Chander-Lekha (Episode 6)


Manvi sits in her home and sees meenu sits sobbing even after two days,she pats her back and consoles her .Meenu cannot digest the fact that Roop is in critical condition due to her.Manvi gives her milk to drink because she hasn’t have anything from the day of accident.Manvi feels so much tired and stressed to see her in such a condition.she herself feels that she is responsible because of Meenu’s behaviour .she dials Chander’s office number to ask about Roop’s health ,he picks the call reluctantly and says’Why ate you irritating me,Manvi”.she gets shocked to here him guessing her correctly.she tries to say something but he shouts in the line”just cut the call before I talk something offensive’.she cuts the call and sits depressed.
Chander feels bad as he talked in such way,he calls the hospital and asks about Roop’s health.Prem picks the phone from the reception and says about his slight improvement and asks Chander not to strain himself.Chander gets relieved only after having conversation with Prem.he sits in his room without concentrating in the works.he takes out the phone and dials Manvi’s number.
Manvi reaches the boutique and opens it,the next shop owner sees her and delivers a friendly smile on seeing her,she also smiles and enters the shop.she sees two parcels left unopened and opens it with a knife.She sees beautiful yellow colour shiffon material and remembers one of Chander’s aunt asking for this particular type of cloth.she sees the workers coming and sits in her chair with lots of thoughts in her mind.Chander finds her phone switched off and thinks may be she is hurt because of me.
Ravi reads newspaper in his room and sees new job offeres in many firms.he notes down the address and calls one of the firm asking about the date of interview. the firm’s authority asks him to come by tommorow to Delhi to attend the interview .he smiles and cuts the call.he sees his reflection in the mirror and says in mind”now no one can stop my destiny”.

Precap:Manvi slips in the hand of Chander.
(Guys please inform me whether you like the story or not,it is hurting me to see the page without any comment)

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