Chandra Nandini-A Bindusar and dharma story -part 2


Bindusar looks on dazed.Ellis gets sad and says”oh ! You are not happy regarding my love for Kartikeya .Alright .All I want is his love and your blessings I will leave now” ands she starts walking .Bindusar stops her and says “All I care is for your happiness Ellis nothing else.Soon I will do something “.ellis happily hugs Bindusar and smirks thinking this Bindusar is emotional fool I will definitely get Kartikeya.Jatakataha sampravaha plays………
Bindusar says”Ellis never again should I see tears in your eyes”and then he leaves .Ellis laughs sadistically and says dharma I will end your love story .Meanwhile Chitralekha is searching for bhadraketu when suddenly she dashes into bhadraketu .Both of them share eye lock .He helps her get up and says”It seems like Champa Desh princess ‘s body s here and heart with someone else.” Chitra blushes and leaves.
In helena’s room…..

“How could he…I wish that son of mine would show common sense where is he?”says Helena . Dari says”Forgive me Maharani but he is sleeping “.Helena gets angry and shouts “Adonis Adonis ” and walks to his room to see him heavily sleeping .She is about to slap him when Apama stops her and says”Helena don’t raise your hand on him .Dont worry let him sleep for some time I will take care of him”.Helena says “But ma….””Helena.. I said I will take care of him.Helena storms of while apama looks on.
Chandra looks at nandini ‘s portrait and cries thinking I couldn’t get you have you truly left me alone please tell me

Just then dharma walks in and says”Pranam Maharaj.Did you call me?”Chandra says yes I did .Helena come here .Helena comes with Shagun thali .Dharma is shocked .Fb is shown .helena storms off when Chandra meets her midway and asks her to come with him. There he says”I want dharma as my daughter-in-law .bindusar is already getting married so let’s get dharma and Adonis married”helena is shocked.She says”Chandra but she is a village girl and not royalty “Chandra says”I am not finished.If Adonis will get married to dharma I will crown him king.So think deeply “Helena thinks if Adonis gets crowned then none will be happier than me and Bindusar will not revolt . After all this dharma girl is not so bad.She says “Of course Chandra give me your word that he will be crowned and then Adonis and dharma will get married”Chandra says”I give you my word.(Bindusar comes there and listens)Dharma and Adonis will get married “.Bindusar gets mad and leaves angrily .fb ends.Helena says”My dear dharma ,if I even search through out the world we will not get Bahu like you please accept.We have talked to your mother and father as well .”Dharma thinks Adonis is better than Bindusar but I like Rajkumar Kartikeya no you don’t I will ask maharani for some time .Then she says”I need some time maharani “Helena says “Tell us whenever you are ready you may leave”She bows down and leaves.

Bindusar calls dasi and tells her to call Ellis dharma and Kartikeya to temple at midnight.dasi goes and informs to all three of them and they accept.At midnight all of them come to temple.Bindusar says “Kartikeya Will you promise to do anything I ask you to do for old time sake?”Kartikeya smiles and says of course Yuvraj.Bindusar says marry my sister Ellis .Kartikeya and dharma are shocked.Bindusar continues and asks Dharma to hold sindhoor and mangalsutra and then turns to Kartikeya and says”Fill my sisters maang with sindhoor and marry her.He asks her to give sindhoor and mangalsutra when it falls up and sindhoor falls on dharma’s head and mangalsutra on her neck. Everyone is shocked . Dharma has tears in her eyes.Bindusar wakes up and shouts no I will not let this happen

Precap:Bindusar says “Dharma if you will marry Adonis I will stop taking revenge from you”Dharma says”I already said yes”.Kartikeya gets shocked

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