Chander-Lekha (Episode 10)


Chander thanks her and begins to eat it .he takes out half of the packet and gives back rest to her insisting her to eat in because even she may be very much hungry.She keeps it inside and sees Chander eating it fastly.she feels a unknown happiness on hearing him praising her for the dryfruits.she gives a smile as a return to his thanks.

Meenu angrily throws the phone down and shouts at the servant .she shouts angrily”how could she behave like that when I am living in such a pain and guilt,she enjoying the
party,shit”the servant tries hard to make her calm but all ends in vain.roop gets little councious and asks Prem to come towards him.prem runs on seeing his brother’s hand moving
Manvi:life is very beautiful things

Chander(fans with his hand):how could you tell it in this situation.
Manvi:yaah it is quite hot here but still I cannot change my perception about the element of life.
Chander:may be

Manvi:do you have any such perception?
Chander(in mind ):if she knows it is about her then?
Manvi(repeats her question)
Chander: wh…h..y should I tell you ?

Manvi:we are struck in a lift without power.we need to divert our thoughts so only if not interested.then
Chander: not about life but about money ,it can give the pleasure which no one give us ,no one
Manvi:wrong,there are big things in life like …..
Manvi:no like love,affection,brotherhood,sisters bonding ,family etc.
Chander:brotherhood and sister’s bonding .

Manvi:yes .
Chander: is your sister the best in the world ?
Manvi:may be but I haven’t failed ad a sister till this date.
Chander:oh OK,then why did you left her to be with roop.
Manvi:I don’t know about it before ,and you think that I am using my sister to get all of your wealth .
Chander:sorry actually I thought like that but now
Chander: nothing,what is the time now?

Chander:(laughs)we are caught for almost an hour still no,
Manvi(sees the date and remembers mohi telling about chander’s birthday ehen shs came to shop)no one will get opportunity to celebrate the birthday like this.
Chander:whose birthday ?
Chander: mmmm yes,but I don’t have habit to celebrate it .
Manvi:mmm but happy birthday.
Chander:I usually go to a orphanage and give sweets to the children and play there almost a day with them
Manvi(surprises): such a nice thing.

Suddenly the powers comes and lift being to work .manvi and chander gets up from the stops infront of 2 floor.they comes out and smiles seeing each other.and goes apart in two direction.manvi gets into the car and thinks “such a nice person but saddos”,and drives it back to home.

Meenu sees manvi coming and shouts at her for leaving her there itself without caring for her etc.manvi tries to calm her ,but meenu tells”why are you acting di I am dying here in guilt but how could you enjoy all this happily like this in this situation.?”.she sits without answering and asks the servnt to bring coffee.meenu blames manvi so much.manvi slaps her hard .the servant stands shocked.

Chander reaches home and sees no one in home,he asks the watchman and got to know about Roop getting councious and so everyone leaves to the hospital.he also starts the car and drives towards the hospital fastly.

Precap:Ravi sees manvi with prem

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