Chandra Nandini : I love you to the moon and back (Episode 2)

Scene 1
Helena : Maa ! We have to bring Nandini and her lover more closer . Then only we can present him to Chandra .

Apma nods and gives a confused look .

Helena : Maa ! I will mix this jadibooti in her food and her health will be disturbed.

Chloe : Yes Maharani ! Then her lover will frequently meet her .

Apma : But ….

Helena : Maa , this is the perfect plan . Now you go and rest ,ok?

Scene 2
Dadi and Moora are sitting and chatting.

Moora : Maa , our first step is to make Nandini the chief queen . Then there is a way to our second step .

Dadi : Let me talk to Chandra ..

Scene 3
Nandini was sitting in her room when a dasi came.

Dasi : Maharani , Dadishree has called you for food .

Nandini : Ya I am coming .

Scene 4

Helena : Take this and mix it in Nandini’s food . Ok ?

Dasi : Ok mukhya maharani .

Scene 5
Nandini : What happened Dadi ?

Dadi: Every one has taken prasad . Come take this kheer and eat.

Nandini eats the kheer and finishes the bowl . She was about to go but was interrupted by Dadi .

Dadi: Nandini ! If I wish for something from you , will you fulfill it ?

Nandini : Of course Dadima !

Dadi : Come sit with me

Nandini : Tell me now .

Dadi : Think it about again, you will not deny then

Nandini : Yes Dadi ,tell me

Dadi : You will accept the chief queen post and also forgive Chandra .

Nandini was shocked : Dadi ! ….

Dadi : You told me to fulfill my wish .Please Nandini , if you accept your post and forgive Chandra, everything will be fine again …

Nandini : I……Ok dadi I will fulfill your wish only if I forgive Chandra, not before that .. I am broken from inside and whenever I forgive Chandra …I will fullfill your wish .

Scene 6
Nandini comes to her room and feels dizzy . She runs towards the pot and starts vomiting.  Dasis come running and try to handle Nandini . Nandini washes her face and feels head heavy and falls unconscious

Scene 7
Chandra and Dadi and Moora are talking about the chief queen post and Nandini’s thoughts .

Chandra : Maa , Dadi I am trying my best to please her .but the wound given by me is so deep that she is broken .

Dasi comes running : Maharaj ! Maharani Nandini was continuously vomiting and fell unconscious. 

Chandra: vaid ji should come .

They rush to Nandini.

Scene 8 :
Vaid is checking Nandini.  Chandra is sitting beside her .

Vaid :Maharaj ! It is food poisoning.  Nothing to worry . This jadibooti , she has to eat . And this lep to apply on her stomach .

Maharaj :Thank you vaid ji .

Precap : Chandra is blindfolded. Nandini’s birthday . She gets a surprise  .

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  1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Good story, continue it;!! After so many days I have read a chandra nandini love story. Thanks for it.

  2. one direction

  3. Jayani

    It’s beautifully written Neha di… After many days v r getting a luv story between chandini… Waiting 2 read d next epi

  4. Nesa, Nice love story but try to write more often,maybe alternative day,than it wllL be more interesting, so that we can remember.
    U are good writer

  5. Again i will say u 2 carry on & nothing else…….

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