Chanchan 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 1st July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan greeting Umaben in the morning. Umaben sees her wearing salwar suit. Chhan Chhan gives her tea. Chhan Chhan says I have to talk something, Umaben says what. Chhan Chhan says can you permit the bhabhis to wear salwar suit like me. Umaben looks at her. Chhan Chhan says they are feeling bad seeing me. She says they are elder, they should get this right too. Chhan Chhan says even salwar suit is the indian dress, it won’t break the rituals. Umaben says I have to blow the fire. She says you are right, everyone should have equal rights. Umaben says your wish became true. Chhan Chhan smiles and leaves.

Ranjana is happy thinking she will be wearing salwar suits. Gomuti hears them talking and does not react. Ranjana says Umaben will scold Chhan Chhan for this matter.

Umaben hears the bahus discussing about the issue. They see Umaben. Umaben says I will annoyed with you all. You did not tell me what you wish, Chhan Chhan told me. Gomuti says I’m fine with sarees. Umaben says is this wrong, no. Umaben talks in their favor. Ranjana gets happy. Umaben calls the maid and gives her leave. She gives a one month leave to the maid, as she is allowing gthe bahus to wear salwar suits. Umaben plays a game. She asks Ranjana and Sanjana to give their jewellery to Gomuti.

Ranjana is disheartened. Umaben gives her necklace to Gomuti. Ranjana says she will wear saree and speaks well to Umaben. She says we did not want to wear salwar suits. Sanjana agrees with Ranjana. Ranjana lies to Umaben.
Umaben understands what Ranjana is saying. Chhan Chhan comes with designer suits for them. Ranjana says you wear it, we won’t go against the rituals, we will always wear sarees. Chhan Chhan says you just said you like wearing suits. Umaben says they are not modern like you, let them wear sarees if they want.

Chhan Chhan does not understand. Gomuti says don’t be sad, we don’t have any problem in wearing sarees. Manav calls Chhan Chhan as he is leaving for office, Chhan Chhan brings a tiffin for him. Umaben see them together. Rugved, Himanchu and Simple come to Chhan Chhan’s house, and greet Umaben. Umaben says Ranjana to brink snacks. They say they wanted to meet the couple and give them a wedding gift. Himanshu says this gift cannot be given to someone else as its a honeymoon package. Umaben is shocked.

Himanchu and Simple teases the couple. Ranjana is shocked and reacts to them. Umaben asks them to sit. A postman brings a letter for Umaben. Ranjana feels jealous. Umaben thinks of some idea. Ranjana comes to the kitchen in anger. She tells Sanjana about the gift. Sanjana gets happy. Sanjana says Chhan Chhan is lucky. Ranjana says why all this is not for us. Sanjana agrees with her. She thinks why Umaben has not said no to them, will she permit them. They have given them freedom. Ranjana controls her anger.
The maid listens their conversation and leaves. Ranjana tells Sanjana that the maid heard everything, what will happen now. They both get tensed.

Manav and Chhan Chhan see the photos of the resort and get happy. Chhan Chhan and Manav thanks them. Rugved says we have to leave now, and everyone leaves. Manav says lets do the packing. They both smile. Chhan Chhan thinks about Ranjana’s words. She asks is this not a ritual in your house, did the bhabhis not go on honeymoon. He says yes, we are conservative but allowed to us. Manav pacifies Chhan Chhan and hugs her. He says he will take care of Umaben.

Ranjana is going to her mum’s house. Umaben tells this to Chhan Chhan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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