Chandra Nandini: A Siya ke Ram story Episode – 2

Chandra stared at Nandini blankly. Just a few minutes ago, they had found out that they were trapped in Sita and ram’s bodies. After that, he and Lakshman (Original) had collected fire and he was burning them for making breakfast. He hoped there was a cooking book along with the philosophical books she read. Then, as he stared at her, she started doing Bharatanatyam eye movements. Best time for her to show that she could dance. He smiled to himself. Then Nandini pointed down. Suddenly, his smile disappeared.

“OOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!” Chandra cried. He had set fire on himself. Nandini giggled. He was running in circles as if he was a 5 year old being chased by chickens. “The river is just a minute’s run!” She screamed after him. Then, she went on to her cooking, asking Lakshman to help his ‘Bhaiya’. “Bhabhi, you told you will cook my favorite food today,” Lakshman gushed. Nandini smiled, and nodded. Goodness knew what sort of food he liked!

Chandra could not believe his eyes. Was Nandini mad? Why was she putting so much salt into the dish? “There is no way of me telling her,” Chandra thought. It was all her fault he had burnt his legs. As he expected, smoke soon poured out of the dish. “Eghooo, Eghoo,” Nandini coughed. Chandra laughed out loud. He ran to the pot and asked Lakshman to help him. This was so hilarious. “We’ll have your favorite berries for breakfast today, Lakshman,” Chandra grinned after throwing the whole pot in the river.

Lakshman was laughing along with Chandra now. Nandini could not understand why. Both of them would not be able to even boil water! “Bhabhi, I don’t know why, but you are behaving a lot like….” Lakshman trailed off, and his laughing stopped. “Urmila.” He completed and looked like he was going to cry. Nandini went and patted him. After all, it was Lakshman and Urmila who were the true hero-heroine of Ramayan. They were the ones who sacrificed everything for their loved ones, including themselves. Chandra soon joined and held Lakshman’s hand. “This will be over soon, “She told him, and gave a meaningful look to Chandra.

The rest of breakfast (Wild Berries) was silent. Chandra felt bad for the young man.”Love makes you so weak,” he thought. As they washed their hands, Nandini whispered to him, “Look for the golden deer.” Chandra nodded. He knew what she meant. And soon, it did come. “OK my dear Siya, I will get the deer for you at any cost, “Chandra told Nandini. Nandini glared at Chandra. “Will he ever change?” She thought.

Precap: Nandini sees the weapons in the Pushpak Vimaan. She can just give a good stab at Raavan, and he will be gone for good

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  1. Jayani

    M soooo sry I didn’t update earlier coz my wifi was 2 slow… So cudn’t update it… Hope I havn’t bored u wid my ff

  2. Arnasharma26

    this was hilarious bacha….
    “Bhabhi, I don’t know why, but you are behaving a lot like….” Lakshman trailed off, and his laughing stopped. “Urmila.” He completed and looked like he was going to cry
    this line swept me….so true yaar…they were the real hero n heroine of the epic….i loved it..update asap please

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooooo much arna di… Dat’s true… Dey r d true hero nd heroine of ramayan…Will update ven my frnd sends it… Luv u di?

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. Arnasharma26

        Luv u too babe…???

  3. Aman

    Bored! Really! Not at all ☺☺if you write such awesome ff no one can be, it’s superb

    1. Jayani

      Thnx bhaiya?

  4. NABANITA626

    Excited to see what nandini will do with lankesh!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jayani

      Even m xcited di… Can’t wait 2 know wat’s going 2 happen next??

  5. HiruCutie12

    Dude its so gud… tell her that she writes awesome stories… eagerly waiting for the next epi…

    1. Jayani

      Even me hiru piru?

      1. HiruCutie12

        I know right!!! If u have any idea of the future story then tell me in school tomorrow…

      2. Jayani

        Don’t worry my dear… I didn’t even c her properly… I just said a HI 2 her, told her 2 check my mail nd den I told her dat u told dat she sang well on thu… Dat’s all

  6. Preethi12345

    jayani its awesome!!! i love the fusion of cn and skr!! kudos to u !!!

    1. Jayani

      Thnx akka… But actually, it is my frnd’s idea…

  7. Priya15

    Wow… It’s so nyc yr.. Lakshman was hilarious when he said “bhabhi.. “dialogue.. This is a unique ff…go ahead jayu ….luving This lakshmila ff.. I m a lover of lakshmila… Cn I won’t watch but still I love the characters here…

    1. Jayani

      Thank u soooo much akka… Actually, wat u read abt cn is only d fun part, nt d soap part of d serial… Ekta has proved it once again dat her serials can only b equivalent 2 a regular saas – bahu serial… Thnx for ur ncouragement akka?

      1. Priya15

        Ya… Ekta stories r like that.. But she is the trp queen yet… Yhm starting la knjm Diff ah irundudu Ipa enada aduvum ade kuzhila vizhunduduchu.. But still ishita motherliness should be appreciated

  8. Jayani

    Frm now on, I will update d ff every fortnite coz it’s a long process… My frnd has 2 pen down her thoughts nd den send it 2 me, den I hav 2 edit it nd den I hav 2 post it… Nd in b/w dis, v hav 2 complete r hws, study for d xams which r coming in june… Its a tuff schedule 2 maintain for us… Dat’s y?… Sry for d long wait…

    Jai Siya Ram

  9. AparnaPrasad

    Jaya kutty.. its awesomee daa. Chandra and nandini siya and ram.. creativity becomes you… ????? keep updating regularly

    1. Jayani

      Thank u soooo much chechi??… Will update akka

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