for him. He said he is ready as ever for her command and order so he should be on screen soon.
    Also, I wish everyone who is sitting for their exams, like Nick, Jayani the best of luck.
    I will come back and post a message but maybe with a different name like ” Porus Fan” because CN Fan was “Chandra Nandini Fan”.
    Everyone please do not be sad, be happy that this silly show ended and we can see Rajat in another better show. Every cloud has a silver lining and we pray for a better upcoming show again.
    Take care my very good friends and be happy. Lots of love.

    1. Yes me too wating for Rajat……

  10. I m asking fr all RAJAT TOKAS’s fans here……. pls pls pls wait patiently fr RAJAT’s new show and don’t forget to come and comment here……..bcoz our comments will help him to do his acting better even though he is a good actor…….
    So pls Rajat Tokas fr ur fans sake come back again with a new good show……work sincerely……and bag more awards……as we all, ur fans r there to vote fr u…….

  11. I go with Nick and all lovely fans of Rajat who commented here. We all await eagerly for another historical show of Rajat soon. For Tamil viewers like me added advantage we can watch one more time the balance episodes of CN now that we know it was happy ending. One thing i don’t know how to connect to you all the minute the another show starts. What is the method to check you guys are commenting.

  12. Can we have what’s up group?

  13. So at least the comments here covered a century………..
    see RAJAT ur fans can go up to this limit to give hundreds of comments for u…….
    Go on with it…….

  14. It is very sad till the last scene Hellena was there. 95percent of CN ,Rajat and Sweta were not united. There should be more scenes of c&n romance. Chanakya was such a great scholar and his writings are still appreciated. But in the serial he was not able to find what the culprits are doing till the end. For no reason he showed hatred towards Nandini. This makes us irritated towards Chanakya. I request the makers pl don’t play with great historical characters.
    We are eagerly waiting for Rajat’s next performance preferably with Sweta. Makers pl don’t waste the performance of such a great actor. Rajat come sooon with ur scintillating performance

  15. Hai my drs… jayani satya bhai padmini di roopa di nick nabanita di shree swetha cnfan sumy arun bhai arpkishore prakashnie miss u all badly… after long time i came hr to talk with u(frnds) only… i miss chandra nandini n dis grp… i thnk we all had good bond like family… i shared abt dis grp to my sis, she told dat everybody getting frnds at fb watsapp insta etc but ur friendship was different… ??… hw can we be frnds aft dis??? All d best everyone, i miss dis grp a lot…

    1. Me 2 akka… Will miss so so much… Dono hw my lyf wud b widout cn now

  16. JAI WE all too miss you and we will never get bored by talking about Rajat and swetha performance in CN and reading all your comments on it.

  17. Chandranandini ended suddenly. Author kept nandini a barren, did chandra love nandini so much? How helina got two children? Anyway chandra a ponds, nandini zero helina though a witch, a successor.

  18. What is success it varies from person to person. For Nandini whatever she has achieved with Chandra, Bindu and Dharma ( winning their heart ) and also for the peace of people of Magad is happiness. Her soul will be definitely much happier than helana’s

  19. Honestly, the producers are damn fools. They could have based the story on Murakshasa plot where Chanakya and Chandra invent a more strategic plan to deaft Swanand and free the Kingdom. In the end, they should have shown how Chandra abdicates and leaves the palace with Nandani as wandering ascetics. It was a nice show but the ending was too abrupt. Do another period drama but get someone who knows history to do the script.

  20. i have really enjoyed this historical based story – the ending could have been written better then the way it has ended – May be it could be continued ?
    All the actors were fantastic especially Chandra , Chanakya & Nandini
    i really going to miss this show

  21. Everyone’s view was same Nair and we all here adore simply this serial and the 3 acting. The maker’s might have some other ideas or issues so they had to rush up it looked. We are all happy atleast we had happy ending and truth won over evil. As long as Rajat and swetha were there it went magically.

  22. Mona146

    how come helina promise elis marriage to swanand when she is already married? stupid serial. I wished to see romance of bindusar and dharma but they never showed it.

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