Chander-Lekha (Episode 3)


Manvi sees her Dadi’s photo and gets very much sad ,she remembers about the accident that happened before eleven years. She sits in a chair where Dadi used to sit and remembers those happy days,she feels someone touching her and gets surprised to see Meenu standing there with her college bag.She asks her the matter.Manvi hugs her and wipes her tears.Meenu asks her”Thank you Di,for being with me without any expectation,I am always with you “.Both of them smiles and caress each other’s face.Chander asks His father to sign the document for the development of the company.He signs the paper and tells about His uncles going to come from London to stay here for some days.He didn’t give any response and goes from there .Chandra sees his reaction and asks Hari not to worry.Ravi reaches the office and gets shocked to see his dismiss order,he gets almost tears and asks permission to meet Chander sir.The receptionist tells about Chander sir left to his house.He starts his bike and leaves yo the Chander’s house.

Manvi and Meenu talks about their olden days and Meenu asks Mamvi to marry Ravi as soon as possible because they can live happily as a family.Manvi thinks about her marriage and remembers her promise to her mom that she will think about her once her sister’s life is set right .She remains silent and asks Meenu to help her to clean the house so that they can come and stay here whenever they want.Both the girl’s gets ready to clean the house .Ravi calls Manvi and asks her where she is.she tells about the matter and asks him to come.

Chander sits in his room and sees the project in his laptop,he hears some one shouting in the basement and sees through the window and gets surprised to see Manvi standing with some other girl shouting at the watchman to give her permission to meet Chander.he asks both of them to stop and goes down with anger.

He asks Manvi to talk softly and not to shout like a mad person.Manvi asks him to first listen to her word and not to talk like a dictator.Meenu nods yes to her sister’s words.Chandra nani sees this from her room and thinks about the girl who is shouting like that yo her grandson.Chander asks her to leave from there in a veryuch angry tone.Manvi and Meenu sees him disbelief ,they both think about Ravi telling about Chander very correct and goes from there.

Next day,Manvi asks Meenu to get ready as they need to go to their work as soon as possible.Meenu murmurs something and wakes up and sits in her bed. She opens her eyes and sees her sister standing with her hand in her hip and says “Good morning, Di”,she asks her to go and do work fastly because Today servant is not coming snd she herself is managing the house snd cleaningand leaves her to get ready.She hears some knock at the door and goes
to see with mop in her hand .She gets shocked to see Chander standing in the entrance with a tensed reaction.she hides the mop and asks him the matter.He says “Ravi is not well,you come “.

Manvi stands in the hospital counter and asks about the amount which is needed to pay from Ravi’s treatment.The manager says that the amount is settled by Chander.She thinks to give the money to him and goes to see him ,who is standing and arguing with someone over the phone.She stands waiting for him to complete his conversation.He says “no,dad,you go and pick them personally ,ya that what I mean “,he turns and sees her with a confused look. She gives a money bundle to him .he asks her the need,she says “Its the amount you gave for Ravi’s treatment,”,he denies taking the money and says “No need miss.Lekha”,she says “No my name is Manvi,I have changed my name according to numerology”.he sees with a trading tone and says “I know because Ravi don’t like the name”,she thinks how could he know this much about me and sees him in a shock.

he comes back to home and sees his uncles and aunts talking with his mother and his cousins playing cricket in the backyard.he asks for Nani and leaves to meet her.He sees his cousins Roop and playing cricket with servants and smiles seeing their childish attitude.he hears some near him and tries to turn but the person closes hiseyes and says “Bhai,find me “,he says “Prem”,Prem asks his he found him correctly.Chander says about his heavenly powers and ugs him.

Meenu comes back to home from college and sees Manvi sitting very much upset and asks her the matter,she tells about Ravi’s suicide attempt and Chander paying the hospital bill.Meenu asks Manvi”Why jiju is so timid didi?”,Manvi doesn’t give the answer and sees Chander’s attitude in front of her eyes.she turns and finds Meenu so much excited and asks her the matter.She says about her friends planned to go for a picnic.and asks for Manvi’s approval.

precap:Chander comes to Chandra lekha boutique shop.

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