Chandra Nandni 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nanidni wakes up in pain,Chandra says keep lying down,you are wounded,Nandini says Chandra you,Chandra says yes I know,why did you do this when you knew you are here for few days,Nandini says I’m magads daughter and it’s my duty to save its king,Chandra says wait let me apply the ointment,Nandini remembers a past episode ( Nandini says I’m preparing you a medicine so that your pain relieved,you may be able to make cow dung but I can make medicine,Chandra applies some on her face,Nandini says done now let me apply it on wound and applies all over Chandras face and runs,Chandra catches her and both have a quality time)

Chandra applies medicine and thinks you taught me to prepare this medicine,and asks is it painful Nandini says no I’m good,Chandra says Nandini Vishakha

saved me why did you think she is dangerous,do you still think she is dangerous when she has saved my life,I think she is good girl,Nandini says I don’t feel good about her,Chandra says are you jealous about her,Nandini says no ways,Chandra says ok ok you rest I shall go say thank you to Vishakha and leaves,Nandini thinks am I really jealous or suspicious about Vishakha.

Mantri pulls Vishakhas hand and says I have an idea to keep you in Magad forever,Vishakha says leave me or else I will complain to maharaj about you,mantri says maharaj will trust you instead of me and pulls her inside a room,Vishakha tries to get rid of him,he pulls her and throws her on bed,and says I want you to be my wife but looks like I have to deal with you this way,and forces her,Vishakha stares into his eyes and bites him and he has snake bite marks in his chin,Vishakhas eyes turn green,and mantri starts shivering and bleeding with poison from his mouth and falls down,Vishakha starts laughing.

Vishakha says I’m vishkanya and who will save you from my bite now and pulls a snake from her hair and consumes its poison,and says snake poison is like a medicine to me which keeps me alive,its a drug to me.Vishakha says when I bite someone he dies for sure like this stupid mantri,he thought he can force on me who he thought is a helpless princess but I’m a vishkanya. Vishakha looks at herself in mirror,and says I forgot one thing I’m known for my beauty and attraction and now Chandragupta will fall for me,and once you will be in my arms you will be dead but before him I have to take care of bindusara I heard he has poison in his body,so do I,and will use it.

Nandini wakes up and says I want to go see bindusara, I don’t trust Vishakha,Chandra walks in and asks how is my son bindusara look his father is here,Chandra says sorry I forgot he is with Vishakha, I’m worried for him,Nandini says wait Chandra,bindusara has other relatives to, dont worry he is with rajmata I’m going to see him too,why don’t you trust your own people,Chandra says you are talking about trust,Nandini says yes I am,Chandra says what if our own people, turn enemies,Nandini says there’s difference between enemies and our people we decide what part they play in our life,Chandra says why I got you here, when you killed durdhara,when bindusara can be with someone else why are you still here,Nandini says your question itself has its answer but you need a heart to find it now please leave me I have to go see bindusara and leaves.chandra says how do I think from heart which you have already broken into pieces.

Vishakha adds her blood to water,Vishakha says now I shall fill your whole life with poison bindusara and about to give him that water,Nandini calls her and walks in and says Bindusara is with you,I thought he was with rajmata,Vishakha says I thought it would be better to have him here,and you should rest,Nandini says yes I wanted to see him,anyways what are you giving him,Vishakha says I made him some medicine so that he sleeps well,Nandini says wait,Bindusara is Magad Yuvraj,and one who makes it has to consume it,as per rules ,Vishakha says sure and consumes and thinks what will this affect me,Nandini says I shall give him and drops it by mistake and some falls it on her hand ,Vishakha gets angry and then says I mean sorry it was rear medicine ,Nandini says I’m very sorry,actually I can’t sleep without bindusara,let me take him along with me,and don’t worry I will clean this.

Pre cap : Nandini how clumsy,what’s wrong with your hand what’s this injury,Nandini says Vishakha was giving bindusara some medicine and it fell on my hand and its reaction to it I guess.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Vishakha is vishkanya and will kill Bindusar and Chandra, this time Bindusar escaped by chance due to Nandini’s intervention but for how long… every time she will not be with him. In precap Chandra and Vishakha are so closed what will be next, however acharya has seen real Vishakha, he must do something.

  2. Nandini is just a nanny..why is the king in her room? Y shud he when she is just a nanny that too staying for few days…how can vishaka kill minister in the palace ? Illogical..hope our stupid king gets some brain or borrow from gautami

    1. killing minister in palace is not illogical bec there is nobody when she killed him…ya it wil be illogical when thy wil not search d minister nd if nobody see the deadbody….
      if they found deadbody nd knows tat snake have killed him everyone wil leave as it is ….i thnk nandu wil get suspious on minister death

      1. Yes Shree..hope the plp in mahal get suspicion…becuz now all r deaf n dump

    2. The base of the story itself is illogical. Chandragupta maurya had two wives, durdhara and Helena. Nandini was just padmanand’s daughter. That’s it. Its purely fictional story. If u all want to know, u can Google it.. there’s no character called nandini in chandragupta’s life. It’s just imagination of ekta Kapoor.
      Why does this ekta Kapoor meddle with history! If she wants a love story she can write it like her own right! Why God knows!

  3. Same precap yyyyyyyyy when will the truth come out ???

  4. when wil nandu comes to know abt vk as vishkanya iam waiting fr tat episode

  5. Savithri V Ramani

    My god what that viskanya will do who has sent her? Why ? We know pretty well by band any how Chandra and nandini should be saved from her clutches

  6. OMG…..what is Chandra doing with her in the bath ??? Disgusting!!!!! How can Nandini ever accept him after watching him get this close to Vishska ? I can’t tolerate these scenes…stupid Chandra. Now days, I don’t even enjoy any flash back scenes of them…it’s irritating to watch it….?

    1. same aditi before times i used to see previous episodes but now i cannot enjoy….i think chandra doing this unconsciously(may be hypnotize)bec he wil not touch his own wife without her permission …..
      r if he doing wantedly then i wil kil him…

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        ha ha ha it feels like u r the another wife of chandra.u feeling jelousy when vishaka try to close chandra.

      2. @sathya
        hahaha ….
        i cannot see vk in place of nandu…chandras love only fr nandini…..i ever seen this much love chmstry b/w c&n in any serial r film….

    2. NR8

      I know… I have a feeling he is just trying to make her jealous by being with VK. He told Nandu he was going to go and thank VK, but he didn’t.

      1. ya u r rt i also noticed i lked yestrday episode the way f he cared nandu…

      2. I hope so…Nandini keeps telling him that she is there for Bindusar and nobody else. Again, when he asked her as to why she saved him, she replied cause he was the king and etc. I think Chandra wants Nandini to say that she is here for him but she wouldn’t….so may be he is doing all this flirting drama to make her jealous. Even, today he was praising VK saying she was a good girl and asked Nandini if she was jealous. And, Nandini strongly denied it saying no. So, may be he is doing it to make Nandini jealous. This may be the reason why he agrees to marry VK.

    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      I think visakha eagerly will come to when chandra is bathing and will try to intemate wid him so that she can bite bite game end fr chandra!!!!but nandini certainly save him.

  7. I had eaten “javvu mittai” ( in tamil) during my childhood and was missing it quite often. But now CN has given me a chance again to taste it more.

    1. How chandra nandini give chance to u CNfan93?haha…I think….its going like that mittai …haahaa

    2. haha nice punch

    3. Jayani

      Aap sub dhekiye, ekta is going 2 put javvu mittai in cn story nd adha izhu izhu izhuka poraa… Btw, dat’s true CNfan93

  8. now chankya only can help chandra..if nandu say also he wont believe he wil take it as jealous f nandu on vk….once if chankya met chandra then forthcoming track wil be drama of chandra wit hidden intention..

  9. Wat a flop story all the kings have a common enemy vishkanya ????

  10. I think chandra would know vishkas intention but decided to go ahead with the marriage to find out the truth and to test nandinis loyalty .Nandini would surely leave the mahal one day even if chandra believed her in the end

    1. wat he will marry vk ths too much…marriage is not a game…
      it is performed wit agni..
      to find the truth marriage should not be used..
      i think truth wil be revealed before tying mangalsutra….r nandi wil occupy her place(unaware f chandra)

      1. Jayani

        Dat will b d same story den coz it happened wid roopa’s nd malti’s also

  11. satya sarathi sarkar

    the most distrubing part is helena want to chandra and visikha get married it is so unexpected.As she cannot like nandini she want another lady marriage wid chandra????it is ridiculous!!!

    1. bec they think vk is so innocent and weak so thy can handle her easily they dont know abt her

      1. Jayani

        Dis statement is meant for our MAKEUP MAMI (helu?)…

        Don’t underestimate d power of a common vishkanya/snake???

  12. satya sarathi sarkar

    If chandra had brain after the sword fighting when nandini saved bindusar he should beleive that nandini is innocent.I donot why makers spoil the character I am big rajat tokas fan I cannot watch him as a brainless king.plz some brain into character..How many times nandini will save him???

    1. ya….he believing vk bec she saved his life but he cannot think tat nandu saved him nd his son many times i dont know on wat basis he is judging d character

    2. NR8

      I am too, so it is hard to see him portrayed so badly. I am sure, deep down in his heart Chandra knows that Nandini is innocent that is why he questions her – “Why do you think even after you killed DD, I still brought you back? Why are you still here even after someone else(VK) can take care of Bindusar now?”
      The simple answer is, he still loves her and cannot let her go away. But there is so much overwhelming evidence against her that he cannot take her back in his life either. These conflicting emotions must be making him so angry and he takes it out on her. Only Nandini knows that she is really innocent, so it is her primary responsibility to make sure she finds DD’s killer, but she does nothing about that except being a nanny to Bindusar and asking C to trust her! Even if he trusts her, others like Mora or Chanakya will not without evidence. They don’t like the fact that he bought her back to the Mahal itself. No way will they allow him to take her back as his wife without evidence to prove her innocence.

      1. iam so sad when the truth will come out i think after vks chapter helu nd apu wil trap nandu using nanda nd gautami child wil make chandra more angry

  13. I too had the same doubt as jj. Why the King of Magadh is in the nanny’s room to care of her? She could be left in the care of any dasi in the Mahal. Why did Chandra personally take care of Nandini and he himself is telling everyone that she is not maharani she is only dai maa to Bindusar. In all the earlier episode it was shown that Bindusar & Nandini is in Chandra’s room. How come yesterday Chandra is coming in search of Bindusar to Nandini’s room saying he will always sleep with Nandini. Everything illogical. Now a days all the flashback scenes are meaningless. They are showing Chandra & Nandini very close. But infact they were never sooo close before the separation track. It is very hard to digest these scenes.

    1. chandra taking care f nandu is bec she got injured in case f saving chandras life so it created sympathy on nandu nd we know till now he loves nandu…nd flashback scenes r somewat k bec when c&n living in d tent chandra tried to intimate wit nandu but nandu didnt allowed nd in maltis function also chandra teased her romantically…bath scence f c&n alone somewat over i think so………but why chandra came to nandu room in search of bindu they both used to stay in his room nly then why….

    2. AparnaPrasad

      Ys dats true sree. I hav flt dat frm d beginning itslf.. al d flSHbck whch s being shown aftr d leap is so undigestive lik c&n wer so luvng and ideal couple which isnt true. They hav nvr evn confessed their luv eachodr conciously

    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      it is true that they are never so much close as in flashbacks but the flashbacks give me some comfort bcoz now when negativity everywhere and dd is dead then only this flashbacks can give us some enjoyment.

      1. ya sathya …director making us to keep touch wit serial…..before leap thy not physically close to eachother but from heart thy sacrificed everything fr their love…

  14. I don’t understand the need of vishkanya in this. Isn’t this a historical drama? Well again considering that they had a ghost exorcism in Jodha Akbar this is not surprising. Again I don’t like the way they are deviating from the story….portraying chandra as a stupid king. Chanakaya was supposed to be the most intelligent man.

    Anyway can watch only for the romance not for any other stuff. Helena is boring these days, she is in fact a victim in my point of view. Their marriage could be a contract but she is still his wife. He used her and discarded just like that.

    1. NR8

      I don’t pity Helena at all! She knew what she was getting into. She married Chandra just to get back at Malayketu and to gain power over Magadh. If he used her, she used him too to become queen. Of course now she realized, that to be the mother of the future king will give her more power, which is why she wants to come close to C, so she can have a child. She is evil right from the start and will definitely kill Bindusar too if she has a child of her own. If she genuinely loved C, it would show in her actions and I am sure Chandra would reciprocate too, but that is not the case. Actions speak louder than words and it is impossible to force someone to love you.

  15. Chandinikrishna

    I think vishakha has hypnotised chandra asper the promo it is shown how nandini will save chandra from vishaka’s hypnotism. Vishkanya is actually there in history as per chanakya’s book arthshastra.

  16. Chandra Nandni: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) doubtful over Vishakha, saves Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) and BindusarThe upcoming episode of Star Plushistorical show Chandra Nandni willshow major drama.Chandra discovers a wound on Nandini’s hand and gets strong doubt over Vishakha as hegets hint of something.Vishkanya aka Vishakha also kills aminister which gets Chandra’s doubt stronger and stronger over Vishakha.Moora and Helena proposes Chandra and Vishakha’s marriage, Chandra even agrees to marry Vishkanya aka Vishakha but with hidden intentions.Chandra’s marriage drama trapping Vishakha aka VishkanyaChandra wants to find Vishakha’s truth and to save Nandini and Bindusar from Vishakha’s trap and poison.Chandra is all set to expose Vishakha and also develops strong faith over Nandini’s innocenceand her doubt on Vishakha.I copied it from a spoiler.

  17. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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