Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 17

First of all Happy Tamil New Year (Iniya Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal!) Happy Vishu and Pana Sankranti!

Back to the fate of challenges….

“What is this PPP?” She start thinking of what is this looking at her palm.

She hide her palm under her blanket when she saw Bulbul waking up.

Bulbul: Good morning Dodo!
Pragya made an annoyed face.
Bulbul: Dodo! Please be considerate! Early in the morning itself, you can’t make this kind of face. How will my day begin with your NoNo face?
She asked making a sulky face.
Pragya smiled widely.

Bulbul: Yeah! Dodo is smiling!
She said that and hugged Pragya giving her kiss on the cheek.
Pragya: Good morning!
Bulbul: I need to get ready soon, today as I have presentation Dodo!
Pragya: On what topic?
Bulbul: It’s on Fate of love.
Pragya looked blank and Bulbul seeing that patted her cheek.

Bulbul:What happened Dodo?
Pragya: Nothing…
Bulbul never said anything and simply asked her to get ready too if not she will be late for work.

Pragya washed her hands off and the letters were faded off but still it was seen faintly.

“Get back to work Pragya! This is not right!” She said to herself and got ready for work.

At her workplace,

She was looking through the papers she need to edit and that’s when she got a call from the receptionist.

Receptionist: Ms Pragya there is someone here to meet you.
Pragya: Me? Who is that?
Receptionist: He says you know him as NS.
Pragya’s heartbeat was racing faster hearing his name.

Receptionist: Are you there?
Pragya trying to concentrate said: Yes…I am here.
Receptionist: What shall I say to him? Are you coming here?
Pragya: I am coming down now.

“He even came here! I feel like killing him!” She thought and stomped towards the reception area.

Pragya looked around eagerly and asked the receptionist where is he and she pointed towards a direction.

Pragya: You?
She looked shocked as she saw Jaguar instead of Abhi.
Jaguar: Yes Dodo, how are u?
Pragya: Haan I am fine but why u call yourself as NS?
Jaguar smiled and asked her to sit down first.
She sat in front of him looking confused.

Jaguar: To test your feelings.
Pragya: What do you mean?
Jaguar: He is in your feelings now Dodo.
Pragya: What rubbish are you telling?
She said that looking with frustration.
Jaguar: Then why do you have to rush and come to see him?
Pragya: I was scared that he would make a fuss here.
She said by twisting the ends of duppata.

Jaguar: Lie!
Pragya glared at him and shook her head as no.
Jaguar: I saw something that lies in your eyes to see him.
Pragya: There is nothing!
Jaguar smirked and showed her a photo.

Pragya looking at that looked surprised.
Jaguar: You remember this?
Pragya: Yes Suresh’s wedding photo.
Jaguar: Look at the side.
He said by pointing at the photo.

Pragya: Why is he placing his hand around Ma’s shoulder?
Jaguar shrugged and said: Find out!
Pragya: You mean Ma is behind whatever is happening to me?
Jaguar: Maybe….
Pragya:How can she do all this?
Jaguar looking at her stressed expression smiled more.

Pragya: Why are u smiling as if nothing happened?
Jaguar: Did anything happened?
Pragya blinking more: Nothing happened…
Jaguar: I think he is taking a slow and steady approach to make something happen.
Pragya: I won’t let it happen Jaggu Bhai.
Jaguar: Why?
Pragya looking away: I don’t want all this.
Jaguar: You mean love?
Pragya nodded her head.
Jaguar: I am leaving Dodo.

Pragya looked surprised of him abruptly leaving.
He then in a while came back and told: You are slowly falling in love, don’t challenge your feelings Pragya.

“It’s better if I really was a Dodo bird!!!” She murmured.
Time passed and the rest of her work went miserable to her thinking of Jaguar’s words.

Finally her work ended and she was in the lift.

“Why do I feel even the lift is moving slowly?” She said looking up.

When the lift’s door opened, she saw him again.

“Come Dodo! Faster!” He said by pulling her out and she can’t even scream as some of her colleagues were around.

He brought her out and she walked ahead in anger.

“ Doooo…Dodo…” He said teasingly going behind her.

Pragya budged away and kept on walking fast.

Abhi quickly came in front of her making her stare at him in anger.

Pragya with her arms folded asked “ What do you want now? Play on the middle of road?”

Abhi smirked and held her hands.

“ Leave my hands!” She said loudly.

“ Give me one chance…please Dodo!” He said pleadingly.

Pragya didn’t want to nod her head but she did that unknowingly.

Abhi holding her hands bring near to a bench and made her sit down.

Abhi gestured to her to wait here.

She too very obediently waited for him.

“ What is he thinking? Making me wait for 1 hour!” She said by folding her arms in anger.

Abhi ” Bush bush! Open your kush if not I will be like a push and make you blush!”

He said from Pragya’s back.

“What does he wants and what is he blabbering? I don’t even understand his words!” She mumbled to herself.

“ Dodo, look at me!” He said cheerfully.

“ Now what?” She asked with frustration.

She turned back to see and opened her mouth widely in shock.

“ Happy Dodo Day! Happy Dodo Day! Happy Dodo and you should never GoGo! Happy Dodo day!” He sang in a Birthday tune holding a cake making her sit back on the bench.

“ Dodo! I wish you a Happy Dodo day!” He said pleasingly.

“ Dodo day?” She asked with annoyance.

“ Yes Dodo! Today is the day I met Dodo a year ago!” He said by looking at her intently.

“ A year ago?” She asked with a perplexed look.

Abhi grinned. He took a piece of the cake and fed her before she tell something.

Pragya eating it unwillingly asked “ You met me a year ago?”

“ Yes Dodo! At there!” He said.

“ At where?” She asked.

“ At there where you had a teddy bear!” He said and was eating the cake.

“ Huh? I had a teddy bear? When was that?” She asked and he gave a sad pout.

“ You don’t remember Dodo?” He asked sadly placing the cake beside her.

Pragya looking at his sad face felt like laughing as he looked like a child.

She couldn’t control herself and laughed loudly.

“ You are laughing Dodo?” He was still very upset asking that.

Pragya laughed until her stomach pained and was holding onto her stomach.

“ You are so bad Dodo!” He said and was in the verge of tears.

Pragya stopped laughing and looked at him with surprise.

“ I am going Dodo! Remember the day you had a teddy bear! That’s when I saw you for the first time! Bye!” He said that and walked away.

Pragya was left to wonder what does he really wants.

“ He wants me to remember the day I was having a teddy bear?” She thought by eating the leftover cake.


Why all have something to say at any cost? ?? I also don’t know.

Thank you everyone for reading and sorry for the irregular updates for this, but it totally due to brain defects. Please blame my brain for being irregular.

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