Chanchan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav getting to Umaben. Chhan Chhan too comes with him. Manav gets tensed, that she really fainted. Chhan Chhan says we have to take her to hospital. They reach the hospital, Manav says nothing will happen to my mummy. Chhan Chhan asks him to relax, and hold himself. The nurse informs them that she is really serious, she got a panic attack. She says she has to wait for Dr. Gupta. Chhan Chhan calls him and asks the doctor to come there. Dr. says them to go to any other hospital, Chhan Chhan reminds them of the medical oath, and today he had to fulfill it. Manav is impressed by Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan talks to her mum and says everything. She says its good you took her to the hospital. She asks her mum that can she wait with Manav here at the hospital tonight. She says ok,

Manav need you, you be with him. Dadi asks him what did Chhan Chhan say. Her mum says Umaben is serious, and Chhan Chhan is staying there with Manav, as they may need her help. Umaben’s family is out of station. Her mum says they are thinking what they have decision. She says she has trust in her values, and on Chhan Chhan’s decision. They say they have to wait till morning, and Chhan Chhan will come and tell what decision they have taken.

Dr. comes and checks up Umaben. He says he will write medicines. Umaben asks yesterday when I got the attack, I felt I will not survive. Umaben says nothing is good with her now, no one is with her now. You saved my life, I m thankful to you. Dr. says someone else is responsible for your better being. Chhan Chhan comes there, and Dr says she is the one who brought you to hospital, and got you treated well, and she took care of you the whole night. Umaben look at Chhan Chhan.

Manav sits near Umaben, and holds her hand. He apologises to Umaben, and says sorry, that he left her. He says Chhan Chhan made me realize my responsibilities and we brought you here. Chhan Chhan says its not the right time to talk, let her rest. Chhan Chhan tells him that I will go home. Manav says yes, you did not rest, you go home. Chhan Chhan asks him to take care of Umaben and she leaves.

Umaben thinks that Chhan Chhan saved her and took care of her. Chhan Chhan comes home and talks to her family. She says I want to talk to you all, and I know you all might not have slept well, thinking what have I decided. She says I m marrying Manav but on one condition, thats when Umaben is accept me with her full heart. Her dad is shocked. Chhan Chhan says I: will not go to her house till she accept me. He says what is this, will you be able to change her.

Umaben just hates you. Chhan Chhan says Manav loves me, he cannot live without me, and
Umaben cannot live without Manav. We all are connected. So I decided in which everyone will be fine. We should not run from the problem, I will make a space in her heart. Dadi says our Chhan Chhan is so different. Her dad gets worried, as Umaben is completely different from everyone. Chhan Chhan says she will win her heart. Her dad ssays if you think you can change her, then we accept your decision.

Everyone come to the hospital and asks Manav how she is. Babuji says be silent, as it is a hospital. He says Manav is already tensed. Babuji asks how is Umaben, Manav says she is out of danger, they say they will wait. Manav says they are my family, can they meet mummy. Dr. says ok, go one by one. Babuji asks her bahu to meet first. Chhan Chhan comes back and asks about Umaben’s condition. The Dr. gives her the credit, and says you have saved her. Babuji asks who she is, Manthan says she is Manav’s friend, he has seen her many time in the coffee shop with Manav.

Chhan Chhan goes to meet Umaben, and Manav introduces her to his family. Chhan chhan greets her. Babuji says he heard what Dr. said. She says I have done what I was supposed to do. Babuji asks what happened, Manav is about to say, and Chhan Chhan intervenes. She says lets go together and bring the medicines. Babuji then goes to meet Umaben. Chhan Chhan says Manav not to tell anything to Babuji. She says not to tell what Umaben did, as the family respects Umaben. Manthan thinks she brought Umaben home, and there is something fishy going on.

Umaben says she feels she is fine now. Gomuti feels sad for Umaben. She really cares for Umaben. Manthan says Umaben was not alone, Manav’s friend was with her. Manav comes there and they say she brought Umaben to hospital. Manav says she went home. Umaben says if Chhan Chhan was not with her, anything could happen. Umaben says Chhan Chhan did not make her feel anything missing. She took good care of her. Manav’s friend has fulfilled my last wish. Babuji asks are you talking about Manav’s marriage. Umaben says yes, and she has chosen a girl of her choice. Everyone asks who she is. Umaben says its Chhan Chhan, who saved her life. Manav gets really happy. Everyone smile. Umaben is happy too and looks at Manav.

Chhan Chhan says about Maharana Pratap, she gives some info about him.
Chhan Chhan says don’t joke Manav, Manav says I m not joking, mummy is ready to make you her bahu. Chhan Chhan gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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