Chanchan 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 20th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben asking the kids for Teacher. They show her she is going there. Umaben goes behind her and calls Teacher ben. She is shocked to see Chhan Chhan there. Umaben thinks about the meetings with Chhan Chhan and what Manav told her.
Chhan Chhan says Uma aunty, you here. Umaben says the Lord is great, and right now he is joking. She taunts Chhan Chhan. She says she has to take bath seeing the face of Chhan Chhan. This is not right. Chhan Chhan listens patiently. Umaben says she is glad to see her doing social work, and working for the society.

She says she has come to impress her right. Chhan Chhan does not understand. Umaben scolds her. She says she will not like her in any costume. As clothes does not change anyone. She calls her a crow, not a peacock and says bad about

her. Chhan Chhan says you don’t have any right to tell me anything. And why will I get ready for you. Umaben says she knows she called her here. Manav arrives there. Chhan Chhan says don’t say anything about my family. Umaben says she understood her will. Manav hears this standing at a distance. Umaben says I will not like you for my son, Manav. Chhan Chhan is shocked to know what Manav is her son.

Chhan Chhan thinks how Manav and Umaben are connected.
Umaben says Manav is innocent, but I know girls like you. I will not let my son’s life ruin. Umaben says you are not realizing it, you should have seen your face in the mirror before entering my son’s life.

Umaben taunts her badly, and says she will not make her bahu. The day she broke the marriage of Hitesh and Poorvi, she has become the enemy. She will become the hurdle in between Manav and Chhan Chhan. Manav hears all this. Umaben says her decision is you will never become my bahu, not even in a dream. Chhan Chhan is sad. Umaben leaves after saying all this.
Chhan Chhan is tensed. Manav hides from Umaben and feels bad. Manav looks at Chhan Chhan. He thinks of Umaben and Chhan Chhan’s encounters. He says so Chhan Chhan is the girl who stopped Hitesh and Poorvi’s marriage, and Mummy hates her a lot.

Chhan Chhan comes home and shares the info with everyone. Dadi thinks this is a joke. Simple says Umaben is Manav’s mother. She says she did not ask Manav about his mother.
It is not a coincidence. They think that Umaben will not let their marriage happen. Her dad is tensed. They doubt on Manav, and think about Chhan Chhan’s life. Her dad speaks against Umaben saying she is a manipulative woman. Chhan Chhan is in a dilemma. Her dad says will you get ready to marry Manav knowing Umaben is his mother. He asks her what is her decision, she says I don’t know, and what is Manav’s stand in it

Manav is at his home, crying. He thinks that he loves Chhan Chhan and Umaben taking his promise and pretending to be ill. Manav says I could not have thought that my mummy will do like this with me. Umaben says I know you might be feeling bad, but you have to forget Chhan Chhan and she is a mistake. Umaben smiles seeing Manav.
She acts again, calling a servant. Manav thinks about the doctor’s words. He sees Umaben acting and feels sorry for her. Umaben says my son is listening to my last wish, he thought about my happiness, I will bring a nice girl for him, not cuh a girl who would make us apart.
She tells she will bring such a girl who will make this home a heaven.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Her dad says there is no way to marry Chhan Chhan with Manav as Umaben will be troubling her. Her mum says Chhan Chhn loves Manav, and Manav will support her. Her dad how can you be so sure about him. If Manav changes and become like her mum,then what will happen. He says I can trust Manav, not his mum. He says if we marry Chhan Chhan, then what will happen. Dadi tells Chhan Chhan that ask yourself, whether you are serious about him. Chhan Chhan says yes. Dadi asks do you love himself so much that you will be able to deal with Umaben. Chhan Chhan says yes, but I don’t know about Umaben. Chhan Chhan is tensed. Dadi explains her the situation well.

Manav writes the letter to Umaben, and says he is leaving the house as they have no plave for Chhan Chhan.
Chhan Chhan’s family is shocked to see Chhan Chhan missing. Manav leaves his house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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