Chanchan 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 21st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi giving advice to Chhan Chhan, she says its normal to worry as the situation is tensed now. Her parents say they should not take the decision fast, we should let the children decide. We should leave it to Chhan Chhan. Her dad is worried about Umaben. She says we know our Chhan Chhan is not wrong. She is mature, and she can solve her problems on her own. And she listens to her heart, and she knows to win hearts too.

He says if Chhan Chhan’s decision gets wrong, she says it won’t happen, we have given them good values. Whatever she will do, she will think and do.
Dadi tries to pacify Chhan Chhan. She says they know what Chhan Chhan is going through.
Dadi says about her son and her husband. She says about her times. She says she trusted her son, she

gives Chhan Chhan examples for how you treat your children, how you trust them. We did the same thing. She says Manav is going through a difficult time, and he is going against his family’s old values, but only Manav has to decide, whom he will listen, either his family, or his heart. Chhan Chhan says I m waiting for his decision. She says Manav loves his mummy a lot, I don’t know but my heart says Manav will marry me, but my mind says he will support his mum. I don’t know what Manav is thinking right now.

Scene shifts to Manav:

Manav thinks about Chhan Chhan. Teri Meri prem kahani.. song.. plays in background. Chhan Chhan looks at the moon and thinks about Manav. They think about their encounters. Manav thinks how Umaben acted infront of him. They both get sad thinking about Umaben.

Manav sits to write a letter to Umaben and thinks about her words. He holds the letter in his hand and stares it. He then goes to Umaben and sees her sleeping. He cries and keeps the letter on her bed, and sits near her feet, and he asks why did you do like this with me, why did you act, because Chhan Chhan should not marry me, and that too because you hate her. You did not think about me, you have hated Chhan Chhan so much, that you did not see my love for her. He says whatever you have done, I m not complaining, for you your hatred is everything, but for me, my love is everything. I will listen only to my heart as you did. I m going to leave this house, to support that relation which you named a lie. The house in which Chhan Chhan is not there, I will not stay there. Umaben wakes up as Manav leaves. She hears everything, and is shocked.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Her dad is worried and could not sleep. He thinks how happy Chhan Chhan was, and about Umaben’s hatred for Chhan Chhan. Manav starts leaving his house in anger.
Chhan Chhan’s dad sees Chhan Chhan missing from the room, and looks out for her. He calls everyone, and says Chhan Chhan is not here. Did she says anything to anyone. They says no. Rugved goes to check, and Rushali tries calling her. Her phone rings there itself in the room. They think Chhan Chhan was worried, her dad blames Umaben about the situation.

Manav is stopped by Umaben, who is holding his letter in hand. She cries seeing Manav. Manav gets out of the car and goes to her. She asks him where are you going, she says she knows he is annoyed but she did it for his welfare. She says yes I was acting, but I did not have any other option. She says you can never be happy with that girl. She says you are very innocent. You cannot see her real face, she is cheating you. Manav says she is not like that. He says he has a heart, I can’t know people, but I can feel who loves me and who does not.
He talks in favour of Chhan Chhan. He says you want me to go against Chhan Chhan. He says you have cheated me, you matter a lot to me, I trusted you more than Chhan Chhan. Umaben cries.

He says he never thought his mum will do like this. If she really wanted him to be happy, she would have understood that he is happy with Chhan Chhan. He asks her not to stop her, and he leaves. Umaben tries hard to stop Manav, but he does not listen to her and leaves. Umaben cries standing there.


Manav comes to Chhan Chhan and says I wan’t to start a new life with you, will you support me. She says I will not marry you.

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