Champion Writer OS Competition (Results)

Hey guys…… Well u all know that we have hosted an OS competition and many of u have participated in it too…. Due to which ,we were introduced to some amazing story lines n got to see lots of hard work…
First of all I would like to thank all the participants,for writing such amazing stories then the readers for their support n last but not the least the jury members(including me??…. You see there were few wild card entries too?)

So without any further ado… Let’s start with results…
1.Ronumowl:-Ishqbaaz,Tashan-e-Ishq,Mahek and Dil Bole Oberoi.
Results:-The first prize goes to Thedreamsoul with 92 points
The second prize is shared by Priyadas and Prajakta’s with 89 points.
The third prize is shared by AsthaReddy and Cheequ with 88 points…
Marks of the other participants:-
4th-Deepika12,Shivika22Kapoor,Silverfishtrex and archiya with 86 points each
5th:-Amore,Swasan and VHM with 85 points
6th:-kriti249 with 84 points
7th:-jerry with 82 points
8th:-Shanitics with 81 points
9th:-Nature with 80 points
10th:-Sanjana24 and ayeshank with 79 points
11th:-Crazygirls.p with 77 points
12th:-Nilash with 75 points and 13th:-criz with 65 points

Mehek OS:-We had a single entry… So it’s a clear win in this case…
Moni7 with 90 points….
2.Soumya85:-Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,Piya Albela and Chandra Nandini
As there was only one entry ,so it’s a clear win….
Eku with 81 points for the show Piya Albela
3.Varshini:-Udaan,Siya ke Raam,Sath Nibhana Sathiya,Manmarziyan and Suhani Si Ek Ladki
Sath Nibhana Sathiya:- 1st-Mansi with 82 points and 2nd-Raina with 73 points
Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi:-tvfan1 with 82 points
Suhani Si Ek Ladki:-Shaani with 87 points and Avanikamdar with 72 points
4.Priyaa:-Kumkum Bhagya,Yeh Hain Mohabbatein,Naagin and Hindi Songs
Yeh Hain Mohabbatein:-As there was only a single entry for this show,so the winner is is Rishita with 75 points…
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon:-Even this show had a single entry,so the winner is Honey with 78 points….
Kunkum Bhagya:-First prize goes to Prathi with 78 points…
Second prize goes to Tess with 75 points…
And The Third prize goes to Prabhi with 73 points…
5.Jasmin:-Tashan-e-Ishq and Jaana Na Dil Se Door (ps:- She is not coming online guys… I have got a single link of this show… So if I’m missing anyone… Kindly pm me…)
Even this show had a single entry,so the winner is Roshini with 85 points…
N last but not the least..
6.Nikkita0194:-Swaragini and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

(Disclaimer:-There’s a long list this time ……??)
1:-Harinipriya gets the first prize with 96 points…
2:-Second prize goes to Abhi142 with 95 points…
3:-Dessert Queen gets the third prize with 94 points…
4:-Cristie123,Sally_blr,RAKHI,Seema,Stella,Priya12,Riti 1104,Hinata and Nive with 90 points…
5:-Raina and Shipra with 89 points…
6:-Fairy,Varshini,Mavo and Rj12 with 85 points…
7:-ShrutiP,ERA,Kitkat,Purvi128,Shrinjal,Manasvi and Anjali 30 with 80 points…
8:-Crazy girl,IME and Meethi with 75 points…
9:-Aditi.Ayansh,A1234,Helly_18,Harshan,RAone,Ashahope and Anushaideas with 70 points…

Phewwww….. So we are done guys…. I’ll like to congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants as it takes a lot of courage and effort to come forward and take part in such competitions… And lastly I’ll thank all the jury members who conducted this competition as it takes a lot of effort and team work…
And our sincere thanks to the admin to let us conduct this competition…
Thanks a lot guys…. Sincere thanks to Candy And Anu..??
Love u all…..
And those whom I have missed here… Plzzz do pm me… And lastly a message from Priyaa…
Hey everyone.. I’m here to give the thank you note.. I hope this thank you note won’t be a boring one because I have a lot to thank. So please read this too .. This work is a hard work of many people.. They did a lot for this competition. So it’s my duty to thank all of them . So here I start..
First of all I would like to thank the conducting an OS competition , Siddhi. Firstly she gave her idea to hold this competition and that’s why we really thought of conducting this. So I must thank her a lot for her great idea of conducting this competition.. Thank you so much Siddhi. You gave an important ide.. ,

Next I like to thank the administrator of this site for helping us a lot. He also played an important role in conducting this competition. First When I informed him that we are going to conduct an os competition he refused due to some special reasons. But later he agreed because we already had done many preparations for this competition.So I must thank the Administrator of this site for agreeing to conduct this competition. Hats off to you Mr.Admin. Moreover he helped us to submit the article of this competition in most of the pages so that many could see it. And also he even thought of making another page for submitting the Oses for this competition so that it will be easy to find those Oses but due to a rule of this competition he didn’t do it. So I must realy realy be thankful for the Admin for helping us a lot in this competition. Thank you so much Mr.Admin.
Then I must thank all the participants for participating in this competition. Your comments encouraged us more and more. Because around 60 TU members participated in this competition. So thank you all for participating and encouraging .. Thank you so much. ,
Next I like to thank all the judges who helped to judge the Oses … you guys did a lot for this.. I know you worked hard to give a fair and correct mark for everyone. So I am very very thank ful to you all.. Niku, varshini, Jasmin, Ronu, somu, Jaanu, Anu, Candy all of you did a great job. Thank you so much. And you guys helped in replying to the questions of the competitors. That’s so sweet of you thank you so much…And you guys gave your ideas in making the list of rules too. I’m so thankful for it. You guys judged a lot of Oses and even helped each others to judge too.. it’s a very good deed. Thank you soo much for that guys….Hats off for all of you … you worked a looot.
And 1 more…we saw that some tu members replied to some competitors questions and it was a great help too… Thank you so much guys for helping us by doing it …. It meant a lot….

So at last I would like to thank you all for reading this thank you note… Thank you so much guys…


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  1. Tess

    Thank you judges! I feel happy to have taken part in this competition. Hats off to ur patience!

    1. JanviSingh

      Awwww….. That’s so sweet of u dear….
      Thanks for participating???

  2. Abhija17

    congo to all winners….n thanks to priyu who worked hard for this competition..n all credits of publishing results goes to jaanu she worked so hard n she was also the judge of ib os…love u alll my tuans.n luv u betaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. JanviSingh

      Thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much mumma….
      Luv u???????

  3. Prabhi

    thank you judges for organizing this competition and to bring out the within the writers.
    a special thanks to the TU admin for also playing the major role in the competition. all the participants were awesome. thank you and hats off for your work

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating n supporting us dear….
      Thanks a lot?☺?

  4. Thedreamsoul

    Thank you so much for conducting this OS competition , Actually after reading this note i understood how many of them worked behind it . first of All , thanks to Admin for letting them do it , Everyone who did a lot of work to get it done . reading every OS and judging it is not a easy task and you people did a great job . Thanks again to my friends who motivated so much and inspired me to write . i am very happy 🙂 .
    Congratulations to all the winnners and have a good day 🙂
    Thank you Jhanvi for writing this 🙂 .

    1. JanviSingh

      Awwww…..That’s really sweet of you yr…..
      I’m glad that u came forward with a fresh idea to write which enthralled all the readers…..
      N thanks a lot for participating and supporting us dear?☺?

    2. VHM

      Congratulations ThedreamSoul…….you deserved the win …all the best for your future endeavors and may you win every challenge and competition in life…….

    3. Nivedita

      Congratulations on your win dear! ??Lovely OS! ??

  5. Raina

    Fifth place!!! I am very very happy..
    Thanks a lot to everyone! It’s a small word but I have nothing more to say, thank you so much to the admin, the judges and everyone who had made this competition a success and this much exciting…
    Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants..
    Love you all..

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating and showing faith in ud dear….
      I’m glad that u participated…
      Thanks a lot dear…?☺

  6. Honey

    thank u dr and congrats to all the participants and judges for completing this competetion,,,,,,,,,,,,i jst love it………………
    congrats to allll yhm,kkb,matsh winners ………………..i hope i read ur os…..ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….

    1. Honey

      sorry i think there is no matsh os written

    2. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for supporting us dear….
      I’m glad that you all supported the participants…?☺

  7. But pls mention d story name also
    So we can read d othr story s

    1. JanviSingh

      Ohhh.. sorry for the inconvenience dear…but I’ll try posting the links in the comment section… As soon as possible…
      Do check them out…?☺

  8. Haridhra

    Congo to all the writer’s who had won ..??????..

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for supporting dear?

      1. Haridhra

        Wlcm di..??

  9. Latha

    Congrats to all the winners​…..

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for motivating the participants dear?☺

  10. IQRA222

    congo congo to all the winners
    you all deserved it

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for supporting n motivating the participants dear?☺

  11. Rashita

    Oh my god….seriously is it me…thanks a lot…?????? priyaa thank u soooo much…. I enjoyed really writing… It was fun.. Congratulations to all other winners..

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating dear….
      Luv u??(from priya’s side)

  12. Shrinjal

    Congo to all the winners!!!( me too)
    You all totally deserve it!!
    I’ll be waiting for the next competition..
    Thanks to all the judges for your support!

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating shrinju bacha….
      Luv u sweety???

  13. Cngratss to al those who won!!… Thn Thankss fr the brains bhind cnducting ths beautiful cntst?
    And lastly the TU website team fr ur approval fr cnductng ths competition!!
    Thankss to everyone!!?

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating dear…..
      N thanks for your kind words dear?☺

  14. how to get the link of os

  15. Cheequ

    Yippee for the third place for IB! ??Astha Reddy ?congratulations for the co-win dear!??????
    Congratulations to all Ishqbaazian and DBOians for their participation and wins! ??????
    Thank you moderation ji for letting the organizers do this competition despite your initial hesitation. Special thanks and ??? for you and the organizers and judges of the competition for making this such a wonderful experience!

  16. Cheequ

    Lots of love to the judges and organizers for this simple win on my chota sa attempt at fan fic.. ??????

    1. JanviSingh

      Awwwwww… . Thanks a lot for participating dear…..
      Luv u???????

    2. Cheequ

      Thank you JanviSingh! ?

  17. JanviSingh
    There u go guys…. This is one of dbo os…

    1. Nivedita

      Nice OS Aditi! ?? Her name is also missing from the IB, DBO, etc. author’s list Janvi…?

  18. Kitkat

    80 points to me are not bad….. I didn’t even expected that much….. thanks a lot…..

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for participating dear…..
      N congratulations???

  19. Congratulations to all the winners… ??

    1. JanviSingh

      Thanks a lot for supporting dear sis???

  20. VHM

    Sorry i am very late in posting my comment…….Thank you for conducting the competition…thank you for having patience to read each and every os……thank you for the all the efforts you all have put up to make this a success……congratulations to all the winners……

    and special congratulations to all the participants …because it is more important to participate than winning or loosing…..

    Thank you to the admin for his/her efforts…….

    Thank you once again !!!

  21. Abhi142

    Too happpy ..yoo. congrats to all participants

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