Chander-Lekha (Episode 11)


Manvi asks the servant to bring coffee and shouts at meenu go inside the room without making any issue any more.meenu cannot feels the reality that her di has slapped her hard .she tries to say something in anger but stops herself seeing manvi sitting angrily in the opposite sofa.she runs to her room with tears and shuts the door with so much anger.manvi sits seeing her hand, she hold it with other hand and sits in silence for sometimes.Meenu falls on her bed with anger and puzzle because she haven’t seen her sister’s anger in all thses 18 years.

Chander reaches the hospital and gets so much relieved to see his family along with roop and roop in a bit councious state.Roop’s mom happily tells chander about the improving condition of her son after hearing about the details related to meenu.chander sits near roop with happiness ,roop tries to say something but couldn’t tell due to his body condition.

Next morning,manvi sits in the dinning table and sees the closed door of meenu’s room .she asks the servant about meenu and goes to call her to have food.meenu packs all of her belongings in a cotton bag and comes out angrily,she shouts “I am leaving this house once for all,give me my share of property “.manvi smiles seeing her attitude and asks her to sit for sometimes and they can talk about it later. Meenu was not ready for any times of compromise with her sister.she stands angrily.

Ravi comes back to the city and calls manvi’s phone to talk with her about some matter,but she doesn’t pick the call and so he sits in the airport waiting for her call.

Precap:same precap.

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