Chanchan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 22nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan walking somewhere and thinking about Manav and their lovely moments. Saiyaan re.. song plays..
Chhan Chhan comes back home and sits in the lawn. She cries and is tensed thinking of Umaben. He looks at the moon and thinks what her mum said, someone comes in your life if there is any connection with you, but she did not know she will have any connection with Umaben too. Manav came in her life so that they can live whole life together, but Umaben came in her life so that she cannot enter his life. Why did they meet if they cannot unite.

Chhan Chhan’s family is worried about Chhan Chhan. Rugved says she will look for her. Her mum says we should inform the police, just then Chhan Chhan enters. They ask here where did she go, and they were worried. Dadi asks

her dad to calm down. They ask her where she went. Chhan Chhan says she went to meet herself, to talk to herself, and to decide about her life. they ask did you take any decision. She tells what can I say, without knowing what Manav wants. I m unable to take my life’s decision. Her dad says I can understand your feelings and your condition, but what those people think, leave it on them, you say what you want, you have to decide, and we know our Chhan Chhan is so mature that she can take the right decision in difficult times too. We are with you, you just go with your heart.

Chhan Chhan hugs him and thanks him, she says I knew you will support me, I want Manav to support me. Dadi says he will support you for sure, as he loves you. Dadi says its good that you have supported your daughter. He says he is worried, about the freedom we gave to Chhan Chhan to decide. Manav comes there and says this will not happen uncle. Everyone are shocked to see him, and welcomes him.

Dadi asks him to sit. Manav says he is fine. He asks for Chhan Chhan. Her dad says did you come here to meet her. He says I have come to talk to all of you as I don’t want to hide anything from you. Chhan Chhan said right, my mum don’t like Chhan Chhan. Her dad says your mum hates her. Manav says I know it, but I wnat your support. He asks him to think and tell, and it is important. Manav says our lives are also connected, and so I want to marry Chhan Chhan, I know my family is not supporting me, so I left home, and I will marry Chhan Chhan in the mandir. Her dad says are you fine, think first, you have left your home, she will say Chhan Chhan has taken you from her. This is not right. Dadi says we will leave it on Chhan Chhan and let Manav ask her.

Manav comes to Chhan Chhan, and they hug each other. Chhan Chhan asks how come you are here at this time. He says so much things happened in a day. He asks her will you marry me as I can’t live without you. He did not think that the girl who came in his life as a problem, will become his life and his habit. Chhan Chhan says my yes will not do any changes, He says I have left my mum’s house. Chhan Chhan is shocked.

Chhan Chhan says what, you left your home? He says what could I do, she is adamant, she did the same thing with Hitesh and Poorvi. He says he could not say that he is Umaben’s son. He says he tried a lot to explain her, but failed. He cannot bear it. He says she acted today, and he could not believe it that a mum does so with a son. He says he does not need to have any relation with her. He says I want to start a new life with you, will you support me. Will you marry me.

Chhan Chhan says no, I will not marry you. Manav is shocked. He says you too love me, then how can you do this. She says how can you do this, do you not love your mum, can you be happy by hurting her. He says I cannot forget her, and I cannot forget you. She says I can’t separate you from your mum. You are ready to marry me going against her, but I m not ready. Manav says but you.. she says the mum-son relation is the biggest relation, and how can she break it. She says Umaben is your mummy, you should be with her.
She says that relation is since the beginning of your life. He says what do you want, I cannot forget you. If my mum cannot see us together, I can never stay far from you, never.

Chhan Chhan says I will marry you, but on one condition. She says we will marry when your mum accepts me. He says do you think she will accept you. Chhan Chhan says its easy, we have to win her heart. He says you are not understanding. She says she knows to win her heart. He says its very tough. She says I will go to any limit to make her accept me. It is my responsibilty. Thye hug each other. Manav receives a call from his house, but he says he will not pick it. The maid calls Manav and says Umaben fainted again. Manav has no effect on him. Manav says don’t worry, he is coming. He says she is acting again. Chhan Chhan says you should go home soon. He says nothing will happen to her. Chhan Chhan says think, it might be real.

Umaben thanks the doctor for saving her life. Chhan Chhan comes there. Umaben is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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