Chanchan 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav coming to Umaben to talk about his honeymoon plan. He brings coffee for her. He says Chhan Chhan has made it for you. Umaben says ok, now say. He says I have some work. He says our friends brought a holiday package, so we were thinking that we could.. if you permit, my friends will feel bad and we will also feel baad if you don’t permit us. Umaben says I know its a fashion these days. Umaben agrees with him. She says you both will be happy, so I won’t stop you. Manav gets happy and hugs her. He says he will say Chhan Chhan about it. She will be happy. Umaben is angry.

Manav comes to Chhan Chhan and he tells him whats the need to see the photos, she thinks Umaben said no. He lifts her up and says Umaben agreed, and we are going to Green forest. He asks her to do

the packing. He says I will help you, she asks him to go to office as she will do the packing. He takes a big bag and tells her maybe we can stay for longer time. Chhan Chhan smiles. Manav kisses her forehead. Ranjana watches them. A maid comes and asks Ranjana what she is doing here, she says Umaben is calling you. Ranjana says you go, I will come. She sends the maid.

Umaben talks to Ranjana and sends her to the mum’s house. Umaben gives her a heavy saree for her to wear. Umaben asks where is the marriage, Ranjana says its near my mum’s place. Umaben says you can visit your family. Ranjana says no, I know this house’s rules, I won’t visit. Umaben says no, you visit your house. Umaben takes a promise from Ranjana that she will not say anyone that she is going in her friend’s marriage, not even Manek and Sanjana. Umaben says I’m sending Chhan Chhan on honeymoon, and you on your friend’s marriage. Sanjana and Gomuti will feel that I’m partial towards them, so don’t tell anyone why you are going.

Manek comes home, he sees Ranjana happy and dancing. Ranjana is packing her clothes, she says I’m going to my mum’s place. Manek says suddenly, is everything ok. She says yes, but I’m going. She says we will go together. He says no. He asks her are you doing alone, or with Tejas. She says I will tell Gomuti bhabhi to take care of Tejas. Manek tries to stop Ranjana. She comes in the hall, and says I’m going to my mum’s place. Everyone ask why are going so sudden, is everything fine. Ranjana says yes, and I will not listen to anyone. Chhan Chhan asks Umaben why Ranjana is going suddenly. Umaben asks Gomuti to see the kids, and gives some work to Sanjana. Umaben takes Chhan Chhan with her.

Umaben asks Chhan Chhan when is she leaving, Chhan Chhan asks about Ranjana. She says she wants to know. Umaben says because you are going on honeymoon, Ranjana got angry and she wants to go to her mum’s place. Chhan Chhan feels bad, she asks is Ranjana bhabhi going because of me. Umaben says Ranjana is right, but this is not right for the family. You should be united, what will happen in future, no one knows. Umaben says I cannot say anything to Ranjana and you. Umaben asks Chhan Chhan to prepare for their trip. Chhan Chhan gets sad and thinks its happening because of her. Chhan Chhan says I don’t want Ranjana bhabhi to go to her house like this. Umaben says now my bahus are not listening to me. I agreed to your love marriage, and amended rules for you, now I see the family tearing apart. Chhan Chhan gets worried, Umaben acts like crying. Chhan Chhan says I will try to talk to Ranjana. Umaben says ok, you talk to her, but don’t tell her I told you all this.

Chhan Chhan tells Umaben that I will talk to Manav, maybe he can talk to Ranjana bhabhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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