Chander-Lekha (Episode 2)


sorry guys for the confusion,the heroine’s name is Manvi.and reason for keeping Chander is it is the name of the hero.

Manvi moves away seeing his angry look.The MD of the company is standing in front of her with so much anger.She apologises for collision .he asks her not to give some reason and leaves from there very much angrily.she stands puzzled thinking about his angry nature and goes towards the receptionist table.She asks Manvi about the matter,she asks about Mr.Ravi,the receptionist says “Mam,Ravi sir is today absent so only Chander Sir is shouting “.She tries his number and finds him not picking any of the calls.Chander sitsin the car and remembers seeing the innocence in her eyes and thinks to say sorry for hurting her in the morning and walks inside.Manvi comes out and asks the auto to stop but it leaves,she hears a someone calling her and saying sorry and turns.Chander stands there with a black cooling glass covering his eyes.The eyes with Manvi thought after knowing that he is Mr.Chander Gupta.that the cold blooded eyes.she stands confused on thinking about the nature of him.

Meenu asks her Jiju to come with her orelse Manvi won’t spare him .He laughs and asks her to sit with him in the bike and drives towards Manvi’s small boutique shop in the corner of the city.the name Chandralekha boutique shines in the neon light.Bothif the goes inside and finds Manvi haven’t reached and thinks where she might be.Manvi stands in the hospital with some blood strains in her duppaya.she sees the person through the ICU window and prays for his well beings. Chander comes after paying the bill and sees Manvi before the god and stands quietly,he hears her telling “God,please help him to recover from his illness,please Shivji”.She turns and srez Chander seeing her with a surprise and handing over the bill.They hears some noise and sees a Lady in her muddle He comes running with a newborn child in her hand shouting “Lalaji,Lalaji”,Manvi asks her not to worry and says”Auto wala sir is very fine”.Chander smiles on the word “Autowala sir”.Meenu asks the assistant about Manvi and hears some car noise and gets surprised to see her getting down from the car with blood strained cloths.Meenu cries and runs to her shouting”Di”.

Chander comes back to home and sees her Nani playing video hames in the phone. She raises her head and says “Hari ,bring water to Golu”and continues her work.A Lady with traditional and modern features comes with water and says”Ma,I have asked you not to treat your dhamar as servant but you “.She says “Mohi,don’t over react,even Hari is very calm,isn’t it pa “,Hari comes out of his room and says “Ha,mamiji”and hugs his Mother-in-law.Chander smiles seeing their attachment and thinks about Manvi.

Manvi explains the whole situation and turns towards the man whom Meenu called Jiju and asks “Ravi,why you didn’t go to the office,I went yo meet you and your boss”.Ravi gets shocked on hearing about his boss and says to himself “Tomorrow Chander sir will literally kill me “.Meenu asks him not to worry and gives him some cool drink to drink.He drinks it in a gulp and smiles seeing Manvi.she smiles back.

Meenu asks Ravi and Manvi to go somewhere and leaves the place.Ravi asks her about of her triedness,she asks him not to worry for her and she asks him to go to the office and sits in the boutique .
she feels something in her heart and comes to her home and sees
her empty home and remembers about their happy days.She enters the house and sees Her granny’s photo hanging in the wall with the name “Lekha ishwsri Kashyap”.

precap:Chandra Nani sees Manvi in front of her house talking with Ravi.

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