Chanchan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 23rd July 2013 Written Update

DDg STARES AT CC and she tells him that she had to do the floating ashes ceremony as it’s a must after death. DDg keeps says no she is alive and then he tells she was 14 when both of us were married and she was innocent and not worldly wise and slowly we becomes so close and she did not go even to the street corner without my permission then how can she go away from this world she is with me in this kalash(ashes pot) and he says why did you leave me and go and cries with full grief with total abandonment like a child and Mr BS says babuji is crying and doctor said he has to cry if he is to be cured fully. CC did it and praises her. CC goes and says DDg and he says why did you do this and CC gives the original kalash and tells him that was only a story and she says I am sorry for making you

cry but I had to make you cry as you have to cry but you did not forgot her and she says don’t you see her when you close your eyes and tells him to do the last ceremony of floating the ashes for her moksh(peace). DDG agrees and says as it’s the death ceremony of Santo he will do the asthi visarjan(floating ashes) the pandit says prepare for this ceremony and all family get busy with the ceremony and the children playing put water on some documents in Kaumidi’ room and the ceremony is over and all go to float the ashes in the water and DDg days as a son you do this ceremony and DDg says when she came in my life it was good and now lets do something good and different let CC put the flowers 1st and start the ceremony. UB says Baa give long life to the youngest . DIL and all take blessings Manav says look what mother thinks about you. UB says CC what you have done is great it will bring peace to Baa and also it will be good for the family
DDg calls CC when she is serving tea says she is youngest but the wisest and he tells her to bring her PP inside saying that he knows that dogs are man’s best friend all are surprised and specially Manthan and CC refuses saying it will inconvience the whole family but DDg refuses to listen and scolds Manthan says you can go and stay on the roof and when DDg calls PP he stands on the sofa and Manav and CC look at each other bit serious. Mukut sees that the documents are wet and he shouts for Kaumidi and comes and shouts at her scolding her saying she is like a unclouth villager does not understand the importance of documents and asks her not to cry and says all day long you only make food and CC placates her saying Mukut bhai should not do so and Sanjana says she has always seem Mukut scolding her. Kaumidi says all husbands and wives are like this and when CC says no why we are not like this and she says because its love marriage and you are friends before husband and wife. Manav tries to say sorry and thanks CC says I am missing my friend Manav who never dad sorry and he also says as family and my mother has accepted you and PP you also do so and CC says I will try. CC thinks next time I will tell you anything only if I have proof
Someone comes and CC opens the door he is from jewelers asking to sign CC asks for the bangles and he says I have delivered at the address told me. UB comes and ass who was it and CC remembers the flash back and tells its Manav’s courier she says sorry God for telling lies but this way may be I will prove the truth.

PRECAP Manav and CC are fighting and he says you want to leave house for such a small issue and asks him not to involve the parents and she is going.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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