Chandra Nandni 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini walks to her engagement ceremony, and helina walks to her wedding ceremony dressed in Bhartiya outfits. Nandini looks at maliketu and remembers the dasis state.
Bharat ma- Nandini and Chandra both weren’t happy with their apteners and took this step for political connections.

Nandini and maliketu being their engagement rituals and on other hand Chandra and helinas wedding rituals take place. Cylucus ties the wedding knot. Nandini is asked by Panditji to wear maliketus kadha on her left hand and maliketu is asked to do the same, maliketu says see we are getting engaged and now soon we will be together,people murmur,why is Nandini marrying him and not the guy who won the challenge this is unfare. Helina and Chandra take pheres, Nandini and maliketu exchange rings.chandra

applies sin door in helinas forehead.

Chandra says helina you may go and rest in your tent. Nandini looking at moon, Vishakha asks why look at it so eagerly,Nandini says strange right this moon is always there for us to light our nights,Vishakha says girls look at moon missing their better half but your husband is right here, Nandini says this is moon is my guide and always helps me. Chandras friends ask why look at moon,Chandra says this moon always makes me think why must I be named Chandra,his friends says now worry about you honeymoon and go to your room.

Chandra sees helina in his tent and is surprised, helina says strange you are surprised to see you wife in your room and says come here and shows her magad map on her bed and says this our biggest reason for wedding and now the whole Greek army is yours now how are we progressing. Helina and Chandra discuss their plan.

Bharat ma – Chandra and helina where bound together just political with one aim to destroy magad and had no feelings for each other.

Maliketu sends Nandini a letter, Vishakha says I will read it and takes it away, Nandini removes her kadha and throw, Vishakha says we are here teasing you but,Nandini says enough give me the letter, Nandini reads,today we are bound together but you didn’t look happy and the reason is me I know , I’m sorry but I need a chance to know you and have a new happy start , give em a chance, nandini asks dasi to inform maliketu that she isn’t interested, Vishakha says why do this give him a chance,Nandini says because he is a liar,Vishakha says atleast hear him once.

Nandini walks to maliketu, he sees her and thinks today I won’t leave her and asks dasi to leave and says Nandini last night it was a mishap, I have never insulted a women,please forgive me Nandini and holds her form behind,Nandini says what are you doing,maliketu pulls her close to him and says this is not wrong,Nandini says I will complain to pitaji , maliketu says what you think he must have not done this with his wives,Nandini pushes him and runs away.

Chandra and helina with their army and Chandra says helina this is second time I’m attacking magad and I would suggest you to stay with acharya,helina says I’m here to be with you and want to see maliketu on his feet, Chandra says I promise you no one will touch maliketu, his head and your sword.

Nandini rushes to Avantika and padmanand and starts crying,padmanand says don’t cry tell me who did it, Nandini says maliketu tried to force me,padmanand gets angry and says how dare he, I won’t leave him alive,and calls dasi and says take Nandini away and take care of her, Avantika says see how he treated my daughter, Sunanda says what wrong is it,Avantika says you shutup can’t you feel her pain, Sunanda says this nand has done with so many women.Avantika says you are right NAND look because of your karma my daughter is in pain, now you can feel a fathers pain,padmanand says maliketu I will kill you, how dare he eye on my daughter and leaves with his sword.

Maliketu says Nandini once we marry your attitude in my feet and drinks alcohol,padmanand walks to him in anger and says maliketu I had warned you not to bring a single tear in her eyes and against her wish I made her agree all your conditions and but how dare you do that to her, only one punishment and that is death,maliketu falls in padmanands feet and says I’m sorry I was drunk,padmanand says my daughter is in tears no mercy for you,soldier informs padmanand that Chandra and chnakay attacked magad.

Maliketu says maharj I’m ashamed of what I have done but now we need to save magad and our families so please let’s concentrate on war, this time they won’t get a chance to run away.

Pre cap : Nandini shows padmanand a sign and says this was with Chandra and he keeps singing a song ,listening to the tune Sunanda says this tune is of local farmers,padmanand says now once I find his parents he will be in my feet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. craze about skr

    Super-duper epi but I want to c Chandra nandini wedding only…….plzzzzz

  2. The episode was very nice. But the story shown is wrong. Am i right? Please someone clear it

    1. Ya vani u r r8..

  3. nandini and helena both are luking so cute i must say all three main actresses helena durdhara and nandini are so pretty and talented and beautiful

  4. Priyashree Chakraborty

    yes the episode was superb… but as far as I know Chandra married Helena both out of love and also to form a political alliance with Greek emperor however he married her after the death of Durdhara , by then Bindusara was born. There is no mention of Nandni in history. Moreover, Helena was never in love with Malayketu and was not a wicked lady at all…

  5. Athira

    ekta is killing the story… what’s she is doing???

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