Chanchan 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 1st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan and Manav arranging a meeting of Hitesh and Poorvi. They meet at a restaurant. Hitesh feels happy to see Poorvi. Manav does not let them talk and starts talking and orders the tea for everyone. Hitesh asks Poorvi whether she decided anything. Poorvi says yes I have decided. She says I thought about it the whole night and discussed with Chhan Chhan also, she says my decision is yes, I’m ready to marry you. Hitesh becomes happy and thanks her, and promises her that he is always keep her happy, and also take care of her family too.

Chhan Chhan says they will decide and plan the court marriage. Chhan Chhan and Manav says they will become the witnesses. Poorvi says how will they manage everything so soon. Chhan Chhan says to leave it on her. Manav says he will plan

everything from Hitesh’s side. Chhan Chhan says she will manage from Poorvi’s side. They finalize everything. Hitesh says he has to talk something with Poorvi. Manav and Chhan Chhan leave them alone.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Hitesh parents are at her house, Umaben offers them snacks. They think there might be some good news in Umaben’s life. She says she fulfilled her promise thats why she is happy. Umaben says she has selected a girl for Hitesh. They are hesitant to tell Umaben that Hitesh decided to marry Poorvi.
Umaben says Hitesh was eager to marry Poorvi, thats why she selected another girl for him. She asks them to have sweets, they get tensed. She asks them not to worry. Hitesh’s parents think what to tell Umaben. She talks to Pramod bhai saying Hitesh’s parents will not say no to her.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Manav stares at her. He asks her what does she want to talk to him. She says she wanted them to talk in private thats why she asked him to come with him. He thanks her for making Poorvi and Hitesh reunite. She also thanks him for saving her and Anarkali.
They hope that everything falls into place this time.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

Umaben talks to her husband. He says the date for the court case has come. She asks him not to worry. He says he is worried because his brother and his sons can go to any extend to win the case. She says she will manage everything. He says he still could not believe that his own elder brother cheated him. She says our relatives do such things only, enemies directly fight.

Himanshu calls Umaben and says he called to remind her that tomorrow he will let her meet Manav’s choice. She says she will be there before time.
Her husband asks where she has to go, she does not tell a nything, and just says its personal.
He does not understand, Umaben smiles.

Scene shifts to Hitesh:

He asks his parents not to worry, as Manav is supporting him. He asks his parents to go away for few days, till then he will also not meet anyone. He will marry Poorvi, then they will come back. He requests them.

Scene shifts to the park:

Chhan Chhan arrives there with Anarkali. Chhan Chhan waits for Himanshu. Umaben also arrives.
Himanshu comes and greets her. He asks her to come to meet Chhan Chhan.
Himanshu sees Anarkali, and says Umaben that you will know what connection you have with this dog. Umaben comes to know about another lie of Manav to her. Chhan Chhan calls Himanshu.
Himanshu tells her that we are coming. Himanshu tells Umaben to fix the marriage after seeing the girl.
Umaben is at a less distance from Chhan Chhan. Himanshu talks in praise of Chhan Chhan.
Chhan Chhan gets a call from her mum and says her to come urgently to home as a dog’s health is bad.
She messages Himashu that she has to go home urgently as she has work. Himanshu tells Umaben and talks in support of Chhan Chhan. Umaben gets angry on her.

Manav and Chhan Chhan meet. She says those people are lucky who get their love. He holds her hand and make her wear a bangle.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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