Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 23

Continuation from Episode 22:

Shivaay asks Anika who has caught him in her strong hug-

Shivaay:Anika,how did you faint?You don’t know what else I was thinking seeing you unconscious.
Anika answers cutely while playing with Shivaay’s shirt’s collar-
Anika:I was going to our room then perhaps I got stumbled,got hit in my head and fainted.
Shivaay:What?Why did not you tell me before?Show it to me.Shivaay examines Anika’s injury-It must be paning.Let me call the doctor.Anika stops him-

Anika:Plz,don’t go anywhere.I don’t need any doctor but you.It’s paining but I am okay because you are with me.Anika hides her face in Shivaay’s arms like a little baby.Shivaay says nothing just enjoys the close company of Anika.Few minutes later Anika says-

Anika:Shivaay,can I say something?
Shivaay:Are you feeling hungry?
Anika:Why don’t you want that I wear mangalsutra?Is there any problem?
Shivaay:Can I ask you something?She nods in yes.
Shivaay:Do you trust me Anika?Have you faith in me that what I would do,it would be for you,your happiness?
Anika raises her head little bit from Shivaay’s chest and says-
Anika:I believe you Shivaay.You won’t let anything happen to me.Your every work,action,reaction reflect these.At least I have realized it by now.
Shivaay:So listen to me.Whatever happened few minutes ago,let’s just forget it.Anika you are important to me not any mangalsutra or anything.But trust me Anika,there is something which I can’t tell you now but one day,I will tell you.Till that day comes,let’s drop the matter here.Shivaay retreats from the hug-Is that okay for you?
Anika:It has to be okay Shivaay.Do I have any other option?Shivaay looks at her shocked.

Anika realizes Shivaay does not want to talk about it.She says smiling-
Anika:Now I am really hungry.What you will make for lunch?And one more thing…Anika looks down.
Shivaay:What is it Anika?
Anika:I have forgotten everything you taught me today morning while making breakfast!She says making a cute face.
Watching that Shivaay breaks into laughter.Anika too joins.They both are laughing.Anika stares at a laughing Shivaay-

Song Plays

“Moh Moh…..
Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Yeh Moh Moh Ki Dhaage
Teri Ungliyon Se Ja Uljhe
Koi Toh Toh Na Laage
Kis Tarah Girah Ye Suljhe
Hai Rom Rom Iktara
Jo Baadolon Mein Se Guzre
Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage……”

Anika says in her mind-

“Don’t know why you are refusing to accept this simple thing that mangalsutra matters in a marriage.One can’t deny its importance no matter how sophisticated mentality he/she nurtures.Your denial is saying a different story.But Shivaay,I trust you completely.My heart is not rejecting your words,surprisingly.Hence,I won’t talk about it until you ask anything on your own…….”

Around 11:45 a.m.

Shivaay is making lunch.Anika comes there eating an apple.
Shivaay:Where were you?I have finished cooking almost.You will learn nothing being late lateef like that.Do you understand?I have to set some rules.
Anika:Hello,I am learning from my husband not from any aira gaira.I will follow my own rules.No-one can stop me.
Shivaay:You are taking advantage of Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
Anika:Yes,something like that.What have you made in my absence?Let me check.

Anika tries to open one lid but accidentally touches the frying pan.She screams in pain.Shivaay puts her hand in cold water immediately.

Shivaay:This is just too much.Why are you so accident prone?First head now hand.What I will do with you?He tries to scold Anika.

Anika:I am not doing intentionally anything.Mistakes happen.I am not perfect like you so I do mistake and learn.
Shivaay:Of course blunder queen!
Anika:Don’t call me that.
Shivaay:Blunder Queen!
Anika:I am warning you Shivaay just stop.
Shivaay:Blunder Queen,Blunder Queen,Blunder Queen!Shivaay is laughing closing his mouth with his hands.

Anika looks at Shivaay angrily.She notices a jug on the cook top.Taking it she splashes its water on Shivaay!He did not expect Anika would do something like that.He stands bewildered.
Shivaay:What you just did Anika?
Anika:Tit for tat!
Shivaay:Tit for tat?Shivaay tries to catch Anika but she runs away.Shivaay too runs behind her.

Anika comes in the hall running with Shivaay following her.They are chasing each other across the hall.Shivaay just can’t get hold of Anika.Every time she manages to slip away.After much chasing,Shivaay manages to corner Anika.Anika realizes now there is no way to escape.She starts moving backwards while Shivaay is stepping ahead.Anika’s back touches the wall and she stops.Her breathing is heavy due to running so much.Shivaay keeps moving towards Anika with a mischievous smile in his face.Coming close to Anika he puts his both the hand on the wall,trapping Anika completely.They are so close that their noses are almost getting touched.Shivaay is staring Anika,vice-versa.He says-

Shivaay:Now,where will you run?

Anika stops moving.Shivaay seems enjoying this cat-mouse chase!
Suddenly his expressions get changed.His eyes softens.Shivaay brings his one hand off the wall.Very slowly he raises that hand and touches Anika’s cheek.His index finger starts tracing over Anika’s face.
There Anika starts shivering mildly under such intimate touch of Shivaay.
Coming at Anika’s lips,Shivaay stops.He is looking at her lips with an unbound desire.
Anika’s lips tremble a little.
Right that moment cooker blows the whistle from kitchen.Hearing that Anika pushes aside Shivaay and runs away,blushing hard!There Shivaay who was under romantic trance,watches Anika running away.He says in his mind-
“What has happened to me?”

No Precap

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  2. What i really loved about today’s epi was from d part were anika does not remember what shivaay taught her till d end of d epi, and imagining shivaay saying ‘blunder queen’ was very amusing. Thanks for making my day, i really admire you.

    1. Luthfa

      Awwww….So sweet of you.I will say you are making my FF more lovely commenting so beautifully.Love you dear😊😊😊

  3. Aniriya

    Wow khidkithod episode
    Great choice of song it perfectly matched with situation. Aww how nicely ani understood shiv words.
    Haha kitchen masti and romance.
    Enjoyed it.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Medh,
      Yeah,they are doing some masti and engaging in fun after so much crying and all tension.Thank you soooooo..very much for your love.You too take care😊😊😊

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