Chanchan 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 28th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben showing jewellery to her husband. She pretends infront of Manav saying Chhan Chhan is beautiful, and she will welcome her with jewellery. Babuji says he cannot stay when they are coming, as he is busy with the lawyer. Manav hears this and smiles. She shows the jewellery to Manav. Ranjana comes there and is shocked to see the jewellery. She says Baa, and stares at the jewellery. Manav asks her whether these earrings look good on Chhan Chhan. She says I have not seen her yet.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Maithili is ready wearing a gujarati style clothes. Karthik asks her to come out, as he is waiting outside. Chhan Chhan is nervous, her mum says he is tensed and he will change when we come back. Dadi asks them to go and bring a good news. They leave

for Umaben’s house.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Manthan says everyone are welcoming Chhan Chhan’s family in a grand style. Umaben is happy to see her bahu’s working in the kitchen. Umaben says she wants to bring Chhan Chhan and see all working in the kitchen. Manthan says I thought you will not let her come in the kitchen, as you are welcoming them. Manthan compares himself with Manav. Umaben says she is meeting Chhan Chhan’s family for the first time, thats why these preparations are going on. She asks them to get ready after doing the work. Manthan is jealous, and could not see the food being prepared. He tells there is something fishy in everything around us. Ranjana does not understand.

Chhan Chhan’s parents come to Manav’s house, and Manav introduces them to his brothers and bhabhis and sister Maansi. They brings sweets for them. Karthik is tensed. Manav welcomes them. They sit waiting for Umaben. Manthan says he is happy for this proposal. He praises Chhan Chhan saying he saw Chhan Chhan and Manav in a coffee shop, everyone are shocked. Chhan Chhan’s family is embarrassed. Karthik asks for Umaben, and she comes. Chhan Chhan’s mum says her sorry for disturbing her. She says even she wanted to meet her. Karthik asks how is she now. She says the condition changes, Manav chose Chhan Chhan, then I have. Manav says she did not rest. She asks Manav to go from here. Manthan says you cannot be here. Umaben says sorry, I have old family values. Umaben says she does not care about anything, I have selected her seeing her nature, and her smile. She looks good, and I cannot forget her smile.

Manav talks to Chhan Chhan on phone and says he could not believe that mummy changed so much. Chhan Chhan says every mother thinks about child’s happiness. She says we will marry as Umaben says.

Gomuti says she will bring tea. Umaben scolds Sanjana. She tells she has given total freedom to her bahus so that they can take their own decisions.
Manthan asks them that they heard that their family is short. They say yes, Umaben says you are happy because you keep your Baa with you. Her mum says even there are 3 dogs in our family. Umaben says she knows this. Umaben says whats the need for Chhan Chhan to earn. Umaben’s bahus bring snacks. Umaben tells she will give them sweet, and she is ready for Manav’s and Chhan Chhan’s marriage. She says your daughter will become my bahu, congrats. She asks about the things to exchange thats dowry, she says I won’t take dowry. She does not want anything from her. Chhan Chhan’s family is happy. Umaben says we have to change with time.

Chhan Chhan says Manav to wait till marriage. Manav says you got attitude, Manav says I can meet you. She says you can see me. She challenges him. He challenges her to kiss him infront of everyone at the day of engagement. Chhan Chhan its just a dream. Manav says you just wait and watch.

Gomuti’s kids are fighting, Manek calls them, and asks them to behave themselves. Umaben introduces them to Chhan Chhan’s parents. The kids argue and say they saw a doggy. Umaben says against dogs. Chhan Chhan’s family is shocked to hear that Umaben hates dogs. She says Manav is allergic to dogs. She asks Maansi to clean up the kids, Umaben says against painting too which is Chhan Chhan’s dad’s profession. Umaben tells all this purposely. Karthik wants to tell her but Maithili stops him. Umaben says she has spoken to Panditji and took out a date, and fixed the date after two three weeks. Karthik says so soon? Maithili says its ok, we are ready, you let us know as the time is less. Umaben says you don’t worry, we will let you know the date soon. Chhan Chhan’s parents leave. Umaben says she has done everything ready to teach Chhan Chhan a lesson. Umaben gives a clever smile.

Umaben is talking to someone on phone, saying she has shown a trailer to Chhan Chhan’s family that they will think before making a relation with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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