Chanchan 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 8th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben reaching the court, her women friends meet her in the court. Umaben praises herself infront of them, and says lets go we will stop them. Meanwhile, simple and Chhan Chhan discuss about the flower garlands. Chhan Chhan asks them not to worry. Umaben is on the way to meet Hitesh.
Umaben and Chhan Chhan cross each other but do not see each other. Poorvi’s father is tensed thinking what might be happening in the court. Chhan Chhan’s Dadi says they will no all the rituals of the marriage. They say him not to worry as Chhan Chhan is with them.

Umaben comes to Hitesh and Poorvi and says this marriage cannot happen. Poorvi and Hitesh are shocked. Manav falls some papers and sits down to pick them up, Umaben does not see him. Manav and Himanshu are also shocked. Poorvi

is tensed. Umaben comes in the court room. The lawyer asks who are they. She says this marriage is against the society so the society came to stop it. She asks the lawyer to stop this marriage, he says this marriage has happened. Umaben is shocked to see Manav and Himanshu here. The women gossip seeing Manav there. Umaben thinks what Manav told her about the work he had at 12 o’clock.

Umaben is angry on Manav. Hitesh tells he will explain everything. The women say you might have thought to get married satying away from the family and no one will know about it. The one who breaks the society’s rules, we will not pardon them. They say that it looks Manav helped Hitesh, thats why Umaben is quiet.
Umaben says we came late, but it happened, they have cheated us. Now, nothing can happen. Umaben says we should give them blessings so that they start their new life. Umaben looks at Manav. She blesses the couple and leaves.

The women say Umaben, but she does not talk to them, and they all leave. Umaben’s plan has shattered. Chhan Chhan and Simple come back to the court. They talk about Manav. Chhan Chhan says all the credit goes to Manav. Simple says he did everything because of you. Chhan Chhan says its not like that. Simple says Manav came to her climbing the stairs, and if you say he will bring stars for you. Chhan Chhan smiles. Umaben hears their conversation and is shocked seeing Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan says Manav understand the meaning of love, so he supported Hitesh and wanted them to marry. Chhan Chhan is shocked to see Umaben. Umaben taunts her. She says why, your mouth opened seeing me. She asks she deserves the sweets first. As this marriage happened because of me. She scolds Chhan Chhan saying she wanted to make their rivalry a step ahead. Chhan Chhan tries to explain her but Umaben does not listen. She says she broke off the marriage and she made it happen again. So she is against her directly. Simple interrupts, Umaben asks her not to interfere. Umaben says you enjoy to make and break the relations. Chhan Chhan gets hurt by her words. She says you broke their marriage standing against dowry and today, you are getting the same couple marry. Why?

Because its your habit. She taunts her a lot. Chhan Chhan gets tensed and requests her not to say like that. Umaben still does not listen to her. She says she will do anything but not forgive her. Now, they are straight rivals. Chhan Chhan and Simple leaves. Umaben thinks what Simple said, that Manav and Chhan Chhan are dating. Umaben thinks how Manav lied to her, because of this girl. Umaben says she has crossed every limit.
She has to draw a Laxman Rekha outside her house to stop Chhan Chhan from entering her house.

Chhan Chhan fears what will Umaben do. Umaben is angry and Manav asks her to open the door as he wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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