Chanchan 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Chanchan 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav admitting that Umaben’s condition is because of him. Everyone are shocked to hear this. Manav says sorry to Umaben. Manav cries, and his dad consoles him. Umaben sees this and closes her eyes pretending that she is ill.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Chhan Chhan is thinking about their love admittance. Dadi comes and says why did she not had breakfast, maybe because Manav did not call. Dadi says Chhan Chhan how she communicated with her husband. Dadi says not every family is modern, and they did not know whether Manav has told his family about Chhan Chhan. Her dad says we will ask Manav to come here and talk to him regarding his family. Dadi thinks we should go and meet his family. Chhan Chhan says we need to find out whether Manav is in any problem.


shifts to Umaben:

Manav tells everything about Hitesh and Poorvi’s marriage and how he helped them, he says sorry to his dad. Manthan scolds him, saying you have ruined our house. His brothers scolds him. His dad asks them to stop the arguments, as they have to think now what they should do to make Umaben happy, and know her last wish. Manthan says maybe its regarding her property. Umaben’s medicines come, and Manav says he will give her medicines, but Babuji says I will give her medicines and try to talk to her. He asks his bahu to bring food for Umaben. Umaben is well, and pretending to be ill.

Umaben’s elder son is thinking about Umaben’s last wish. Manthan thinks it might be related to the business and property. Sanjana gives Manthan Babuji’s medical file, but Manthan wants the property file. He scolds her as she should have told her.
Ranjana and her husband also discuss about Umaben’s condition and says maybe her last wish to be distribute her jewellery to her bahus, her husband says what are you talking. She says she cannot see her condition like this. He asks her not to worry, as Babuji will come to know about it till morning. She asks him not to worry.

Manav sits beside Umaben and asks her to get well once as he promises her to give happiness. He gets Chhan Chhan’s call. Umaben is awake and pretended as if she was sleeping. She gets up and says its was Chhan Chhan’s call. Manav talks to Chhan Chhan, she says she was worried about him, Manav cries and says he is feeling lonely, and he does not understand what to say. She asks him what happened. Umaben says all this happened but Manav is still after Chhan Chhan. Manav tells Chhan Chhan about his mum’s condition.

He says he was sitting by his mum’s side. Chhan Chhan says sorry and asks him to go to his mum. She says everything will be fine, as she is with him. Manav tells Chhan Chhan what doctor said, as Umaben is talking about her last wish. Chhan Chhan asks him to support his mum and do as she says. Manav says I will do whatever she says. Umaben is listening all this. Chhan Chhan says she has told her family about their love relationship, Manav smiles. She asks him to come and meet her family when his mum gets well.
Umaben is planning something to separate Manav and Chhan Chhan.

Umaben pretends like coughing, and her husband calls everyone. Manav comes running and asks what happened. Everyone come and give her water. Manav says he will call the doctor but Umaben stops him. Umaben says Manav you are my fav son, and my last wish is regarding you. Babuji asks Umaben what is her last wish. She tells my last wish is that Manav marries the girl whom I choose. Manav is shocked as everyone looks on. Babuji asks Umaben why she is worried about Manav’s marriage. They say Manav will marry where she wants. She asks Manav to agree with her, but Manav is speechless. She acts further. Manav says I will do what you say, you become well soon. Umaben smiles.

Manav tells Himanshu that he has to fulfill Umaben’s last wish. Himanshu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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