Chand Ka Dusra Chehra Season 2 (Episode 1)


CKDC Season 2
Sorry… There’s a slightly a change of Plan, there would be 5 year leap… Not 10…
The episode starts with a a bomb blast happening.

“Ragini!!” We hear people scream.

Crying are heard and screaming while the person in black hoodie laughs and then leaves.


Kolkata is shown and then the airport.

“Wah, life is a trauma Nai?!” A man sighs and comes out. He is shown wearing a black suit with normal shoes.

He takes his sunglasses off and is revealed to be Abhi.

“Meri dictionary mein serious word hai hi Nahi.” Abhi tells and starts walking with his luggage.

As he walks, he bumps into a girl.

“Sorry uncle.” The girl says.

The girl gets shocked to see Abhi’s face and turns around and bites her tongue along with making a face. Abhi notices this.

“Hmm, you look familiar, where have I seen you?” Abhi says.

Abhi then thinks and remembers.

“Oh, so Miss Aaradhya Maheshwari?” Abhi tells.

The girl turns and her face is revealed and a tune plays. She is revealed to be Aaradhya, a 13 year old Aaradhya.

“Chachu… You came early.” Aaradhya says.

“But what are you doing here and that too alone?” Abhi says and looks at her suspiciously.

“Uh… Vo… I was…” Aaradhya says and thinks.

“Haa, I was here to collect you.” Aaradhya lies and thinks “collect?”

“But I didn’t tell anyone that I’m coming back today…” Abhi says.

“Lo, phas gayi… Ab Kya karoon?” Aaradhya thinks.

“Think Aaradhya think!” Aaradhya thinks and finally thinks of a lie.

“Chachu… You must’ve told someone that your coming, anyways I was here to pick up my friend, she’s new to Kolkata but recently she had called saying that her flight got cancelled and she wouldn’t make it… So I was just going home until I met you…” Aaradhya lies and looks at Abhi.

Abhi gives her the suspicious looks.

“Why do I feel like you’re lying? Tell me the truth.” Abhi says.

“If he finds out that I sell drugs, then… No! I have to think of something else.” Aaradhya thinks.

Aaradhya then sighs and says “Ved Bhaiyya.”

“Ved?” Abhi asks confused.

Scene then shifts to an unknown place, a boy and girl are lying down draped in blanket only. The boy wakes up and looks around, he then stands up and gets changed.

“Where are you going?” The girl wakes up and asks.

“My work is done, so why should I stay here?” The boy says.

“What do you mean?” The girl asks.

“I mean that I’m done with you!” The boy says.

“Is this some type of joke?!” The girl worriedly says.

“Yes, you falling into my trap was a joke… Me with you here was a joke.” The boy says and finishes tying his shoelaces.

He stands back up and walks towards the door and turns.

“If you tell anyone then I have no harm in this but you do!” The boy says and smirks.

“You can’t do this to me Ved! I will ruin you!” The girl angrily screams.

The boy is revealed to be Ved, a 20 year old Ved. He leaves while the girl cries, a evil tune plays and he spins his bike keys on his index fingers.

“Oh god, there’s a barsi at home.” Ved remembers.

Ved then sighs and drives off on his bike.

Scene shifts to MM, the house is decorated for the barsi and everyone are wearing white. Finally all sit down and in front of the photos.

A woman was about to sit down but remembers something.

“Arohi, go get the thali…” Sujata shouts and the woman is revealed to be Sujata in a White saree.

Arohi is revealed and is shown bringing the thali. She gives it to Sujata and sits down at the back near Antara and Swara. Sujata suts in front of them.

“I wonder if Laksh and Shaurya would make it or not…” AP says.

“I don’t know about Laksh but Shaurya… He would never come.” Sujata says sadly.

Laksh is shown wearing a white kurta Pajama.

“Ragini… How do I look?” Laksh asks.

He then turns around.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?!” Laksh complains.

“Don’t tell me you’re angry on me…?” Laksh says.

Just then someone knocks on the door, Laksh then looks there.

“Bhai… Aap?” Laksh asks.

The man is revealed to be Sanskaar, he then looks at the bed and sees an unconscious Ragini.

“Bhai… Why are you all losing hope? She’s strong and will Coke back.” Laksh tells.

“5 years Laksh… Just let her…” Sanskaar says but gets interrupted.

“No Bhai! Never! I will never ever let her off life support! She will come back for me and my children!” Laksh tells in a serious tone.

“She’s been in Coma for 5 years, still no changes… Anyways come downstairs they’re waiting for you.” Sanskaar says.

“I’ll be there in a bit.” Laksh says.

“Laksh… Can I tell you one thing…?” Sanskaar asks.

Laksh nods.

“Concentrate on your children a little more… I feel that they’re parting from us…” Sanskaar tells.

Laksh then starts thinking and Sanskaar leaves.

After a while, Laksh shuts the door and heads downstairs.

The rituals start and the pictures are revealed, it’s the Pictures of Aahana, Aaisha, Riya, Shanaya and Aansh.

Laksh looks at the pictures and gets flashes.

The children were playing in the garden, Ragini then hands the baby to Laksh and goes out to see the children, she smiles and turns around as she sees Aansh playing with them. Just then a bomb blast is heard, all are shocked and run out and get even more shocked.
Few of the children run out, Ragini runs there but the second bomb blast happens and all shout Ragini, Ragini flies back and hits her head and falls unconscious. Ayaan, Ved, Aaradhya, Ruhi, Vivaan and Armaan survived. Aansh had died while saving the children, they rush Ragini to the hospital and find out that she had slipped into coma. Shanaya couldn’t bare that shock and she died and so did her child that was in her womb… Everyone cried.

End of Flashback.

Aaradhya and Abhi enter,

“When are you telling me?” Abhi asks.

“After the pooja.” Aaradhya says.

Abhi nods and Aaradhya goes up.

“Now I need to think of something.” Aaradhya thinks.

Just then she bumps into the children.

“Arey… Careful, you are going to fall down.” Aaradhya says.

“Aaradhya Didi, we have grown up.” One of the boy says.

“You’re so small and have grown up?” Aaradhya asks.

“Didi, you need to mature your brain not your height.” One of the girl says.

“Hmm, mere Chotu baby’s bade ho Gaye? I’m impressed Ananya but I don’t know about Varun, Armaan and Aarav.” Aaradhya tells.

The children are revealed to be a 5 year old Varun, a 5 year old Aarav, a 9 year old Armaan and a 7 year old Ananya.

“Aru Didi, don’t underestimate the power of a Common and young boy.” Varun says.

“Varun is right.” A new voice is heard.

All look there and Aaradhya turns.

“Vivaan Bhai, you know Na, they’re so childish.” Aaradhya says.

The boy is revealed to be a 17 year old Vivaan.

“Where’s Ruhi?” Vivaan asks.

“She must be in her room.” Aaradhya tells.

A girl is shown getting dressed and decking up.

“Arey Wah Ruhi, you look dashing today…” The girl says to herself and is revealed to be a 14 year old Ruhi.

Someone knocks on her door and she worriedly looks there.

“Did they come?” Ruhi says worriedly.

Then two girl are shown entering MM in a white Salwar suit.

The fire of the Havan is shown.

The photos that have Varmala on them are shown, one of the Varmala falls, the screen freezes on that photo for a bit.

Sujata looks on.

“Arey JiJi… Aahana’s photos varmala has fallen off.” Sujata tells.

All look there and a girl walks down behind the photo, she looks around.

The other girl also walks down and whispers “We should get our work done today.”

The girl nods and says “Don’t worry Riya Di.”

The girl is revealed to be Riya and her face is shown.

The other girl then says she needs toilet and heads up while Riya is sitting down and looking at the photo.

The other girl then reaches a room and opens the door, she sees Ragini lying down and shuts the door.

“So Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari… Sleeping peacefully?” The girl says and turns around, her face is revealed and she is shown smirking.

She walks up to Ragini and turns angry.

“You’re very fond of sleeping? Today I will make you sleep, forever!” The girl says and takes out an injection.

She grabs Raginis arm and was about to put it in when she hears the door open and hides the injection. She turns around shockingly and sees Aaradhya.

“What are you doing here?” Aaradhya asks.

“Actually, I got lost.” The girl lies.

“Oh, hi, I’m Aaradhya and you are…” Aaradhya says with a smile.

“I’m Aah…” The girl says but stops.

“Oh no Aahana, what were you about to say?!” The girl thinks and is revealed to be a 13 year old Aahana who was assumed to be dead.

“Uh… I’m Amaya.” Aahana lies.

“So you wanted to go where?” Aaradhya asks.

“I wanted to go to use the washroom.” Aahana says.

“Oh, you can use Papas and I’ll wait outside.” Aaradhya says.

Aahana nods and turns and gives an angry look, Aaradhya walks out. Aahana turns and sees her gone and looks at Ragini.

“You got lucky but you won’t this time!” Aahana says and goes forward.

She grabs Raginis arm when Ragini wakes up with a sudden jerk which shocks Aahana, Aahana then put the injection on as her arm was pushed forward.

Aahana then pushes the injection in her and takes it out after she used it and throws it.

“Aaru!” Aahana shouts.

Aaradhya rushes in and sees Ragini behaving like a mad person. By breathing heavy and breaking things.

Aahana then sneaks out and fakes to get scared.

“Didi! Didi!” Aahana shouts, Riya looks up at her.

All look up, Riya stands up and sees Aahana running down.

“Di, vo Aunty.” Aahana says and hugs Riya.

“Kaam Ho Gaya.” Aahana whispers.

Riya smirks and Laksh rushes up along with the rest of the family. Aahana and Riya then walk out.

“Mamma… What happened?” Aaradhya asks.

Laksh comes in and sees Ragini.

“Ragini!” Laksh shouts.

Ruhi and Varun walk in.

“Take the children away.” Swara tells Ruhi.

Ruhi nods and takes Varun away and stops the other children in coming in the room.

“What happened Ragini.” Laksh says and cups her face.

Laksh then sees blood coming out of her arm and rushes her to the hospital.

Sanskaar and Swara follow.

Riya is seen talking on the phone.

“Hello, we don’t your work, now leave Aaisha.” Riya says.

“Good.” The callers says and disconnects the call.

Aahana turns around and sees Laksh putting Ragini in the car and driving off, SwaSan follow.

“Oh no, there taking her to the hospital.” Aahana says.

“Don’t worry, by the time they reach there, it would be late.” Riya says.

Aahana and Riya walk out of MM, after a while they reach a factory and walk up, Their they see a girl tied on a chair.

“Hmm… You came?” A new voice is heard.

Aahana and Riya look there and see a person in black hoodie, she removes her hoodie and is revealed to be a lady, her face is shown.

Then scene shifts to Ved, he is riding his motorbike and sees a girl and stops it with a sudden jerk.

“What the hell?!” Ved says.

The girl turns and Ved is stunned.

“Sorry.” The girl says and bends down.

Ved is mesmerised, he looks at her picking up the her stuff, she then stands up.

“Do you need a ride?” Ved asks.

The girl looks at him.

“I mean a lift?” Ved says and comes out of his world.

“Uh…” The girl says and thinks.

“Sure, could you please take me to the city hospital.” The girl says.

Ved nods yes and the girl sits behind him and Ved starts driving.

After a while Ved reaches the hospital and then sees Laksh’s car.

“Thank you.” The girl says and heads inside.

“Why is Papa here?” Ved thinks and parks his bike.

Ved also sees Sanskaars car and goes inside.

Ved sees Sanskaar and goes there,

“Bade Papa, what happened?” Ved asks

Sanskaar sees Ved and tells him, Ved is surprised.

The doctor comes out and says “It’s good you brought her on time…”

Swara comes out from the washroom and walks near Sanskaar. Laksh also comes back with the medicines.

“What happened Doctor?” Ved asks.

“She was poisoned.” The doctor tells.

All get shocked.

“What are you saying?” Swara says.

“It’s the truth, if she was brought in late then she would’ve died, someone injected poison in her via her arms.” The doctor tells.

Laksh remembers seeing a mark on her arms.

“But who can do this and why?” Sanskaar says.

“Who was with her at that time?” Ved asks.

“When we entered, Aaradhya was there.” Swara tells.

“Aaradhya can never do this.” Laksh says and remembers the Aahana, who shouted Di.

“It was the same girl who came running down and shouted Didi.” Laksh says.

“Her? But she’s a child.” Swara tells.

“But people pay little children so that the suspicion doesn’t point at the children because everyone knows that the children are innocent.” Laksh tells.

Swara, Sanskaar and Ved think.

Scene shifts to the factory.
The woman comes out and her face is revealed.

“Good, now you can take your sister.” The woman says.

“But why are you doing this? First you saved us from the bomb blast and now you’re blackmailing?” Aahana asks.

“Mind your own business!” The woman shouts.

“But that woman who you wanted to kill was once my mother.” Aahana tells.

“But she left you to die.” The woman tells.

“I don’t believe that she can do this, you kept us away from our family for 5 years.” Both Riya and Aahana say in Union.

“Just shut up and mind your own business!” The woman says and angrily leaves.

Aaisha then hugs Riya and Aahana joins the hug.

“Di, what does that woman want? And I hope nothing happens to Ma…” Aahana says but stops.

“Nothing’s going to happen to her.” Riya assures and looks on while hugging both Aahana and Aaisha.

Aahana then looks on and thinks “Why am I not feeling hatred towards that family or her? Why do I want to go back and say I’m your Aahana?”

Aahana then closes her eyes and continues hugging Riya.


“What must have happened?” AP says.

“Mom, relax, nothing can happen to Bhabhi.” Abhi says.

“Papa, will Badi Maa be okay?” Varun says.

Abhi nods yes.

“What happened?” A new voice is heard.

Everyone look up and see Shaurya, Ananya runs up to him.

“Papa” Ananya says.

Antara and Abhi smile seeing him.

Shaurya hugs his daughter Ananya back.

“Bhabhi is taken to the hospital because… Maa, I’m hungry.” Abhi says.

All look at him.

“What? I can’t control my hunger now can I?” Abhi says.

Shaurya shakes his head and AP smiles.

“The whole world would change but Abhi would never change.” All say in union expect from the children.

“Be grateful that Papa is gone Kerala with Chachu, or else he would’ve put his Kaali Nazar on my food.” Abhi tells and walks towards the kitchen.

“Antara, can you call Swara and find out what’s going on?” Sujata asks.

Antara nods yes and calls Swara.

“Princess, now your Papa is tired, let me freshen up and I’ll be back okay?” Shaurya says.

AP smiles seeing that, Ananya nods okay and walks down while Shaurya walks up.


“But Doctor, is Ragini okay?” Laksh asks.

“Yes Mr Maheshwari, she is absolutely fine and she is out of Coma. She can be discharged after 2 days.” The doctor says and leaves.

“I’m going home.” Ved says and leaves.

“Bhai, you go home too, I’ll stay with Ragini.” Laksh says.

“But Ragini?” Swara says.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Laksh assures.

Swara then nods okay and leaves with Sanskaar.

Ved comes MM and tells everyone everything and all are shocked.
Ragini is out of the hospital and Laksh helps her come in MM, all welcome her in and she smiles at them.

“Ragini, how are you feeling?” Sujata asks.

“I’m feeling better Chachi Ji.” Ragini says.

She then glances around and sees Aarav and a smile appears on her face.

“Our son, Aarav.” Laksh whispers.

Ragini then walks there and hugs Aarav.

After a while the family start talking with Ragini and Ragini talks to them. Then at night, Ragini is taken in her room by Laksh and Aarav comes in with Swara. Ragini takes him in her lap and hugs him, Swara leaves.

“I missed you my baby.” Ragini says.

“Him and not me?” Laksh pouts.

Ragini looks at and smiles.

“Of course I missed him.” Ragini says and pecks Aaravs cheeks.

“Maa?” Aarav says.

Ragini gets happy and hugs him.

“And I don’t exist.” Laksh says and sits down.

“Hmm, Aarav, your Papa is angry.” Ragini says.

Laksh folds his arms and thinks “Aarav is eating all the attention, he’s not the only cutest one her.”

Laksh’s eyes then fall on the injection and he looks on. He was about to touch it when he remembers that he can check the fingerprints and leaves it there.

He then looks at Aarav.

“Aarav, you have to leaves now” Laksh tells.

“No, he’s staying here.” Ragini says and makes him sit on the bed.

“He isn’t.” Laksh says.

“He is!” Ragini says.

Then both of them argue and Aarav falls asleep, RagLak continue arguing.

Ragini and Laksh are shown lying down, Laksh head is near Aaravs legs.

Aaradhya then walks in with a tray but gets confused.

“Arey, is this how they slept?” Aaradhya asks.

Ragini then moves and opens her eyes, she sees Aaradhya at the door.

“Aru, you?” Ragini says and gets up.

Aaradhya then remembers something, she remembers Aahana shouting Aaru.

“That girl said Aaru… But Mamma and Aahana only call me that.” Aaradhya thinks

“What happened?” Ragini asks.

“Kuch Nahi Mamma, Bas Badi Maa sent your medicines.” Aaradhya says and forwards the tray.

“Medicines?” Ragini says and makes a face.

“Yes, medicines.” Aaradhya says.

Laksh hears voices and gets disturbed, he wakes up and sits up.

“Good morning.” Laksh says half asleep.

“Papa, it’s Good evening.” Aaradhya lies.

Laksh checks the time and sees its 8:30am. He turns around and sees Aaradhya disappeared while Ragini is taking her medicines.

“Where did she do?” Laksh asks.

“Who?” Ragini asks.

“Aaradhya.” Laksh asks.

“Aaradhya? Where is she?” Ragini says.

“She was right here.” Laksh says.

Ragini makes a confused look.

“No, I swear she was here, in fact she gave you this tray.” Laksh says.

“Swara did.” Ragini says.

Laksh then touches his head and walks up to the bathroom. Aaradhya then comes in.

“Thank you Mamma.” Aaradhya says.

“Yeh Sab?” Ragini asks.

“Mine and Papas small game… You will understand soon.” Aaradhya says and leaves.

Ragini then smiles and remembers Aahana.

Laksh then gets changed and enter Aaradhya’s room. He sees her sleeping.

“How is this possible? She was awake and now is sleeping? Something’s wrong.” Laksh thinks.

He enters fully and looks around.

“Aahana cockroach.” Laksh says.

“I’m not Aahana.” Aaradhya says and opens her eyes.

She sees Laksh missing and looks around.

“Aahana? Why am j thinking about her?” Aaradhya thinks.

Aaradhya stands up and heads towards RagLak’s room and sees Laksh coming out of the shower wearing his suit.

“Oh, so madam Ji was awake.” Laksh thinks.

“Aaradhya?” Laksh asks and sprays cologne.

Laksh looks there and sees Aaradhya disappeared.

“Oh, so she disappeared again? This time I’ll catch her and win the game.” Laksh thinks.

Laksh then walks out and looks around.

“Aahh!” Laksh screams down the hall and goes back inside his room.

Sanskar, Abhi, Sujata, Shaurya, Ragini, Swara, Antara and Arohi come out.

Aaradhya comes out too and looks around then feels someone grab her from behind.

“Got you!” Laksh shouts from behind.

“No, you haven’t.” Aaradhya says and turns around.

“Oh fish, you have! You cheater!” Aaradhya adds and frowns.

“Yes!!” Laksh shouts in joy.

Aaradhya crosses her arm with a frown on her face.

“Them and their game!” Abhi says.

“It’s never ending!” Shaurya says and leaves.

“I thought something happened.” Sanskaar says and leaves.

“Chore, dara diya tumne!” Sujata says.

“What type of game is this?” Ragini confusingly ask.

“It’s called Never can you find me.” Antara says.

“There are two rules to this game and it’s confusing.” Arohi adds.

Sujata tells AP that it was a joke.

“So, you play this game like… You have to enter each other’s rooms and say something and disappear.” Swara tells.

“Then you have to catch them red handed awake or near your room.” Antara says.

“And then the person who catches first gets a point.” Arohi says.

Ragini gives the confused.

“You don’t get it?” Swara asks.

“Neither do we.” Antara, Arohi and Swara say in Union.

“I understand a little bit.” Ragini says.

“Now get my present ready by tonight.” Laksh says and leaves.

“You’re so stupid Aaradhya, you stood behind his window!” Aaradhya says and palms her head.

Ragini, Swara, Antara and Arohi leave and go to the kitchen.

After a while, Laksh reaches a place, he enters and sees Riya, Aaisha and Aahana sitting down and eating. Aahana sees him and looks on shocked. Riya notices this and turns around and is shocked to see Laksh.

“Why did you try to kill Ragini?!” Laksh angrily says.

“What are you trying to say?!” Riya answers back.

The police come in with the finger print machine.

“Could you all please give yout fingerprints.” The inspector says.

“Do you have a warrant?” Riya asks.

The inspector shows them the warrant and says “Please cooperate with us.”

Aaisha gives her fingerprints first.

“What’s your name?” A man asks.

“Aaisha.” Aaisha says.

Laksh looks on and Aahana and Riya are shocked.

Riya then comes forward and gives her fingerprint.

“Name?” The man asks.

“Uh… Siya.” Riya lies.

Aahana gives her fingerprints and worries.

“Arina.” Aahana lies.

The machine starts beeping and all look on.

“Her fingerprint matched.” The man says.

All get shocked. The inspector shows the syringe that Aahana used to poison Ragini and Riya gets shocked.

Aahana worries and looks on.

“No, we… We don’t know what you’re doing here but u…you can’t blame us”. Riya says.

“The fingerprint matched, why?!” Laksh asks and holds Aahana by the arm.

Aahana looks on and he questions her and she gets annoyed and jerks her arm.

“You want to know why? It’s because I hate her!” Aahana shouts leaving Riya shocked.

“I hate that woman! She’s nothing to me!” Aahana adds.

“Why? What has she ever done to you?!” Laksh asks.

“She left me! I used to believe that she was my super mom but she isn’t! She turned out to be a villain!” Aahana shouts.

Laksh is shocked and confused “Super Mom?” Laksh asks.

“Oh, don’t act as if you’re innocent! You placed that bomb on her saying so you could get rid of me and when you found out I survived you sold me!” Aahana angrily shouts.

Laksh is confused.

“Oh, so you don’t know anything?” Aahana asks angrily.

“I’m Aahana!” Aahana adds.

Laksh is shocked and speechless.

“I’m the same Aahana who you two wanted dead!” Aahana shouts.

“I’m the same Aahana who was once your princess!” Aahana says.

“But you didn’t value me!” Aahana angrily shouts.

“Aahana?” Laksh asks shocked.

“Yes, Aahana Laksh Maheshwari!” Aahana shouts.

“We didn’t harm you!” Laksh says.

“Go away!” Aahana says.

“Chote Papa… I miss Mamma.” Aaisha says.

Laksh is shocked and looks on sadly.

“Which Mamma Aaisha? The one who left you?” Riya says and hugs Aaisha.

“Riya?” Laksh asks.

Aahana starts clapping. Just then a woman enters saying “What are you two…” But stops as she sees the police.

“Sarika?” Laksh asks.

The woman is revealed to be the one who blackmailed Aahana and Riya and who kidnapped Aaisha.

“Uncle, this Aunty is a bad Aunty… She kidnapped me.” Aaisha says.

Sarika, Riya and Aahana are shocked.

“No Aaisha, you don’t say this.” Riya says.

The inspector looks at Sarika but Sarika runs and the lady constables chase her.

“So Sarika kidnapped you?” Laksh asks.

“It’s none of your business!” Aahana says.

“It is my business, I’m your father.” Laksh says.

“You’re not, I don’t know you anymore! My family died 5 years ago!” Aahana says.

“Please Mr Maheshwari, leave us alone and at our state.” Riya says and folds her hand.

“How can I? You’re my family.” Laksh says.

Aaisha runs up to Laksh and says “Chote Papa, would you take me to my Mamma?”

Laksh nods yes and Aaisha hugs him.

“Aaisha! You’re too innocent.” Aahana says.

The woman constables bring Sarika and she looks down.

“Before you ask, I will tell you.” Sarika says.

“I did all of this, I planted that bomb because I wanted to kill Ragini! I wanted you Laksh, do you remember how I used to love you but you wouldn’t even look at me and now… I decided that I would separate you from your children and Ragini!” Sarika admits.

Aahana and Riya are shocked.

“What?!” Riya and Aahana shockingly asks.

“I did this all for Laksh and our love.” Sarika admits.

Laksh then faints and everything blackens out.

Few hours later Laksh wakes up and finds himself lying in his bedroom.

“Aahana…?” Laksh wakes up shockingly.

He looks around and sees Aahana sitting besides him.

“He’s awake, now let me go.” Aahana says and stands up.

Laksh holds her hand and pulls her into a hug.

“Aahana, my princess… How could you ever think I would ever be able to forget you…” Laksh says.

All are in tears Riya melted down and asked for forgiveness, Arohi is hugging Aaisha and not letting her part from her.

“If you’re drama is over then let me go.” Aahana says.

“No.” Laksh says.

“Yes.” Aahana says.

“No, never.” Laksh says.

“Yes!” Aahana says.

“No!” Laksh says.

“No.” Aahana says.

“Yes.” Laksh says.

“Thank you.” Aahana says and Laksh realises.

“You tricked me.” Laksh says.

“No I never.” Aahana says.
“You said yes.” Aahana adds.

“But if you want to leave, then you have to get me caramel, vanilla, chocolate brownie mixed with Banana strawberry milkshake with a scoop of mint Ice cream.” Laksh explains.

“Yum, but I’ll order it for you.” Aahana says.

“No, I want you to make it.” Laksh says.

“What? I’m not making it.” Ahana says and looks at him.

“Then you’re not allowed to go.” Laksh says.

Aahana looks around and sees everyone.

“All of them are here, they can make it for you.” Aahana says.

“But make mine with bubblegum ice cream.” Aaradhya says and sits on the other side of Laksh.

Aahana glares at Laksh and Aaradhya.

“Hmm, go now.” Laksh says.

“I’m not making it.” Aahana says.

“They don’t have the ingredients.”
Aahana says.

“Everything is downstairs.” Aaradhya says.

“But you don’t have lemon ice cream.” Aahana says.

“How can you three even like that?” Ragini says while wiping her tears.

“You won’t understand the taste.” The trio say in a union.

“It’s amazing.” Aahana says.

“It’s refreshing.” Laksh says.

“It looks awesome too.” Aaradhya says.

“Now I’ll make it and leave from here.” Aahana says and stands up.

Laksh nods and waves her goodbye. Aahana gives him the glares and leaves.

After a while Aahana is shown in the kitchen kneeing the dough, she has flour on her cheeks and is wearing a cooking hat. She starts making the brownies and buts it in the over to bake. Then makes the lemon ice cream. After a while she is finished and smiles. All look at her and smile from the window.

She takes Aaradhyas and Lakshs upstairs and gives it to them.

“It looks good.” Aaradhya says and tastes it.

Laksh also tastes it and is shocked.

“It tastes amazing.” Aaradhya and Laksh say.

Aahana smiles proudly.

“Now I’m leaving.” Aahana says.

Ragini comes in and sees them and smiles.

“What is this? It looks good.” Ragini says and tastes Aahanas.

“No, you’re eating mine.” Aahana complains.

“It’s okay.” Ragini says.

“It has chicken in it.” Aahana lies.

Ragini, Laksh and Aaradhya are shocked.

Aahana sees their reaction and starts laughing.

“I’m joining.” Aahana tells.

All are relieved and Ragini swallows it.

After a while, all of them make Aahana busy with some work so that she doesn’t leave. Then later at night Aahana falls asleep. Laksh and Ragini smile at her, Arohi pampers Aaisha.

Aahana wakes up and looks around, she then doesn’t feel like leaving and starts thinking. Ragini walks inside and sits in front of her.

“I’m sorry for trying to poison you.” Aahana says.

“It’s not your mistake.” Ragini says.

Aahana hugs Ragini and apologises, she then says she doesn’t want to leave her and go, Laksh then walks inside with Aaradhya and Aarav. Ved also comes inside and smiles at them. All share a family hug.

The end….

Thank you for reading, actually, this is a very short and boring OS….

Sorry and do comment…

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