Chanchan 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 7th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan and Manav looking at each other. Manav admits that he loves her. Simple and Himanshu are happy that finally he spoke his heart out. Chhan Chhan is shocked and silent. Manav says but now it does not matter, you were a bad accident in my life in which my heart broke. Chhan Chhan shouts Manav hear me once but he leaves saying his heart broke.

Chhan Chhan thinks how Manav admitted his feelings for her. She does not know what to do now. Simple calls Chhan Chhan, and she says Manav met with an accident. Chhan Chhan is shocked again. She runs for Manav. Manav is standing at his car angrily. Chhan Chhan calls him, he turns and sees his running towards him. She asks is he fine, did he get hurt. He asks what happened to me. She says what Simple said. She shouts at him, and

says if anything happens to you, then… He says what, you were going to marry someone else. She says why will I marry someone else when I love you. Manav smiles on hearing this. The song Bahara Bahara plays again… (Chhan Chhan’s admittance is more cute than Manav’s, she looks dazzling in a white outfit)

Simple and Himanshu clap and come infront of them, and say this is superb. Chhan Chhan asks what. Manav says oh so this plan was yours. Simple says let it be, but you both have admitted your feelings. Himanshu says it was necessary else you both have been just good friends for whole life. Himanshu and Simple leave them alone. Manav jokes on them.

Manav and Chhan Chhan stare at each other and music plays…Chhan Chhan is happy, and so is Manav.

The scene shifts to Umaben:

Umaben is with few women of her club, she tells him that Hitesh is marrying Poorvi without permission from his parents. Umaben tells Hitesh has sent his parents on Chaar Dhaam Yatra and marrying Poorvi and spoiling their name. The women say today’s generation is same. But Umaben’s sons are different. Umaben say leave my sons, think about Hitesh.
They plan to teach Hitesh a lesson. Umaben says against Hitesh. Umaben says to stop Hitesh’s marriage. The women agree with Umaben, and they decide that they all will go to court and stop him from marrying. Umaben is happy as her plan succeeded.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Chhan Chhan thinks about Manav’s admittance. Even Manav is thinking about Chhan Chhan’s admittance. Thanks to Himanshu and Simple.
Ishq wala love.. song plays…
They both smile thinking about each other.

Simple comes and calls Chhan Chhan. She says she is smiling as if its her marriage, not Poorvi’s. Chhan Chhan smiles.

Scene shifts to Manav:

Ranjana comes to Manav and sees him smiling standing alone in his room. She too smiles and calls his name. He does not listen. She says you are smiling as if you are thinking of a girl. She says Umaben is calling him.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Chhan Chhan and Simple are getting Poorvi ready. They tease each other. Chhan Chhan says you will miss us after your marriage, Poorvi becomes emotional. Simple jokes, Chhan Chhan says we will meet you even after marriage. Poorvi says what if our husband have any problem with this, we will manage, but we will not break our friendship.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

She asks her bahu about Manav. Himanshu comes there and greets her. He asks whats in breakfast and sit to eat. Umaben asks how come you are here so early. He says he needs no reason to come here, Umaben says then you shift in our home. She says Manav got up late today. Himanshu says yes, he might have got late as he could not sleep. She asks why, Himanshu says nothing. Umaben asks when will you let me meet that girl. He says the girl is busy these days and not meeting Manav too. Manav comes there.
Himanshu is about to tell what happened yesterday but Manav interrupts and they leave.
Umaben thinks what Manav might have told the girl. She calls Manav. He stops. She asks where he is going in a hurry, he says he is going to meet a friend. She says he have time for friends, not for her. She says she has to go at 12 o’clock, and he should drop her. He says even he has work at 12 o’clock and he has to go now.
Umaben says what work he might be having that he denied her. She thinks first she will stop Hitesh, then she will see Manav.

Scene shifts to the court:

Everyone are there in the court with Hitesh and Poorvi. Manav says these type of marriages are good, as they don;t have to wait for months. Himanshu jokes on Manav. Its 12 o’clock. Poorvi thinks something will happen. Chhan Chhan says this time no one will stop this marriage. Umaben arrives with her women friends. She tells I will see who will make this marriage happen.

Simple says Chhan Chhan that Manav came to admit his love by climbing up stairs, if you say, he will bring stars and moon too for you. Umaben hears this and is shocked to hear Manav’s name.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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