Chander-Lekha (Episode 9)

Prem tries to convince his brother regarding his idea of making meenu stay in their house .Chander gets angry on hearing Prem’s idea and questions him,”if you have a sister in this state,will you send her to someone’s house “.Prem remains silent.Chander sees roop through the door ,he feels bad to see his brother in such a condition.Prem sees Chander leaving.he again goes and sits near him.
Manvi comes home late during the night time and sees meenu sitting near the landline connection with so tiredness.she goes straight to the kitchen and finds the food being not even touched by Meenu.she comes from there and searches for the servant but she also have left the home.Manvi sits near meenu and caress her hair. She feels someone’s touch ,opens her eyes
Chander comes home and sees Roop’s mom sitting with phone in her hand and having conversation with prem,her another son.she says “I will explain everyone “and sees Chander at the doorsteps.she begins to ask him about something when Chander’s phone begins to ring .he picks the call with more is from one of the suppliers who have send the orders and request his signature.he says”sure sir”and gets into the car.
Ravi reaches Delhi to attend the interview and. Goes to the hotel room booked for him via internet.he sits in the room and switches on the ac.he thinks the behaviour of Manvi and gets irritated.he thinks of calling her and dials her number. Manvi gets call from one of her friend who has arranged a party in one of the restaurant.she tries to explain her friend but atlast decides to go to the party.she informs one of the servant to come and look after meenu and leaves from there .she reaches the hotel at 11 pm due to heavy traffic.
She gets into the lift to go to 3 floor when Chander gets into the same lift to go to 7 the floor to have a contract signed with his supplier.Both feels awkward to be there.before Chander decides to get down in fourth floorfloor,the powers goes all over the city and the lift moves very fastly and gets stopped in between some floor.Manvi gets so much panicked and shouts for help but no one hears her voice.Chander tries to do something but in vain.the lift suddenly goes down fastly. Manvi falls and he hold her from touching the ground.she moves from him and gets very much tensed thinking about her sister.Chander sits in the lift thinking what next to be done.
Meenu wakes up in mid night and searches for Manvi all over the place.The servant tells about Manvi going out dressed in her cherry colour saree.Meenu knows that she will wear the dress oy for some special occasions like friend’s wedding .she gets angry thinking “I am dying in guilt but she is enjoying her friends party “.she sits there trying manvi’s number.
Everyone comes out of their house due to the power cut.people begins to shout among themselves and so Manvi’s voice doesn’t reach anyone.
Chander:will you please shut up?
Manvi:I am ……sorry we are struck ,we need help now. We must inform someone
Chander:shut up and give me time to think for sometimes.
Manvi:haah ok
Chander: let’s us try to go out by that ventilator.
Manvi:yes but ..
Chander: only way is that.
He tries to reach the ventilator but couldn’t because it was very much height. He turns suddenly
Chander:what is ur height.
Chander: OK ,please stop sobbing, I will lift you and you open it.
Manvi:no I don’t like this plan .
Chander:do you think that I am romancing with you,if you want to go out with life do as per my idea.
Manvi:you have no rights to talk to me like this,I need to go out but I.
Chander sees her with folded hands.she accepts the idea with half minded.he tries to lift her but her saree was very slippery ,he murmurs”why you ladies prefer this creep ?”.she reaches the ventelator and tries to move it but couldn’t as it is jammed. He loses his grip ,she begins to fall.they fall down on the ground. Chander gets up and scold her.
Manvi:you only put me down.
Chander:it was due to your saree
Manvi:ho OK, from next time I will correct it,who knows at I will struck in lift?
Chander: idiot.
Manvi:mind your language.
Chander:I didn’t told you,I scolded my brother because of him I need to talk with you.
They sits in opposite sides without talking or telling something each other.Chander feels very much hungry and blames himself for prefering lift instead of escalators. Manvi takes out a packet and gives to him.he opens and finds dry fruits in it.he sees her with questions in his eyes.she tells about carrying it always when she goes out.

Precap:they talk about perception of life

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