CHANDARA (my love) Episode 2

Sorry guys 1st epi was short ill make this one lil longer
CHANDRA:our mighty king Chandra gupta maurya
SURDHARA:his childhood friend and wife
CHANAKYAR:chandras mental guru and leader as u wud hav studied in history.
N other eventual persons as they com.

Durdhara stood there with the shock that chanakyar had bought Chandra and she thought of somke moments of her and him………
(the scene mentioned in prev epi where raindrops flow on their cheeks and they blush…and another scene where Chandra closes durdharas eyes while she asks what and he replies happy bday my lovely durma….and she opens the gift to find some bangles…she smiles being so content with them and when she was about to wear them Chandra stops her….he says I bought it for you on ur bday so I only will wear it for you..she shies away and lent forward her hand when he tries to put it….he said oh god durma you have grown fat as the bangle was not fitting so properly..but he managed to put it…and they end up chasing each other for the fact that HE HAD CALLED HER FAT…a word no man must say to a girl……

And also another seen where chandras father had beaten up him so much that he had been bleeding with bruises and the first person he came to meet was her. She immediately panicked and rushed to him making the medicine….she applied them on his shoulder and chest which were filled with wounds when he shouts in pain AAAAAAHHHGRHHH…and she sayssorry and asks him why he didn’t go to vaidhya first for what he replies seeing loved ones is the best cure for anything……another scene when its dark in the evening where she is crying and he persuades her and she lies on his chest crying…………another time when she sneezes with no cloth and he lends his hand( I know this is weird but its kiddish and has lot of meaning)…..

She stood there thinking of all these moments when sufddenly somebody tickles her from back…and to her surprise..omgggg,..its CHANDRA…shre does ask anything but first acts by hugging him tightly and breathing a sigh of relief…but then she starts to scould him with thw worse of words…and Chandra is astonished to see if she knows all those…and he goes on appoliging to her telling his full story…..he tells that when he left her that night a wealthy brainy taxilan called CHANAKYR as you would know took me away paying 1000 pakoras …….and that he told him that he has lot of talents hidden between and that he is going to be with him only here after…then he tells her that its been 10 years since he is under gurukulavs….he further says thet he has excelled in all arts and war tactics as that was his aim of life that he wants…..Durdhara taunts him by asking that gud then why don’t you go and marry that chanakyar and have as many babies..u have lived with him for 10 years know…chandra says DURMA……don’t make me to taunt you back..

She asks him why he has come here now to steal food or hide my things from me…..he replies saying no DURMA today is an important day where I have come to watch after the Greeks and so I must not be under anyones sight and so I have come to stay with you…she happily replies really??? He says yes but durdhara says her dad is at home now…when she gets a loud hoarse voice of a tall fat man(its her father only) DURDHARA WHERE ARE YOU..she leaves Chandra asap and comes to answer him when her father tells her that they (father and mother) would be leaving to their aunts house…..she was about to jump in laughter and dance for a song but as her fathers long stretched keen close eyes are watching her she could not do so…..but instead she smartly replied oh father how can I sleep without you all amd he dsays you are 25 right??? She says yes sadly and their parents leave with her mothers warning to
While her father tells her rules to 1)NEVER LET THAT CHANDRA IN(to which she nodes good)
2)follow rule no1
3)follow rule no2(hahaahhha)
Her father and mother say they will pack things and while she says she will play with her friends outside………..she goes at back o f house where Chandra is there and lights a fireand says sorry chandra my father is here today so you cant be here to which he is about to reply and she closes his mouth with her hand saying will I ever say no to you,…..she jumps in laughter saying you are staying with me….CHANDRA overwhelma and is about to kiss her on the cheek for reply when he actually gains conscious and they both are staring at each other……..and she blushes it was a twilight with the fire as the only light and the wonderful pair sitting there and the breeze blew cold…

PRECAP: durdhara says there is only one cusion and he says its fine he will sleep down to which she is to interrupt but says ok..they turn to each others side and look inti each others eyes in the moons light …

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