Chandra Nandni 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra recognises Amartya walking disguised in Magad, the lady tells Nandini that her husband is misunderstanding her she has no affair, Nandini says this is bad then clear your problem take maharajs help he will help you resolve your misunderstanding,she says no maharaj has already helped me with the new rule now it’s my fight,Nandini thinks Chandras new rule has given rise to new beginning in relation,Chandra says Nandini stay here I will be back and follows Amartya.

Amartya walks into a house,Chandra hears from window,Amartya says I won’t leave Chandra I will take revenge,Chandra Tries find who is on other side but sees no one, he enters house and sees only a child and lady scared,she denies of Amartya being here,Chandra sees a closet and looks into it and finds a secret way,Chandra

enters and walks down the stairs,Amartya shocked to see Chandra.

Chandra says what did you think you will get away from me so easily come with me and takes Amartya away,Amartya is handcuffed and taken away in front of whole Magad,Nandini thinks Amartya guru here.

Chandra in Sabha says this man tried kidnapping and killing my son,he was also nands Amartya,and with his deeds he showed that he truly is loyal and stands by nands principle and is true towards then king Nand,but I give you a chance explain yourself,Amartya says this is my revenge towards you for killing my maharaj and so I abducted bindusara and this was just to get you and had no intentions to kill bindusara,and as also a Brahman it’s my principe we don’t kill kids,Chandra says but I saw you, you were about to kill my son,Amartya says I didn’t, Chandra says I sentence you death,Chanakya says maharaj killing Brahman is a sin and as Nand did it to me and insulted me , I dont want you to do it,Chandra says as you say Acharya,Chanakya sayas put him behind the bars,Chandra says take him away.

Helina says Apma ma Amartya is caught,Apma says great but what about Chandra and Nandini,Helina says I couldn’t do anything,Apma says what is Chandras weakness it’s bindusara but you can’t do anything because Nandini is with him all time but mora and Chaya are also his weakness and so now use mora and create situation that Chandra has to choose between Nandini and mora and Chandra for sure will choose mora and then Chandra and Nandini will hate each other and anyways which I don’t believe is about that monkey if Nandini surely loves him,that choice between mora and Nandini wouldn’t matter to Chandra anyways,so play it ,y girl but remember be on the back foot.

Clovie looking for monkey,and mistakes another beard old man and says queen Apma is waiting for you. Chanakya walks to Amartya ,Amartya says you didn’t do this good,Chanakya says I very well know what I have done,I have stopped Chandra from killing a Brahman but you couldn’t stop your maharaj from insulting a Brahman, Amartya says even Ravan was Brahman and was mighty king and pandit whose mother was evil Rakshas,Chanakya says don’t you remember how he was killed.

Amartya says Chanakya it’s about our loyalty, you are loyal towards that Chandra who killed my maharaj his sons and also soon his mentally ill son pandugan though my maharaj is dead his loyal people are still alive,Chanakya says Magad is not by Nand but Nand was because there’s was by Magad,and I’m calling you for the whole together Bharat and we need loyal people like you, use it for Magad and not Nand,king keeps changing but country stands, and these kings needs intelligent people,and such people need just sign,don’t use this revenge against growth of Magad,Amartya says this is not possible I will never leave Nand and will try killing Chandra,chanakya says I’m Chanakya one day I will make you think about my question,Amartya says your tricks are indeed unbeatable but they have no effect on me.

Chandra says Nandini look now with new rule, a baby will never have to deal with parents separation.Nandini says Acharyas decision was so correct,Chandra says what would you do in my place,Nandini says he was my guru, he has taught me and seen me grown,and I very well know his nature and so I know he will never hurt bindusara, Chandra says bindusara is Yuvraj and to be king,Nandini says I get your point and will always be with your decision,bindusara starts crying.Nandini says let me sing a song for you,and sings Chandras fav song,Nandini says come join me,Chandra says me how,Nandini teaches me,Chandra starts singing,bindusara stops crying,Chandra says look he wanted his father,Nandini says no his mother,Chandra says okay he wants both.

Nandini says he will never have to long for his parents,Chandra says why don’t you clearly say that you want to be with me life long,Nandini says no I didn’t mean this we can love him other wise too.

Pre cap… apma says Malayketu you will be called in Magad don’t worry.
Chandra asks Chaya asks me for whatever you want,Chaya says can we call back malayketu,mora says I agree with Chaya,Nandini says I don’t think we should give him a chance.
Mora says Chandra now I shall have food only when you choose between me and Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amartya detained but not died. As said he would always faithful to Nand and his family. Appreciate his acting specially voice and dialogue delivery. Chaya has demanded Malayketu in her life, Moora is also in support of her daughter while Nandini is not. Rift is sure, now all culprits Amartya, Malayketu, Pandugrath, Apama and Helena will live in palace with honour. They will have good time to conspire against Magadh Naresh and his successor.

    1. u r d one always commenting first…..

      1. I am interested only in this serial… Thanks.

  2. Nyc episode… interesting actually… amartya caught… chanakya u did great job dat stops chandra from giving death sentence to amartya… u very well known about him, he s very talented n the way chanakya tells him one day i’ll make u thnk abt my question shows his confidence… nw a days i like chanakya too… bcoz he realised love strengthens everyone n also he supports chandra n he openly said dat u need nandini in everything so get back her trust.. stupid moora i thnk u never use ur mind to decide anythng… always ur doing thngs with others suggestion n going against nandu after knowing abt her… i never seen anyone like her… very irritating character than apama n helena… these two evil ladies thnk by their own to do such evil thngs against nandu… plz let her die soon… non sense… everyone remembers wat malayketu did to malti n chandra… then why she s arguing with chandra to get him back… chanakya plz do something… dont let malay enter into d palace… all evil (pandugrat, malayketu, helena, apama) get together in same place… in tamil “sarvanaasam”…

    1. ur last word suits vry well fr upcomg episode….

    2. Jai, intha Moraku sondha moolaiye kedaiyhadu…..sariyana muttall…Mora is the biggest enemy for C and N…..hate her. However, I think that all these problems are going to bring C and N closer.

      1. Aditi,
        Intha Moora muttail, sondha moolaiye elai. Epadum Helena pechi tha (Always listen to Helena).
        No brains for her n frickle minded person and she is RAJAMATA. Hoping with all this problems arising, Chandra will always will agree n trust Nandini.

    3. True. They easily change characters character. Chaya says she wants malay which is unbelievable. Moota started again. When will CN be united? By the way, do u knw how many episodes have been so far?

    4. Jai, nice to see yr comments again

      1. Tnq dr… am also felt happy to comment hr… but today satya bhai, jayani missing…

    5. Jai, liked your comment on tamil. “Sarvanaasam”, Malaykethu aranmanaiku vanthaal sagalamum naasam.

      If Malaykethu enters Mahal everything spoil. I hope Chaya join hand with Chandra to let Malaykethu enter mahal to catch him red handed.

      1. I dont thnk so… definitely first everythng vil go wrong thn chandra nandu tries to crt it… we have to be patient to bear all dis i mean malayketu’s entry apama’s new conspiracy pandugrat’s plot against bindusar n chandra… uffff… very bad!!!

  3. Old Chaya was better

  4. ohh god …moora u know nly to thk wrong ,after grt lesson frm nandu also u didnt changed how u forgot tat wat he have done for chandra he manipulated whole magad against cn,he made evryone to thk cn as characterless person …..

    1. Yeah. U r right. Moora don’t have brain to think on her own . Whatever Helena says she will believe as puppet doll. Useless Rajmata. She is not worth to be in that position. Chandra, pls select Nandhini decision let Moora suffers without having food. Let Magad get best worthy Rajmatha – Dadi .

      1. I agree with u sj… mora dont deserve Rajmatha post… even chandra humiliates, torture nandu once but nw he understands real character of nandu so hope he never leave nandu for anyone…

  5. how chankya wil allow malai he know abt him vry wel….if chankya support nandu wat moora wil do,whthr she wil go aganist chankya……

  6. why cn s putg overseen ,fr kidnapping baby he giving death punishment k but he have fr apu,she killed his best frd nd reason fr illness f his son,nandu was punished nd tried to kill hr in his presence,fr all these sins he given hr royal place in mahal(even god wil not forgive hr) i cannot understand the thkg f writer…………..
    where is jj we missing ur comment…….

    1. Same !!!! The writers are all over the place….no justice for killing DD, but death penalty for kidnapping Bindu….give me a break….stupid writers are favoring Apama all the time….Justice should be even handed….it`s so frustrating to watch this. I feel Malai is the one who is going to flip on Apama and get her into truble with Chandra/Chanakya. He may do it to get into the good books of Chandra…and get Chandra to trust him….This is my prediction….because Malai has no loyalty for anyone. He did the samething to Nand.

      1. Aditi n Shree, I do agree with yr comments. No justice, Chandra is very smart King, but he is able to catch Nand n Amartya but till now he cant find out about Helena, who is also involved with the killing of DD.

        Apama, when she was punished she was excorted like a grand Queen and a beautiful carriage to take her,maybe it is from Greek. If it is Nandini, OMG the amount of punishement she got,endless n finally out of Mahal, even she came back the way Chandra treat her n use her for his own benefits. Aditi, hope u are right if Apama will get trouble because of Malai, than Chandra will give her death punishment.
        The makers, shd always read our comments.

  7. CHANDRA NANDINI is becoming interesting day by day even less promotion. Hope this week TRP is good and JUSTICE is given to TALENTED SAMRAT RAJAT TOKAS

  8. Not bad episode, did not expect that Chandra will capture Amarthya that fast, he supposed to
    get death sentence but was saved by Chanakya. Chanakya knows that Amarthya is such an intelligent person n well needed for magadh kingdom.
    I love the scene between Chanakya n Amarthya, good dialogue,intense n maybe Amarthya will agree with Chanakya decision.
    I like Chandra,Nandini n Bindu, so romantic, n the way both of them sing for Bindu, so sweet n Bindu stop crying.
    Precap not interesting, what the hell this Moora wants this Malay to be back to Mahal. Now the Mahal will have too many villians, back to square one n going to create more troubles to CN.
    We are still waiting for CN romantic scene, look like we hv to wait long.
    I just watched the latest Promo, nice

    1. Yes, all the villains are coming to mahal.Why is chaya asking to bring back Malai? Is she Crazy?

      1. chaya was unconscious in tat time just she heard news frm others so she canot feel the reality

  9. Moora is a new type of villi in the serial. In any serial there will no such type of character ,Moora when chandra is positive she wil be negative ,when chandra is sad she wil act like good person.

    But anyway guys i have a hope that there is a hidden plan of chandra to bring malai to place and catch malai and apama red handed.
    chandra ,nandini and chanakya will join hands to defeat enimies.

  10. In the latest promo also they are focusing on pandugar only so i think this week also pandugar only will be focused.
    How wil chaya accept malai,she knew helena used malai against nandini then why chaya is prefering malaikethu?
    in this palace only there is no security system,people in palace have no brain,no heart they have only tears in their eyes.

    1. no nandini chaya dont know abt helu behind malai,she knows roopa nd sunanda alone involved in it

      1. yes shree but also when they keep mukiya maharani competion that time helena only wil provoke chaya against nandini.

        it will be nice if chandra and nandini together try to expose malai real face orelse chaya should live with malai outside the palace in malai’ s palace

      2. if chaya live in mother in law house means only moora will understand how a girl sufer when a man choose between his mother and wife

  11. Don’t understand this moora & chaya really this 2 ladies haven’t got brain and how cgm can accept her request how can he forgive each time bad ppl . No sensé only Nandu knows malay is a dangerous person

  12. The person who is doing the role of Chanakya is too good.His diction of the dialogue is excellent.It is a treat to hear him.He deserves an award in the next star patient award function.Overall the language quality in this serial is fantastic.All the actors deliver the dialogue very clearly.Hats off to the entire team

  13. if cn comes to know abt malai involved in kidnap wat he wil do whtgr he wil give death punishment to him or accept chayas request…..nd moora my darling u have seen malais evil plot against ur son thn also u preferring ths grttt idiotic man as husband fr ur daughter….chaya can marry to anothr guy….

    1. Moora cant understand reality bcoz she doesn’t have brain… she always doing favour for helena n apama… how many times chaya get marry… so sad!!!

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Actually in chandra nandini’s era the wives were so devotee to their husband that they always forgave their husbands. In modern day it looks very awkward but it is true. If chaya begging her husband Malayketu then what can chandra do now??? But as a parent Moora should explain to chaya why malayketu should not enter in mahal. But this foolish lady got effected herself. I really waiting for the chanayka’s role. He played a game with malayketu, now how chanayka Allow malayketu???

  14. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Hey the new promo of chandra nandini released. Awesome promo, pandugrath talking exactly like Nand and he is laughing like Raavan.

  15. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    The curtain could not stop the eye lock between chandra nandini. When ever Iooked this scenes it made me sooo happy.

  16. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I am so happy to see jai and shree commenting like before. waiting for nick,jayani,nabanita comments.

    1. Surely thy vill… after completing xams…

  17. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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