CHANDARA (my love) Episode 1

Hiiiiiiii everyone this is shwethaa and this is my first fanfic…this is based on CHANDARA(Chandra and durdhara)…about our mighty king Chandragupta maurya and our bubbly girl next door…..this is totally based on real history with little modifications cause here Helena will not be there(whats more best) and the fictional character nandhini too……….this is truly a love based story for fans out there who love chandras and durdhara………

The wind was blowing gently and the grass was swaying the trees stood up high in the fields that were wonderful the beautiful colours of flowers poped up with colours and we could see it raining…wow the sky has opened and 2 kids were running of ages 12 and 15 respectively…there was a boy and girl the boy was short handsome and cute while the girl was cheerful lovely and beautiful…the the girl said you cant catch me….the boy followed her among the green lushes but caught hold of her they ended up stumbling and falling of each oyther and a small childish blush came upon their faces..yes the age of 12 and 15 were ages of infatuations( u think u love someone but its not that deep)….with profuse blushed faces the girl got up and said CHANDRA…..he looked into her eyes and took away hairs on her face but their moment whet out when the girl shouted…….OH NO CHANDRA MY FATHER…IF HE SEES ME WITH YOU ..THATS ALL

The boy got up pulling her hand and they slowly hisd behind the bush…..her father came shouting DURDHRA….DURDHARA…seeing she was not there he left…….the 2 played till it was night and then she said its time Chandra father will be searching for me I have to go…while he said….ok but come back soon…we could see durdhara escaping into her room through the window and sitting silently….when her father asked where were you all this time??? She replied she was in room only…………For time passes and it passed by and they were grown up and there was a time where they never meet…..she was about 25 and he was 28 years old….when she asked some friends of Chandra out there they told her that a vedic taxilan called CHANAKYAR had bought him…..but durdhara was not a war princess but she was educated enough so she knew that chanakyas needs met to chandras conspirations and that it is the right place for him…..

PRECAP:durdhara sadly turns back while she shrieks as somebody tickles her to her surprise it is CHANDRA…the hugged each other in surprise

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  1. NABANITA626

    Awesome ff swetha..eagerly waiting for the next part….
    So good reay??

    1. NABANITA626

      I mean realy

    2. Shwethaa

      thank u soooooooooo much nabu

  2. It’s lovely and Thank you shwethaa for it do continue it

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u A…..i willl

  3. Awesome dr…its interesting n I thnk thr will b lot of cute moments between them ryt… Oru episode story ku ivlo konjama update pandra…neraiya type panni update pannu ma… Eagerly waiting for nxt…post it soon…

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u soooooo much jai.naan ammaku theriyama panren adhanale konjam dan panna mudiyudu…sorry i will uodate soon

      1. Jayani

        Paathu akka… Thitta poraanga… Unga amma nerutha sunnagana naaga enna panuvom??? Chandhara illama lyfu bore addikkum

      2. Shwethaa

        Nana yosikanu amma little holidays le dolls trypanrem problem is all stories on Tuesday are romantic mostly bcuz they are bad on pairs ana amma kite sollumbodhu yenna romantic stories ezhudiriya nu she will ask…Dat s y..I’m ?…..I will jst say I’m writing historic story….

      3. Shwethaa

        wait 3 lines r wrong….(grammar correction)
        Naan yosikanum amma kitte holidays le type panrenu solanum….Problem is tu le all stories …

      4. Jayani

        Oh appdiyaa… Appa ok

    2. Shwethaa

      theringaluym onnum ille but i just took this step forwd so …wait il updte

  4. Do ur xam well swethaa…thn u’ll do dis…amma Ku therinja thitta poranga…

  5. Do ur xam well shwethaa…thn u’ll do dis…amma Ku therinja thitta poranga…

  6. Shwethaa

    ok jai please wait till 17 april

  7. Shwethaa are you going to upload a episode today??

  8. Shwethaa

    i already uploaded……see after some time……i am very sorry guys due to exams epi 3 can be uploaded only on 17 april

  9. Darshana

    Hey firstly really sorry..actually I had lot of pending episodes of my freinds ff on krpkab page so I have been busy with them..reading and little late …??
    the episode is really amazing but u know I am bit the they show like chandr loves nanadini then no nadini..i am not able to get it!

    1. Shwethaa

      in real life there is no nandini …..that is a fictional character

  10. Soumya85

    Awesome one

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u sowmya

  11. i love u r way of writing and moreover its really too different from actual serial do continue
    love u

  12. Shwethaa

    tks selfie queen jas… epi 2 too..

  13. Abhija17

    amazing..u have a great talent…keep writing

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u so much..

  14. Its vry nyc dear.

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u yasmin

  15. it’s realy a cute and beautiful story

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u anjelika:)..

  16. i have heard tht a character like nandini is real who is With chandragaupta when he dies. durdara dies when bindusara was born because of poison. nandini’s handicap Brother is back chandragaupta’s Death. chandragaupta’s son and nandini kills his own handicap Brother for chandragaupta’s Death. chandragaupta and nandini is love story. chandragaupta loved nandini most of his wives.

    1. Shwethaa

      mr.wysh that is not real history……see in wikipedia…and i am a historty student too…….i fear your beliefs may be wrong….because in eal life if there was someone called nandini to look after bindusar then also she wud not have been his enemys daughter maybe someone ellse to look after….and also chandra our king died a natural deathh he was not killed by anyone……:)….just to say…..this is truth

      in internet people who post are humans only not genuises so wiki is standard and please check it…..but the character durdhara is permanent… chandar is a love story bet….our king and his son giving wife n real durdhara……for ur kind inf….:)…..the chandra nandini serial is utter false…..he evn married helena only at 40 yers old and then he followed jainis

      1. Nikkita0194

        hii di that’s trully a great story this ‘chandra gupta mourya’ was a hero in real life i have his chapter in history n when i was kid i used to watch it on imagine i think this chanell is ended up but still remember each n every story each n every villain
        n your ff is awesome lovely………
        urs lovingly

  17. Shwethaa

    thank u for all those people who love my story and gave your valuable comments..

  18. So sweet I love it.. Good Luck for your ff.. Good start..

    1. Shwethaa

      Thank u sooo much priya

  19. N.M

    Awesome shwethaa ,its ur first ff and u wrote it like a famous writer , loved the precap…

  20. u r right

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u for your patience….

  21. Jayani

    Wow… Asum epi akka?… Just luvin’ it???… Can’t wait 2 read more stories of chandhara… It fun 2 hear dat dey were frnds but dey had a bit of a feeling for each other… Just lyk chandini❤❤❤… Sum xamples of best frnds r duryodhan – karna, ram – hanuman nd den is ? – durdhara… Can’t for u 2 upload d forth epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      Nd I just luved d way u xplained d scenario… It was beautiful

      1. Shwethaa

        Thank u jayani..

      2. Jayani

        Ur welcum akka

  22. Nikkita0194

    hii di that’s trully a great story this ‘chandra gupta mourya’ was a hero in real life i have his chapter in history n when i was kid i used to watch it on imagine i think this chanell is ended up but still remember each n every story each n every villain
    n your ff is awesome lovely………
    urs lovingly

  23. Sam-99

    nice one dr i’m going to read next……….

    1. Shwethaa

      Thank u sumitha

  24. Savera

    Amazing loved ur ff

  25. Tanz

    Although,i’m not much into historical reading, but this one was amazing is really interesting… 🙂

    1. Shwethaa

      Thank u tanz

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