Chander-Lekha (Episode 8)

Chander sits in his car and thinks about the incident happens at manvi’s boutique.he says”how dare that Ravi,he is insulting me and Manvi is asking me to go”.He sees the signal ,stops the car .Manvi argues with Ravi against his behaviour with Chander.Ravi stands surprised seeing this and shouts”so he is important to you and I am not, who is your boyfriend ,me or him?”.Manvi says”don’t blabber,he came to ask about his brother’s condition ,and I am not tieing you by any relation you may go”.Ravi thinks not to talk further he thinks of loosing Manvi and says sorry for all his activities .
Meenu sees a telephone in the desk.she dials Roop’s cell number and waits for the particular call to get connected. Prem picks up Roop’s mobile .he sees meenu darling calling on the screen.Meenu thinks that it is roop and cries hearing Prem’s voice.she tells”how are you,are you fine.I know you will be fine .you dont worry rooproop,I am always with you. Why are you not talking with me,are you angry with me ?”.Prem cuts the call as he don’t know the way to respond to her questions.Meenu cries thinking that he is angry with her.Prem sits near Roop and tells him about the words of meenu.he finds a slight improvement in him.
Chander reaches the hospital in night and sees Roop still under the control of medical help.he gets a glimpse of the days when he used to be very much active and mischief. Prem pats his shoulder and takes him to the nearby restaurant.There they order for food and Prem tells about roop’s improvement on hearing Meenu’s name.Chander smiles hearing Prem’s idea.He objects it” are you becoming mad prem,she is young girl may be in her late teens,how could they send her to our home,and moreover her sister “,he remembers Manvi’s attitude in his eyes.Prem insist his thought of bringing meenu to their house.

Precap:Manvi and Chander gets locked in lift.

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