Chander-Lekha (Episode 5)

Manvi rushes to the place in her scooty and gets so much shocked to see the while place covered with blood strains ,police standing in the place,she calls out”Meenu” for several time and gets shocked to see her sitting in a stone bench with blood strains all over her dress.She runs towards her sister and hugs her tightly.Meenu tries to tell something but
her state didn’t me her to speak.Manvi asks her to come so that they can go from there.She hears someone laughing and saying”That is not so much easy Miss.Manvi”.She turns on hearing the male voice,gets shocked to see Chander standing with so much anger and pain in his eyes. She cannot understand the reason for his pain,tries to talk ,but he signs her not to and continues
Chander: Your one and only sister is the reason for my bro’s state.
Manvi(turns and sees her sister crying): w….hat?
Chander:my brother is now in ICU.
Manvi(shocked):what hsppebef,What happened Meenu.
Meenu:Actually di ,I didn’t do
Chander:If you tell anything for justification then I will slap you(raises his hand)
Manvi:Hello sir,talk with respect ,don’t behave like a child
Chander: Yes,I will explain you to the matter,your sister and my bro Roop went for a long drive in his ,mmmm actually mine and get hit with a truck,your sister is fine but he Is in ICU.
Manvi:Meenu,is it true?
Meenu:Di actually
Manvi:Say whether it is true or false.
Meenu:Yes di but roop only.
Manvi slaps her for several times,Chander pulls her and asks her not to behave like this in front of ever gone ever gone and says in a surcastic tone,”You must be proper so that she will be”.Manvi sits in the stone bench.Chander hears the inspector calling him and leaves to talk with him regarding all the formalities.Manvi sees Meenu still crying and asks her not to cry after doing all this mess.She was not ready to stop crying.Manvi remembers him blaming her for her sister’s activities. The words reverberates in her mind continuously.

Chander comes back after competing all the formalities and gets surprised to see Manvi missing from the place,he thinks to ask Meenu but stops himself seeing her state,he asks the nearby people about Manvi but no one knows anything,he stands confused.Manvi in the same time reaches the hospital where Roop was admitted and walks in the hospital.She enquires in the reception,and walks towards the ICU ward.She sees some ladies sitting and crying,she remembers seeing each of them in the shop.She gets very much hurt seeing a mother crying for her son.She walks to tell about her sister’s mistake but a strong hand stops her from going,It is Chander.

precap:Manvi asks Chander about his brother’s health and gets reply inform of a different look.
(guys please tell me whether, you like the story or not,please if you dont like it then I need to stop it)

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