Chander-Lekha (Episode 4)


Manvi asks Meenu about the place where they are going.Meenu struggles and later says”Manali”.Manvi asks her to go safely and phone her once she reached the place.Meenu hugs her and runs from there with a laugh in her face.Manvi remembers about her mom’s promise and says “I will fulfill it by any means “.Chander and Prem talks about the business matter and sees Roop standing near the entrance.He asks Roop to come in and asks about the matter.Roop tells about Badima(Mohi) calling him to come and have food.He agrees and walks down.Prem asks Roop to behave normal and smiles hugging his brother.

Chandra Dadi asks Chander to join them in the party in sunday night which is conducted to celebrate his uncle Krishna and Menka’s wedding anniversary.Chander sees his father’s face and approve to come.Menka chachi thanks Dadi and says “Kaki,I am so much happy “.Chandra Dadi asks Mohi to go tomorrow to purchase for the party.She nods yes and says about Chandra lekha boutique in the town which us very well known for its goodwill.Chander leaves to his room and closes his eyes and gets Manvi’s face in his eyes.

Next day,Meenu gets ready with her dress and bags to leave to Manali.Manvi asks her to take good care of herself and suddenly asks about “Meenu,whose going to come with you to the place,”.Meenu gets so much shocked and says “Di,di actually my friend sanju is coming”.Manvi gives her some money to use and goes yo change.She prays to the god”Thank god,di didn’t know the truth “.Manvi comes back from the room and sees Meenu has already left the place.She wonders why this girl so much interested in going to a trip .she turns and finds Meenu’s phone in the table

Chander along with the women folk of his family reached the Chandralekha boutique in the centre of the city.The manager asks them to come in and have a look at the dress which they like.Chander sits in a cushion chair seeing his phone.Manvi comes inside in a white plaso pant and pink tops and asks about the customers,she turns and sees Chander sitting .Chandra Dadi comes out and sees the same girl who argued with her grandson in the shop and goes to talk to her.Mohi asks Chander to come and select a dress for himself.Manvi sits in the chair and welcomes the customers to come
inside.Chander and his family completes the purchase after three hours and comes to the reception.Chander gives the bill and amount.she sees the bill amount as 70,000 and smiles thinking about something,gives them their dress and a small gift for purchasing in her shop.Everyone leaves except Chandra Nani,she asks Manvi “You must be the girl who my grandson talks ,your name is lekha”.she smiles and says “No madam,I am not that girl,I am Manvi Kashyap”.The word Kashyap remembers something to Nani and she goes from there on hearing the horn sound.She gets a call from hospital regarding Ravi’s discharge and goes to help him.

Chander goes straight to his room and sits in the sofa with a confusion he thinks to ask Nani about the girl because he feels something related to her.Ravi and Manvi reaches his mansion room and opens the door.Manvi sees the room so much dirty and offered to clean it .After a while.She comes back with two cups of coffee and offeres one to him and sits in a near by table.
Ravi:sorry Manvi for troubling you,I cannot tolerate the dismiss order
Manvi:its OK,Ravi,you try to apply in some other company.
Ravi:Mmmm but
Manvi:If you wish you can work in my shop itself but I think you won’t consider it.
Ravi:no that won’t be good and
Manvi:Yes you are correct.
Ravi:I feel very happy to see you in my house.
Manvi:Mmm,I am getting late bye.
she goes from there as soon as possible because she know the next word Ravi will tell is about his desire to get married soon.she finds her phone ringing inside the bag and finds it as Meenu’sphone.she thinks to inform the person about the matter and livks the call but she hears her own sister’s voice in the background with a agony or pain.She almost shouts “Hello”.Chander gets a call from the police telling that his car met with a accident.He gets puzzled and asks the servant about the car in the garage.the servant says “Roop said that he will take it to home”.Chander goes to the accident spot.

He scold his cousin in the mind and almost reaches the spot and shocked to see the place full of blood pools.he gets almost a panic attack and rushes to the place, there he sees a young girl crying vigorously and sitting with a band aid on her head.

precap:Manvi reaches the place and sees her sister and rushes to her shouting Meenu.

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