Chander-Lekha (Episode 7)

Manvi sees Chander coming and gets surprised to see him there,she gets up in shock.he stands in the entrance without entering the shop.She makes up her mind and invites him to come inside the shop .he comes in with a millimeter smile and sits in the chair opposite to hers.there remains a calmness.manvi cannot enjoy the calmness ,she feels in her heart “Calm before storm”and gently corrects her hair which falls on The forehead.

Ravi tries Manvi’s number for almost ten times but she doesn’t pick his call.he thinks to go and meet her in person before leaving for the
interview in Delhi.he packs all his needed documents,searches for his black tie which
Manvi presented for his birthday after their relationship started ,he smiles remembering the particular day,the day opens before his eyes.

“. Manvi and Ravi reaches one of the biggest
malls of the city.Ravi was dressed in his blue shirt with sandal pants .Manvi sees her refection in the orange skirt and white formal kurtaa ,she compeles Ravi to come inside the shop and select something for himself,He says”no ms.Lekha,it is not necessary,when are you going to meet the numeralogist “.Manvi controls the words which she gets in her mind and says “I dont like to change my name and you don’t worry about”,she goes inside the shop and returns in half an hour with the tie.”
He closes his bag and starts his bike towards her shop.Prem sees his mom still sobbing and asks her to be very much strong and hugs her.Roop’s mom caresses his face and says “may be we made mistake Viraj in roop’s life”. Viraj comes inside with newspaper and says” yaah”and sits in the nearby chair
,they gets tears seeing Roop still not perfectly fine.

Chander tells about Roop’s health and asks her about Meenu’scondition in indirect words.
Chander: I hate talking without any reasons and wasting words.
Manvi: sorry I cannot understand anything.
Chander: how is ur sister and her health,is she,I mean is she?
Manvi: now only i am a bit relieved
Chander: what?
Manvi:I thought you came to just
Chander:blame her,I am not a barbarian or a fool.
Manvi:(in mind:mmmm oh):she….is fine and
Manvi:I need to apologise for my sister’s behaviour.
Chander:its actually not at all needed.
Both of them turns on hearing Ravi’s shout “Manvi “.

Ravi gets shocked to see Chander talking with mamvi in a calm tone.He stands without i entering the room and begins to laughs loudly.Chander gets up as a part of manner and asks Ravi about his works .Ravi says”I don’t want some third person to know about it “,Manvi sees Chander getting angry and says”OK Chander Sir, let’s meet afterwards”.Chander goes from there with anger in his eyes.

Precap:Manvi asks Ravi to go.

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